Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services We Offer

SAG IPL is a well-known blockchain wallet development service provider in the industry, renowned for our passion for delivering top-quality services employing a skilled workforce. Our expertise includes a wide range of crypto wallet development solutions, ensuring exceptional results for our clients.

Web Wallet Development

Mobile Crypto Wallet Development

Experience the convenience of customized mobile cryptocurrency wallets designed with robust encryption to protect against malware infections. These wallets feature password-protected access and utilize QR codes for seamless transactions.

Mobile Crypto Wallet Development

Web Wallet Development

Empower your users with hassle-free access to web wallets, eliminating the need for downloads or installations. Similar to the functionality of prominent platforms like Binance Exchange, our web wallets provide secure access via personal passwords.

Desktop Wallet Development

Desktop Wallet Development

Enhance security with our desktop wallets, known for their superior protection compared to web and mobile counterparts. These wallets serve as reliable cold storage solutions, capable of securely storing various types of digital and physical assets.

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Leverage the solid security offered by hardware wallets, physical devices extensively designed to store cryptocurrency for long term. By storing assets in an offline, physical location, hardware wallets provide enhanced protection against online threats.

Multi-currency Wallet Development

Multi-currency Wallet Development

No matter what are your requirements, whether you want a single-currency wallet or multiple cryptocurrencies support, we have comprehensive solutions catered to your specific needs. We are adept in developing versatile wallets capable of storing and transacting multiple types of currencies.

Centralized Wallet Development

Centralized Wallet Development

Take charge of your users' private keys, providing them with peace of mind and a worry-free experience. Our centralized wallet development service ensures the protection of private keys on behalf of your users.

Wallet Consulting Services

Wallet Consulting Services

SAG IPL being a top-rated wallet development company, offers crypto consulting services to businesses, guiding them smoothly into the world of digital assets. If you are seeking a web wallet, mobile wallet, or digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, SAG IPL guides you smoothly through this journey into digital assets.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Bitcoin Wallet Development

SAG IPL provides unique and innovative Bitcoin wallet development solutions. We offer 360-degree crypto-related services to securely store private transaction keys. Our expertise covers various cryptocurrencies and guarantees a safe and user-friendly digital wallet for cryptocurrency needs.

Coin Development

Coin Development

We leverage blockchain technology to develop advanced crypto coins that can integrate with different blockchain networks. Additionally, we support integration with hardware cryptocurrency wallets, which is an extra layer of security for your digital assets.

ICO Development Services

ICO Development Services

SAG IPL offers dedicated ICO development services, meticulously designing and creating optimal models for crypto tokens, making them ready for a successful launch. Our holistic approach includes building a secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet to carry out smooth token storage and transactions.

NFT Wallet Crafting

NFT Wallet Crafting

We are the master in developing secure and user-friendly NFT crypto wallets, we empower users to store, manage, and trade non-fungible tokens hassle-free. Our dedicated solution caters to the ever-growing NFT ecosystem, ensuring smooth interaction with digital assets.

MPC Wallet Crafting

MPC Wallet Crafting

We have expertise in MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallets and can utilize advanced cryptographic techniques to enhance security and privacy. Boasting the capabilities in crypto wallet app development, we have the potential to create MPC wallets that offer secure storage and smooth access to digital assets, elevating the user experience.

How Do We Ensure Token Security in Cryptocurrency Wallet Platforms?

At SAG IPL, we prioritize the security of your tokens in blockchain cryptocurrency wallet platforms. We leverage advanced technologies and robust standards to guarantee protection and avoid any chances of compromise. Here are some of the exciting features we offer:

Biometric Authentication

Encrypted Wallets

Anti-Phishing Software

Multisignature Vaults

Cold Wallet Security

SSL Integration

DDOS Mitigation and Preparedness

Multi-factor authentication

Database Encryption

Log Tracking Analysis and Reporting

Security Vulnerability Assessment

HSM and KSM Implementation

SAGIPL Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Leverage the security of a digital wallet aiming to store, manage, and conduct transactions with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. Our cryptocurrency wallet development services are customized to meet your project’s requirements, whether you need assistance with a single currency or a range of digital coins. Since cryptocurrencies function solely in blockchain-powered wallets, we make sure your assets are securely recorded and easily accessible.

