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Creative Ad Campaigns

Paid advertising has been a very popular marketing choice for centuries. An advertising campaign usually refers to some kind of promotional campaign that involves a series of messages accompanied by art or graphics aimed at promoting a single idea or concept. The method of advertising has evolved a lot over the years, with modern advertising involving a significant use of various technical means. Today, an advertising campaign most probably refers to an online marketing campaign that involves promotion on various social sites and search engines. Looking to set up your own advertising campaigns? We can help.

SAG IPL is a renowned advertising agency providing exceptional marketing services in all the niches to businesses around the world.

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

What do we do?

We build effective ad campaigns to successfully market the products and services of our clients in the online and offline spaces. We help businesses find fresh, unique ideas when they are struggling to survive the competition. We help clients revive their marketing campaigns with trending ideas and technologies. At SAG IPL, we have professional marketers with skills and years of experience to develop and run ad campaigns that actually work. Want a taste of our advertising expertise? Do reach us to discuss your requirements with one of our marketing analysts.

SAG IPL is a renowned advertising agency providing exceptional marketing services in all the niches to businesses around the world.

Our marketing services

Our process is quite straightforward. It involves the following steps:

ICO Video Idea Analysis

Creative ad campaigns

We can help you plan and build solid advertising campaigns to be used across any digital or traditional media. We specialize in creative ad marketing.

ICO Video Development

Branding & Graphic design

We understand that design is an important part of the advertising and will create a relevant design featuring brand consistency aimed at engaging more users.

ICO Explainer Video Marketing

Ad placement

Looking for suitable platforms to post your ads? We can publish your advertisements across hundreds of well-researched platforms to target potential audiences.

ICO explainer video Suggestions

Digital Advertising

With over ten years of digital marketing experience, we thrive in every area of online advertising, including search, video and display ads for a number of platforms.

ICO Explainer Video Marketing

Social media advertising

Looking to promote your business across popular social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin? We can help create and run successful social ad campaigns.

ICO explainer video Suggestions

On-page advertising

Our expert digital marketers can help you find popular and relevant websites/blogs for purchasing paid ad spaces (or links) for the promotion of your business.

SAG IPL Advertising Process

Our ad campaign creation is quite unique and innovative. Take a look at our process

ppc service

Research and Planning

This is probably the most difficult stage for us, as we do a lot of research to find the right idea for your ad and then create a plan accordingly.

ppc service

Concept development

The ad concept is developed by our creative marketing team in consultation with the client keeping in mind the target market and audiences.

ppc service

Creating the design

Our designers will analyse and optimize your message and blend it with perfect branding, colors and graphics to create an exceptional ad design.

ppc service

Media planning and deployment

We do not just stop after creating cool adverts for you. We plan and implement your ad campaigns in the right places for the maximum exposure.

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Cross-channel marketing

We work through a number of offline and online marketing channels, including banner advertisements, digital ads, print marketing, outdoor and broadcast ads, and more.

Why hire us?

At SAG IPL, there is a team of 50+ digital marketers and designers whom you can hire on an hourly or fixed basis to work on your advertising campaigns. Alternatively, you can outsource to us your entire ad campaign project, which we will research, create, publish and promote across all the relevant platforms online and offline. Here is why you should consider hiring SAG IPL advertising agency.


We are not just another marketing agency. We have the expertise, accompanied by a team of marketing experts and the resources to create great ad campaigns.


Having worked for and appreciated by many of leading brands across the internet, we know what works for which brand and what doesn’t.


When it comes to ad campaigns, we can create almost anything and everything, including print ads, social media, web and traditional ads, Google ads, and more.


We do not believe in outsourcing our projects to cheap agencies. Instead, we create, implement and manage every campaign by ourselves and on our premises.


We are not here to just create and publish an advert for you, but we will accompany you until you reach the success we promised. We’re here for you till the end.


We provide value in our ad campaigns. Every ad will be customized to suit the specific needs of your brand/product/service and aimed at your target customers.

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