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Increase the liquidity of your Real Estate by converting it into legally-compliant Security Tokens

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You Want To Tokenize Your Property, We Want To Help!

If you are looking to liquidate your real estate or want to raise funds through your properties, we can help you create a regulated and legally-compliant property-backed Security Token to offer to your investors.

SAG IPL is a full-service blockchain development & marketing agency that helps businesses with the creation and management of asset-backed tokens. Our expert team will take care of the research, technology development, auditing and legal compliance involved in the token creation process as well as help you raise funds through your Real Estate Token. Our tokens are regulated and compliant according to the laws of specific jurisdictions.

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Why You Should Tokenize Your Property?

Real Estate tokenization refers to the process of converging a real estate asset with blockchain technology such that the value of assets can be represented by blockchain-based tokens. Real Estate Tokenization involves creating and launching new Security Tokens (securities) that will represent the value of that particular asset. Then, the owner can sell these tokens as a way to raise funds for a new project.

Among other things, tokenization helps bring liquidity in real estate, making it easier for asset owners to sell their properties in the form of tokens in exchange for funds. It also gives investors the ability to trade in the private real estate sector in a transparent and portable manner.

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Types of Real Estate Tokenization

Based on the type of property and your specific requirements, our Real Estate tokenization services can be divided into the following types:

Residential real estate tokenization
Residential Real Estate Tokenization

This involves tokenization of your residential properties to allow people to invest in them or buy them, thereby, creating new revenue sources for you.

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization
Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

Under this type of tokenization, the ownership of a commercial property is divided into multiple fractions, each of which backs the value of a token.

Single Real Estate Tokenization
Single Real Estate Tokenization

Now you can easily tokenize your single real estate, house or property, to quickly raise funds for a project or improve the liquidity of your assets.

Trophy Real estate tokenization
Trophy Real Estate Tokenization

We can help tokenize and liquidate your trophy real estate in a completely secure and transparent manner in compliance with the local laws.

Property STO Tokenization Services By SAG IPL

  • Image of tokenization strategy

    Tokenization Strategy

    Need help planning your real estate asset tokenization? Our blockchain experts are here to assist you to prepare the best strategy for a smooth transition.

  • Property Security Token Development

    Token Development

    Our expert blockchain developers and consultants will create the best, regulated token after discussing and analysing your specific requirements.

  • Real estate blockchain development

    Blockchain Development

    When developing a real estate token, we can also help you with blockchain development and customization, as per the needs of your project.

  • Smart contract for property

    Smart Contract

    Our smart contract service will ensure all your real estate ownership transfer deals are performed smoothly and in a transparent manner.

  • Legal Compliance For Real Estate

    Legal Compliance

    Our legal and financial advisors will help you deal with any legal issues that may arise during the process and ensure legal compliance for your token.

  • Security token marketing for real estate

    Token Marketing

    Once the token is created, we will also help you with the marketing of your fundraising campaign to ensure you raise enough funds for the project.

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Strategy for the Tokenization of Real Estate

The Tokenization of Real Estate will bring a revolution in the world of real estate. The legal and financial advisors have a great knowledge to revolutionize the sector of real estate. At SAG IPL we provide the best solutions related to real estate and we ensure that your tokens are legally compliant. Our dedicated team of developers provide crowdfunding, taxation, accounting and other related services during the tokenization of assets for our clients. We can help you in raising the funds required in compliance with the framework.

Real Estate Tokenization Checklist

Smart Contracts
Type of Interest
Legal Entity
Securities Regulations
Corporate Code
Asset Type
Location of the Asset
Ratio of Tokenization
Mortgages on the Asset
Investor Traceability
Automated KYC/AML
Accredited Investor Verification
International Fundraising
Legal & Regulatory Frameworks

SAG IPL Real Estate Tokenization Platform Features

With us, you get access to an all-inclusive real estate token generation platform that allows owners to tokenize their real estate properties on any of the leading blockchains: Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar.

Why SAG IPL for Real Estate Investment Tokens

Our ability to develop a strong and legally compliant token for you lies in our years of blockchain experience and a brilliant team of highly motivated individuals who will leave no stone unturned in helping you raise funds through real estate tokenization.

Work with blockchains
We work with multiple blockchains

Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Openchain, Stellar, and more. We work with all standard blockchains as well as create new ones.

Real estate blokchain development experts
Blockchain development experts

Our team consists of some of the best and seasoned blockchain, smart contract and token development experts who are available for hire.

Affordable tokenization option

Being one of the leading blockchain development companies, we are able to provide highly reliable yet affordable tokenization services.

Comprehensive Solutions
Comprehensive solutions

As an expert in real estate tokenization, we offer end to end real estate tokenization & marketing solutions to help achieve your fundraising goals.

Experienced Team
Experience Team

Our team comprises professionals with experience in a range of industries, including finance, legal & technology to take care of all your needs.

FAQ's For Real Estate Tokenization

The process of converting real estate values into tokens, so that they can be sold further as shares, is called tokenization of real assets. The token in which the asset is divided will determine the value held by the token holder in that specific asset. The professionals in the tokenization company can do that easily. The companies providing tokenization facilities can provide numerous other benefits like documentation and can provide cost-effective measures.

The process of converting the value of an asset into digital tokens is called tokenization of the real estate. With the help of tokenization, one can divide the value of assets into shares so that they can be sold easily and the ownership is transferred accordingly. Tokenization is a more secure way of keeping the assets safer and can help in globalisation of real estate trade.

When the blockchain technology and tokenization of assets come together, it can protect the user’s information through keeping a track of every change being made in the assets. The blockchain will provide transparency to the business.

The type of method being used, features of tokenization and other factors affect the price of tokenization of assets. The tokenization company can easily ascertain this cost for you. You can hire them to get professional help in the tokenization process.

Tokenization of assets can help in improving the liquidity of the individual. The concept of fractional ownership can provide funds easily to the individual. More and more people have started to tokenize their assets as it has numerous other benefits. The traditional form of real estate business is outdated and the concept of tokenisation is taking up its place in the real estate world hence it is important to tokenize your assets.

The best company for tokenization of assets is SAG IPL. the developers in the company are experienced and have provided excellent services to hundreds of clients. SAG IPL is one of the first companies providing the service of tokenization of assets. The cost of tokenisation is economical yet perfect, so, you will not regret the service provided by them.

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