At SAG IPL, we pride ourselves on being the best cryptocurrency wallet development agency, specializing in developing highly secure, feature-loaded digital wallets capable of handling a vast array of virtual and physical currencies and assets. Our team of blockchain wallet developers possesses the expertise in creating decentralized wallets that enable fast and cost-effective transactions. With the global cryptocurrency market growing day by day, we are leading the industry, delivering cutting-edge blockchain solutions, smart contracts, and crypto wallets that empower businesses and individuals to securely store and manage their digital assets. Witness the flexibility of our customizable cryptocurrency wallet development solutions, wisely designed to align with your requirements and purposes.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

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White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

SAG IPL Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company is known for developing customised white-label wallets for startups and well-established businesses. We serve a wide area in the domain such as blockchain projects, crypto exchanges, DEXs, and investment platforms. Our Cryptocurrency wallet development services extend to exceptional performance, user-friendly interfaces, security, and technical expertise. Having a good hand in both custodial and non-custodial wallet development, we can help you launch cryptocurrency wallets as desktop apps, mobile wallet apps, or web browser extensions. Our wallets go through various testing and can handle high volumes of transactions simultaneously.

Multichain compatibility

Storage for multiple assets

Regular smart contract audits

Pre and post-development support

Crypto staking/lending

NFT and DeFi integration

Cryptocurrency Wallet Developer

Why Choose SAGIPL Company for Crypto Wallet Development Services?

Working with innovation and latest tools and technologies, we infuse our creations with high-end features that push the boundaries of expectations.

2-factor authentication

2-Factor Authentication

Safeguard your wallet account, assets, and data with the highest level of security through a combination of biometric and password protection.

QR code scanner

QR Code Scanner

Seamlessly make payments and transfer currencies with a single click using our secure QR code scanning feature, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions.

Check Transactions

Transaction History

Keep a transparent record of your wallet transactions, including payments and user details, empowering you with full visibility and control.

Paper wallet

Paper Wallet Integration

Easily scan and record paper cryptocurrencies into your digital wallet, consolidating all your assets in one secure location.


Contacts Management

Access all your contacts in one place, including those you have transacted with. Effortlessly filter and manage your contacts for seamless transactions.

Conversion rates

Real-Time Conversion Rates

Stay updated with actual conversion rates, that allows you to make informed decisions when it comes to payments and transfers.

Merchant Payment

Merchant Payment Support

Utilize your wallet as a merchant, enabling hassle-free sending and receiving of payments for business purposes, expanding your reach and capabilities.

Avoid duplicate payments

Duplicate Payment Prevention

With our transparent ledger system, duplicate payments become a thing of the past, ensuring accurate and secure transactions.

Automatic Session Logout

Automatic Session Logout

Strengthen the security of your account with our auto session logout feature, automatically logging out users after a specified period.

Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Wallet Integration

This feature allows you to safely store your bitcoins in one secure place, and effortlessly buy, sell, or transfer them to other users without leaving the wallet interface.

Bitcoin wallet

In-Wallet Transfer

Send and receive cryptocurrencies to and from anyone easily, anywhere in the world, at a minimal fee, making global transactions keeping yourself at ease.

Bitcoin wallet

Private-Public Key Pairing

Each wallet account is equipped with a unique private-public key combination, ensuring robust security and individualized access for every user.

Complete Blockchain Development Services on a Single Click

NFT Development

We provide services for your NFT development project, you can benefit from our 10+ years of experience in blockchain solutions, crypto tokens, and NFT platforms. We are recognized globally for our customized solutions, skilled experts, and extensive support for a remarkable experience.

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Exchange Development

Empowering businesses to launch their cryptocurrency exchange platforms is what we pride in offering. Our experienced crew of developers understands the complexities of building a secure and scalable trading platform.

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Token Development

We help you build custom tokens on popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and more. Trust our expertise for top-notch token development.

