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An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way for cryptocurrency startups to raise fund before the coin is actually launched. The concept of ICO development is similar to the Initial Public Offering (IPO). An ICO startup sells a fixed percentage of its future cryptocurrency to the first few investors of the project, usually in exchange for real money.

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SAG IPL is a professional ICO development company that can help you develop a customized ICO campaign according to your project needs. We have worked along with several cryptocurrency startups to help them create and market their crypto coins through proper ICO solutions. Depending on your needs and budget, we can even help you establish a pre-ICO in order to raise money for your ICO. Continue reading to know more about our ICO development services or get in touch to consult with one of our cryptocurrency experts.

How does an ICO work?

An ICO campaign, as we mentioned above, is created temporarily with the purpose of raising funds for a specific project. For a successful ICO campaign, the development company will need to prepare a business plan based on the details like project summary, purpose, expected date of launch, benefits for investors, the target amount of sum to be raised, and the duration of the campaign.

Once the campaign is created, we will start selling the crypto coins, also called as ‘tokens’, to those people who are interested in supporting your coin by investing in it. These tokens are similar to shares, which are purchased by your investors. In exchange, you grow funds to start your project. The campaign will run for as long as it takes to raise enough money for your cryptocurrency startup.

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ICO Development Process

ICO development process

Analysing the idea

The success of a crypto campaign depends a lot on the idea behind it. Our experts will analyse your idea to make sure that it has the potential to inspire people and motivate them to invest in it. Do not worry if it doesn’t, as we can also help you find a better and unique idea that people actually like.

ICO Development Research


In order to create and market an ICO campaign, you will first need a platform to launch your campaign. A simple landing page is usually enough, but we prefer developing a complete website, with a mobile version, to ensure that every aspect of the campaign is covered properly, and users are given a proper medium to join the project.

Creating a White-Paper

Creating a White-Paper

It is the official document detailing your project idea along with background information, introduction to the market, relevance to the blockchain, market analysis, introduction to the product, product description and expectations, use cases, ICO terms and regulations, roadmap of development, financial requirements, team, conclusion, etc.

ICO Release & Marketing

ICO Release & Marketing

Apart from the platform development, marketing is the second most important part of the process. We have a dedicated digital marketing team that will promote your ICO campaign through a number of industry resources, including Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook communities, bitcoin forums and communities, Quora discussions, email marketing, newsletters, reminders, blogs, and editorial websites.

A perfect ICO web design will include the following options:

ICO web design
  • Subscription form (to let users stay updated with the progress of your project)
  • A video introduction (to your idea and coin)
  • The Roadmap of how the project will proceed along with the approximate time to launch
  • Description of the ICO campaign
  • Investment options and procedure
  • Team details
  • Product (coin) description
  • Press or news section
  • Contacts and social channels details
  • Partners details
  • ICO Countdown
ico process

Why choose SAG IPL

SAG IPL has been a reliable cryptocurrency partner ever since the launch of the very first bitcoin. We have developers and programmers with years of experience in ICO development and marketing. Here are some other reasons why you should get your ICO campaign started with us.

SAG IPL strategy for ico development

Help with the idea

We can help you find a profitable blockchain based business idea that people would actually be interested to invest in. .

Adaptable ico development


Even if your first ICO campaign isn’t successful or doesn’t raise enough fund, we are more than willing to adapt our process to produce better outcomes.

Reliable Team


Maintaining the integrity of your idea and project is at the top of our priority list. We will keep you updated throughout the token development and marketing process.

Customer satisfaction


You can reach us at any time with any question or for any kind of help. Our expert support team is just one call or email away.

The cost of developing an ICO

The cost of developing an ICO may range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. We understand that it is almost unlikely for a startup to be able to afford this kind of cost. This is why we also provide pre-ICO development services in which a pre-ICO campaign is set up and promoted in order to raise funds for your ICO campaign.

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Check out the projects we have worked on to determine our expertise and experience for your own project, or just ask one of our existing clients for a quick review. We promise a superb quality work with unparallel user experience, on-time delivery and a very friendly interaction.

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