DGC Guide Case Study

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DGC Guide Case Study

In today’s world where stress has become a part and parcel of life, most of the individuals look for a weekend gateway or a small holiday which takes them away from the busy world and closer to the nature. For the same there are lots of Travel Services and Tour operators that provide their expertise services to make a journey fun and memorable. From an Organizers point of view, there are a lots of things that they have to take care about to run their services smooth.

In that we had a request from a client to create an Android app from an Organizers point of view. The app will be an organizer for the organizer. Being an avid traveler himself, the client came up the app idea with his experiences of exploring new places under the guidance of instructors. But the journey sometimes addressed some issues. To rectify this the client wanted to come up with a solution, an app that work as an assistant, a helping hand for the organizers to perform in a better manner.

Our Ideology

  • The most important thing was to make the app as interactive as possible.
  • To keep the app simple and easy to use, keeping a non-tech guy in mind.
  • To keep the structure of the app self explanatory.
  • The app user must feel relieved while using the app; they should feel that their work load is shared not increased.
  • After using the app, a user should feel it to be a complete Organizer’s Guide.


  • The most important hurdle to cross was to put ourselves in the shoes of a Tour Organizer. What are the most basic things that they need in the app to help them.
  • Along with that the flow of the app was also very important. As a user of the app one should never feel lost and helpless, as they would stop using it and that would be the end of it. Contrary to that app user should feel relaxed while using the app.
  • The overall feel and flow of the app should be very engaging with the ease of use.
  • After using this app, user should never want to switch to any other app of the same kind.

What Client Says

After travelling a lot of places with a lot of different people and groups, I felt that there is some room for improvement and started to find out ways how to do so.

As we go to a new place, there are a lot of responsibilities on the Organizer’s team and sometime it becomes difficult to manage things. As their customers sometimes we also become very demanding which takes a lot out of them and makes their work more difficult.

At that point of time the idea of integrating today’s technology and travelling came to my mind. I just had a raw idea of an app that could remain with the Organizers at all point of time and make their work simple and better. With that my search started for a team to make my idea alive.

That is where SAG IPL came into the picture and I am more than happy for that. We discussed casually about the idea and from that point on we did more and more discussions, did brainstorming and jotted down whatever came into our mind. In this time we became so much comfortable with ourselves that unofficially they were my team. Once I made the final announcement after all the completing all the formalities we were ready and excited for our next phase.

In Phase 2 we started to give our app a shape. As I was not very sure, they came up with some quality designs in which we discussed all of them and then finalized one. After that we started to look ahead and finalized our separate roles as per our expertise in which I took up the Content part and they took up the whole app development.

The Phase 3 was the final phase of the app. Here we started integrating each and everything. The SAG team tried with various screen variations (their order) and showed me. They even told me which is the best suited for my purpose with perfect analysis. As a result I went ahead with their decision. I gave them the content and our app was ready.

To get the actual reviews of the app, I gave my app to some of my close friends who were acting as a supervisor. I did not tell them much how to use the app and what are the features. The reason behind this was I wanted to know, “Is my app self explanatory?” I got my answer as they gave rave reviews about the app, how important this app has become as a part of their work, how easy it is to use.

I would like to share my happiness and success with SAG team and would congratulate them to make this possible in a very short span of time.

End Result

We were really happy with our work and complete the project before the deadline reached. This gave us time to do some real time testing which in turn helped us a lot. The credit goes to client and the whole team. It would not have been possible without our wholesome efforts. Please go have a look at:

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