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A video is the best way to convey the purpose of your ICO to your potential customers. Hire SAG IPL to get your ICO explainer Videos done the right way.

Over 80% of internet users are browsing videos. Let your ICO reach them through the right video marketing.

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What is an ICO Explainer Video?

An ICO explainer video is an illustration video that tells viewers about your ICO explaining the functioning of your project along with its purpose, your cryptocurrency, roadmap, benefits, features, etc. A project video can be of any type such as an interview of the ICO owner/director, a tutorial, a powerpoint video, video tips, live video, screencast, photo series, product video, animated videos (most popular) or anything else. Whichever type of ICO Marketing Video you need, we can create it for you.

93% of businesses who use explainer videos believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service

Take a look at our ICO video samples below. Get one for your own ICO, cryptocurrency or blockchain campaign by hiring a professional ICO video marketing company.

SAG IPL is a popular ICO marketing company that creates marketing material such as content and videos to increase the reach of the ICO campaigns of clients worldwide. We have a team of 50+ ICO marketing and video experts who are involved in creative marketing and explainer videos for ICO campaigns. Whether you need an ICO introductory video or a complete tutorial video for your new cryptocurrency project, we can do it for you. Get in touch to discuss further.

Custom ICO Explainer Video Packages

The package has been designed to suffice the needs and budget of every kind of ICO. It includes a custom video script creation, a voice recording explanation, and animation/graphics to go with the video. All the content will be strictly based on the client’s project. It will be delivered within 1 week.

SAG IPL has a dedicated team of graphic designers and content writers who will create awesome video content and animations explaining your project/ICO to the target user in a friendly and interactive way. Our videos are known to have increased the overall value of clients’ ICOs by making them more visible and appealing to the target audience through the right video marketing. Explain your ICO to your potential investors and users in a better way through our viral videos.

Packages Basic
199 USD
249 USD
599 USD
Explainer Video Features
Video Script Creation yes yes yes
Video Length Limit Upto 1 Minute Upto 1 Minute 1 Minute
Video Slides Design yes yes yes
Video Animation yes yes yes
Voice Over Creation yes yes yes
Video Sharing yes yes yes

Why is Video Marketing Important for your ICO?

ICO video marketing

Video content is the real deal today. You must not have been untouched by the popularity of YouTube and other video platforms. More than 87% marketers prefer to include videos into their content marketing strategies. 49% of all marketers who use videos generate more revenue than those who don’t. Videos are easier to rank. Pages with videos are known to have lower bounce rate and increased conversions by as much as 80%. Videos are that awesome.

Still wondering why to use videos for your ICO campaign? Suppose that you have launched a new product or service, how do you expect to tell the world about it? You can, of course, seek the help of social media and Google, but they usually take too long to produce results. You need to get the word out there as quickly as possible. Video marketing is what can help you the best in this case. It is one of the best ways to attract user attention to your new project.

Videos are said to have the capability to explain even the rocket science. Then, your ICO concept shouldn’t be a very big deal to explain. It all depends on how good and easy-to-digest ICO explained video you have created. At SAG IPL, we use videos as a general way to explain complex ideas and convey messages that are otherwise difficult to explain.

Best of all, videos are amazing when you have to persuade investors and potential customers that your ICO (and token) is actually worth their attention.

Our ICO Video Marketing Services - How can we help

We, at SAG IPL, can help you get the story of your ICO out to the world through an awesome initial coin offering explainer video. Besides that, we can create any type of marketing video, including the ones mentioned below, for the outreach of your ICO campaigns to all the possible target markets.

Our ICO Video Marketing Services cover the following (and many more)

Animated Video Services

Hire expert motion graphic designers to create animated ICO explainer videos. Recommended for complex/technical ICO concepts.

Live Videos

We can also help you create live videos through our on-location video shoot services to provide a human touch to your video messages.

Tutorial Videos

The best way to explain the process of your ICO is launching a “how-to” or tutorial video which we can help you create and promote.

Explainer Videos

If you are looking to create a video to explain the working and benefits of your new token launch, we can totally help you build one.

ICO Tips Videos

Want to share ICO tips or terms with your existing and new ICO users? Hire us to create a video explaining tips and ideas with nice visuals.

Video Blogs

We can also help you build a video blog (vlog) where you can regularly share video tutorials and tips to help users with your crypto project.

Apart from these, we can create many more types of ICO marketing videos including whiteboard and event videos. Contact our project manager to ask for a recommendation.

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How does it work?

We have been working on ICO projects for too long to not have a solid marketing strategy. Here’s how our ICO explained video marketing services work.

ICO Video Idea Analysis

Idea Analysis

When you reach us with your project idea, we don’t just accept it right away. We analyse the idea by identifying your business market, its needs and how your product helps in that. Video marketing isn’t for everyone. We can recommend just what you need.

ICO Video Development


Once we accept the project, the video development part initiates based on the valuable content inputs provided by you. Our video and animation experts will create a unique ICO marketing video to convey the exact message you want to deliver.

ICO Explainer Video Marketing


The ICO video created by us is promoted constantly over the time on a number of online platforms including social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp and popular video marketing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Snapchat and more.

ICO explainer video Suggestions


In addition to promoting your ICO launch video, we will also share valuable suggestions on how you can expand the reach of your video, use video search to promote your business and products and other video marketing tips.

Why Choose ICO Video Designing Company?

The purpose of an explainer video is not just to explain the working of the product, but to tell the story of your brand with the aim to instil trust and confidence in potential investors and users of the token and convince them to make a purchase. We, at SAG IPL, will make sure that the story of your ICO and corporate identity is explained in the best possible way through the right video marketing. Our marketing team consists of trained videographers, producers and animators who can help realize your dream of a perfect product, through visual, into an awesome video. Here are some other reasons why you should hire us.

We are not just a video marketing company, but we have been working in the ICO space for so long that we have built a solid expertise in this field. We have experienced ICO specialists who can understand and implement your idea without even needing a lot of details. We can create an explainer video for ICO just by reading your ICO white paper. That is how confident we are in our ICO abilities.

  • A team of 50+ marketing and video experts
  • 10+ years of online marketing (ICO) experience
  • Top ICO marketing company in India
  • We specialize in ICO Explainer Videos

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