What is a Pitch Deck?

A Pitch Deck is a visual presentation created to give your targeted audience a brief yet complete overview of your business plan or an upcoming project/idea. They are normally used by startups or entrepreneurs during meetings with potential clients and investors. The basic purpose of a Pitch deck development is to convince the readers/listeners to support the particular idea or project. Therefore, a good Pitch Desk should be professional and written in a convincing manner. On average, a pitch deck may have 12-19 slides.

SAG IPL pitch deck development company hosts a qualified team consisting of pitch deck designers, writers, advisors and industry experts. We specialize in creating high-quality and result-focused pitch decks which are capable of capturing the interest of potential users, customers, investors, etc. in a wide range of industries. We are committed to offering the highest quality level in terms of both pitch deck design and content.

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Why Does Your ICO Project Need a Pitch Deck to Be Successful?

In 90 out of 100 cases, the purpose of a Pitch Deck is to grab investors’ attention.

Investors are usually overloaded with many potential investment opportunities and have no time to read the complete business plans or white papers in order to make an investment decision.

An ICO Pitch Deck is the best and shortest way to tell your potential crypto investors all they must know about your business plan in order to convince them to invest in it.

A Pitch Deck is a smaller version of your project plan which contains only the key components and presents the business idea to potential investors in such a manner to capture their interest.

While it is important for startups to create a detailed business plan and send it via email to all the potential investors/users, the chances of people reading the complete document are very thin. Pitch decks, being short and visually appealing, are easier to read and understand.

Pitch decks are rich in visuals which further help to keep the users engaged and interested in the idea.

ICO Project Need Pitch Deck

Our ICO Pitch Deck Services

We create high-quality, visually appealing and to-the-point pitch decks for businesses of every kind.

Pitch Deck Writing

ICO Pitch Deck Writing

Writing a pitch deck involves creating a clear, simple and compelling presentation that is easy to act on. Our experienced content writers will write a super smooth and precise pitch deck to help convince your prospects.

Pitch Deck Design

ICO Pitch Deck Design

The visuals are an important part of a good pitch deck as they keep the readers engaged and interested in the content. Our design team will craft the most appealing pitch deck design for your business presentation.

Pitch Deck consist of

What does a Pitch Deck consist of?

A good pitch deck will have the following components:

  • Introduction - Who are you? What is your business? What do you want?
  • Team - The people behind the business and their roles.
  • Problem - The problem your project is trying to solve.
  • Advantages - How is your idea different from others? How is it better?
  • Solution - The solution to the problem mentioned above.
  • Product - Is there a product? How does it work?
  • Traction - Who are your target customers? Is there a real demand for the product?
  • Market - The size, location, type of your target market.
  • Competition - Does there already exist a solution to the problem you mentioned?
  • Business model - How soon do you expect to generate revenue? Do you have a plan?
  • Investing - What are your investment needs? Where/how do you plan to utilize the funds?
  • Contact - Provide your contact details

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SAGIPL Pitch Deck Design and Development Process

With our carefully crafted Pitch Decks Design, we will make your business plan a definite success.



We will discuss your project and thoroughly read the business plan to get a clear idea of the requirements.



Based on the initial analysis, we will create a design and content strategy along with things to include in the pitch deck.

Content Writing

Content Writing

At this stage, our talented writers will craft your business plan into an engaging and interesting story about your journey.



Then, our design team will give the much-needed visual touch and a consistent look to your investment pitch deck.



The final presentation is delivered to the client after a thorough testing by our analyst team.

Pitch Deck Dos & Don’ts We Follow

We make sure that your Pitch Deck contains everything that it needs to attract the audience and avoids anything that may have a bad impact on the readers.


  • Present your business idea & journey through a captivating and exciting story to keep the readers engaged.
  • Limit each point to just one slide to keep the presentation short and sweet.
  • Put a special focus on the starting slides to make a great first impression.
  • Talk about the team members, their achievements and roles
  • Maintain a consistent appearance with the same fonts, color, size throughout the presentation
  • Add actual and valuable metrics to make an even more impact on the audience.


  • Avoid using a lot of bullet points
  • Do not make your presentation too long
  • Do not recite it word by word, instead tell the story
  • Avoid using too much text or too few images
  • Don’t take the risk of not being prepared to answer the questions
  • Don’t use too small fonts or unclear images
Frequently Asked Questions on Pitch Deck Design

Many businesses use Pitch decks to make the clients or investors show interest in their services. These brief presentations are equipped with a quick overview of your business. The main goal of a pitch deck is not necessarily to make a deal, but a first move to start the discussions. The best pitch deck includes slides outlining how your business works. It will contain a business plan, goals, and vision. Writing an effective pitch deck draft demands more than pouring information into it. You have to summarize intricate ideas into an engaging format.

Designing a pitch deck depends upon various factors such as your budget and the requirements. You can decide to fix the budget after knowing the level of detail required for each slide. Templates for a do-it-yourself approach are no doubt a cost-effective way, but the results may not meet your expectations. In the market, hiring a pitch deck service provider who charges on a per-slide basis may cost around $100 per slide, and it is too expensive. They may charge extra for revisions and improvements. For a complete pitch deck having no less than 20 slides, the total cost may range from $2000 to $6000. SAG IPL offers best-in-class pitch deck services at competitive prices.

There are so many pitch deck writing services out there in the market, they all claim to be the best in their work but when it comes to offering top-quality services at competitive rates, SAG IPL comes first. SAG IPL is your top-rated pitch deck development company having a skilled team of designers, writers, consultants, and experts in various other fields. Having more than a decade of experience in offering comprehensive Internet marketing services, we specialize in crafting high-quality pitch decks tailored to diverse industries. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding design and content quality.

With SAG IPL, you can rest assured that your pitch deck will be meticulously designed to ensure quality and clarity keeping the conciseness and visual appeal. Our team will work with you to jot down your project requirements first and transform your business plan into a compelling narrative enhanced by captivating visuals.

Of course, that’s why we are here to make you aware of the topic, we offer comprehensive pitch deck development solutions. We begin by analyzing your project and thoroughly reviewing your business plan to create an effective design and content strategy. Our skilled content writers will then craft a compelling story based on your journey. Our design team will add visual elements for consistency and impact. The final presentation will carry a testing phase by our analyst team before handing over the product to you.

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