Don't Worry if You Don't Know Much About Us, Read the FAQS.


Here at SAG IPL, we often get questions from the clients about our services and pricing, and we do our utmost to answer every one.


Q.1 Actually, I don't know what are my requirements? Would you help me?

Answer: Definitely, we will help you and it will be provided free of cost. Let us know and we will contact you within 15 minuts(during office hours).

Q.2 What services do you offer?

Answer: SAG IPL offer several services that are as follows:

To know more about the services in details. Visit SAG IPL services page, i.e www.sagipl.com


Q.3 How many days do you require to develop a website?

Answer: To develop a website, the time duration depends on the size or project as per your requirements. A difficult project will take 25 – 35 working days. However, this is our net development time and in most cases, projects last for longer due to our client's feedback or approval time. To know about an accurate time, contact us along with your requirements and specifications.

Q.4 What I have to do, If I want to do some changes in the future related to a web page that has been developed by your company?

Answer: It totally depends on the changes you required. We don't charge any prices for minor changes. However, if the time taken to modify the changes exceeds one working hour, we will prepare a written proposal for it containing project plan, scope, costs, and terms and conditions.


Q.5 Would you optimize websites for search engines (SEO)?

Answer: Yes, we will do SEO for websites and we are excellent in that. All our packages will be provided along with free basic Search Engine Optimization.

We also provide advanced SEO package or tool. For advanced SEO, we will provide different packages, it depends on targeted keywords, your current website code. Let us know your requirement and we will explain you about advanced SEO tool in detail.

Q.6 What technologies do you work with?

Answer: We generally prefer to work with latest Mobile, Frameworks, CMS, Open Source technologies which have a bright future. Internet of things(IoT), Beacon, Augmented reality, Wearablesphp, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Node.js, AngularJS, MySQL, CSS3/HTML5 are some of the popular names that exist under latest technologies.

Open- source technologies have been widely used by the developers across the world and it is cost- effective.

Nevertheless, we can accommodate your technology preference based on your requirement. If in a case, we are not able to fulfil your requirement, we are upfront about it. Transparency, Quality and Ethics are our main principles.


Q.7 What is your price charges and how do you charge?

Answer: SAG IPL pricing policy is simply packaged and transparent. We have nothing to hide from you, so prices of a web-based project depend on your requirements.

We neither charge the prices on the number of pages nor on the size of the company. Because such charges mislead the clients.

We are running an honest business. We respect the money and time of our clients.

Q.8 How do we charge for the Work?

Answer: For Small and medium sized projects, 50% of the price when work starts, 25% when programming starts and remaining 25% followed by deployment of completed project.

For large web based application projects, 35% of the price when work starts, 35% on a mutually agreed intermediate milestone and remaining 30% followed by deployment of completed project.

you may ask for the amount of work done by us, before your last payment. Please let us review the work. You can pay as per your feasibility. We accept Paypal, credit cards, net banking, cash and cheque.


Q.9 Would you provide Hosting also? Can I use my preferred web host but I have the website built by you?

Answer: We provide hosting services, to those who build websites or modify their websites. SAG IPL do not provide “pure hosting services”. We will guide and help you to set up your hosting, database and email accounts.

Once the work has been completed from our side, you are free to contact us and put your source code wherever you find best.

Q.10 Would You work for Abroad Clients? If Yes then How?

Answer: Yes, we will work for abroad clients also. In today's digital word. Distance doesn't matter.

SAG IPL uses the current technologies to communicate you the whole process of web and app development.

We will provide 24 Hours online support through phone, Skype, MSN, MIS.

We follow the same business pattern for our all clients.

  • Enquiry
  • Our proposal
  • Your approval
  • 50% down payment
  • The first cut (draft design/project)
  • Your feedback followed by your approval
  • Rework done by us as per your specifications, development & testing
  • Your balance payment followed by the deployment
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