Mobile App for Tour and Travel Agencies

Get expert travel mobile app solutions with SAG IPL to give wings to your travel business and amazing travelling experiences to your customers. We are expert in developing futuristic mobile apps on modern technologies.

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Mobile App for Tour and Travel Agencies

SAG IPL Developing Mobile App for Tour and Travel Agencies

Enhance your tourism business by having a mobile app for travel agency. SAG IPL offers travel app development services at affordable prices.

The days, when guide, maps, compass and other papers are needed for any tour and travel business have gone, as they have completely been replaced by digital platforms. All of the tour and travel business are operating from their websites, but as we all know that technology is getting enhanced day by day, these business now needs to transform their services once again into a more portable mobile platform.

People are using mobile applications drastically, even you may also be one of those millions or billions people, who are using mobile applications to attain any service or get anything done. According to some reports in 2015, the tour and travel is a gigantic 6.3 trillion dollar industry, and if you own a tour and travel business, then you surely have some amount of this money. So, we can see there is no stability in technology, changes are happening time to time and you also have to fly with the changes.

SAG IPL Developing Mobile App

Why Should A Tour And Travel Business Develop A Mobile Application?

Mobile applications are completely changing the face of every industry including tourism. There are many reasons that can indulge a travel business in making its mobile application. Think once, why would you visit the travel agent’s shop, when you are capable of planning your trip using an application. If all of the user queries about travelling and tour can be resolved in a single application, then why would anyone get panic and to go to different places for ticket bookings and hotel booking.

These are the facts reported by GoodWorkLabs, which shows that people across the world are moving on along with enhancing technology and it is important for your business, startup or enterprise to basically keep moving with the world.

Features of the Travel App are given below

booking option for hotels

Your application should have a booking option for hotels

estimated overall cost of the tour

Your application should be able to make an estimated overall cost of the tour

integrate social networks

It should integrate social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Travel App Development
GPS coordinates

It should describe the “must see” locations including GPS coordinates

locate restaurants, hotels, museums, parkings etc.

It should be able to locate restaurants, hotels, museums, parkings, and any other points of interest in a map

include a map, weather information

It should also include a map, weather information and guide you with GPS.

Why Choose SAG IPL for Retail Store App

Tourism Mobile App Development

There are also some stats we have covered, which may tell you the importance of getting a portable mobile platform for your business. According to the GoodWorkLabs:

  • 85% of people use smartphones to plan their travel and tours
  • 30% people use smartphones to get best tourism deals
  • 27% people use mobile applications to find best flight deals.

How do SAG IPL Build Tour and Travel Mobile Application

Just like the other tourism mobile applications, our travel app development process starts with the planning of your project, in which the design and features of your application will be decided. After the complete planning, our creative designers will start their work and will design the overall structure of your application. After designing, our skilled and experienced team of developers will develop your application and make it working and responsive. After the complete process, your application will be passed through a testing process, under which small bugs and issues of your application will be resolved. After this your application will be delivered to you.


The planning phase involves setting up milestones, choosing the right design team or designer and coming up with the final plan for designing of your application.


Your design is created by our hand-selected team of designers who will implement your ideas and requirements to create a uniquely amazing and attractive design for you.


Your design is created by our hand-selected team of designers who will implement your ideas and requirements to create a uniquely amazing and attractive design for you.


Each of our designs are reviewed and tested in real-time by our proficient team of quality analysts who will test your design in real environments, find out bugs if any, and get them removed.


The final custom design will be delivered to you or launched on your server as you prefer. You will get ample time to review your project and get back to us with a feedback.

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