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White Paper Development

We produce high-quality crypto white paper writing services that follow the standards and meet your project's unique needs. Our professional documentation writing service offers a wide range of solutions, ensuring your whitepaper stands out and effectively communicates to potential investors about your project's worth.

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Pitch Deck Development

Understanding the importance of a clear and persuasive presentation is the first and foremost priority. Based on a clear and concise presentation, further moves can be executed precisely. Our skilled writers will craft a pitch deck that not only captures the attention of your prospects but also compels them to take action.

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ICO Development

Empower your vision with cutting-edge ICO development. As an ICO development company, we help startups and new project developers create and launch their ICOs, crafting essential services to access capital in a decentralized manner.

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STO Development

A good hand in technology and years of experience in providing end-to-end STO development services can transform your business. We create tailor-made security tokens, develop smart contracts, design captivating STO websites, and execute effective marketing campaigns.

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TRC Token Development

Experience the power of the TRON blockchain with our expert TRC token development services. With advanced features like smart contracts and fast transaction speeds, we help businesses thrive in the digital economy. Get the blockchain solutions tailored to your needs.

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Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

Jotting Down Your Requirements

We begin the wallet development process by meticulously collecting and analyzing your requirements to ensure we understand your expectations and objectives.

Jotting Down Your Requirements

Phase 1

Designs, Wireframes, and Mockups

Our cryptocurrency wallet development experts craft visually stunning and intuitive UI designs to ease the navigation experience for wallet users.

Designs, Wireframes, and Mockups

Phase 2

Prototype Demo

After making the prototype design, we pause the development process and will share it with you before making any further moves. This phase allows you to get a feel for the app or platform and provide feedback.

Prototype Demo

Phase 3

Suggested Changes and Verification

We value your feedback on our initial efforts, and at this stage, we make necessary changes based on your feedback to ensure the final product satisfies you. We seek your approval before proceeding.

Suggested Changes and Verification

Phase 4


Marketing is the most important phase in our crypto wallet development approach. We offer complementary marketing services to expand your business's presence and boost revenue.


Phase 5

Maintenance and Technical Assistance

You will receive ongoing maintenance and technical support following the terms of our agreement. Our wallet development experts can customize monthly or annual packages to suit your specific needs.

Phase 6

Testing and Audits

Before deploying the application, we run the product through rigorous testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), training, and final source code deployment to ensure that our efforts are in the right direction

Testing and Audits

Phase 7


After receiving your approval, we initiate the crypto wallet development process. We utilize cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver results within the agreed timeframe.


Phase 8

FAQ on Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Looking to gain a deeper understanding of SAG IPL's offerings? Discover all the answers here. We strive to equip you with the necessary details and information to choose the ideal digital marketer for your needs.

For a successful transaction, the sender's private key must correspond to the receiver's public address. Once this match is established, the sender can transfer their crypto assets to the receiver's wallet address, enabling the receiver to utilize these coins.

As long as it is a multi-currency wallet, it is possible. In a DeFi wallet, you can store certain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, as well as ERC20 tokens.

A hot wallet is connected to the Internet directly and operates online, with private keys stored digitally. On the other hand, a cold wallet works just like a Pendrive, remains disconnected from the Internet, and stores private keys offline.

In this line of work, taking risks and hiring developers with inadequate skills is not a wise decision. When looking for a dedicated Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company to handle your project, the name SAG IPL consistently tops the list. Our unmatched expertise of over a decade in this field, supported by a professional team of 300+ members, speaks volumes. With 800+ completed projects and a strict policy on timely delivery, SAG IPL emerges as the first choice for cryptocurrency development services.

At SAG IPL, our Cryptocurrency development team comprises seasoned experts with an average experience of 4-5 years.

At SAG IPL, we offer customizable services. The project completion time depends on the specific features and functionalities required for your Cryptocurrency wallet development project. Typically, a basic project can be completed within 1 to 4 weeks.

Yes, you have the option to hire Cryptocurrency wallet developers on an hourly basis. This allows you to pay according to the number of hours they dedicate to your project.

The cost varies depending on the desired features and functionalities of your wallet. Opting for a white-label solution is advisable as it saves both development costs and time compared to starting from scratch.

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