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SAG IPL is a professional angularjs web development company in India to get the best web application development solutions. We have been developing AngularJS applications for the last 5 years and feel proud in being one of the leading service providers in the industry. Get in touch with us to know more about our angularjs development services or to hire angularjs developers in India.

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Satisfaction AngularJS Development Services

At SAG IPL, we deal in almost every kind of angularjs development services and tools. You can share your unique application idea with us, and we'll make sure to develop a comprehensive angularjs application that works perfectly for you and your users. We will also keep you updated throughout the angular 2.0 development process so that you know exactly what is going on in your project.

Data Analysis Tools & Interactive Dashboards

Get an amazing data analysis tool and/or interactive dashboard developed by hiring our expert AngularJS programmers.

Development of Location and Music & Video Streaming Apps

We develop all kind of entertainment apps including Music & video streaming applications in AngularJS. You can also hire an AngularJS developer with us to get a location or mapping app.

Plugin Development & Theme development

SAG IPL is the best angularjs development company to find and hire professional AngularJS framework developers for developing plugins and themes to extend the variability and usability of your website.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development

Need a good-looking and fully-functional online shopping website, cart and/or plugins? Hire our expert angularjs developers to get the job done fast and accurate.

Social Networking Platforms

We have developed and continue to develop the best-in-class angularjs based social networking sites, platforms and applications for the web and mobile devices.

Content Management Tools

Need an angularjs powered content management framework for your unique website/application? Do get in touch with us to discuss and get it done professionally.

Advantages of AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework, which comes with many advantages in the field of web application development. Let us have a look at some of these advantages:

Advantages of AngularJS

Angularjs Development Process

Our unique and customer-oriented angularjs application development process is what makes us better than any other development firm out there. We not only plan and employ a perfect strategy and develop a strong application for you but also we have a very thorough testing process and strong after-support service to make sure that our clients never feel disappointed from our service.

AngularJS Process Get in Touch

AngularJS Development Tools

We understand the importance of using the right tools and technologies before, during and after the development process. Take a look at some of the angularjs development tools used by our web developers to ensure a fast and high-quality development.

  • Karma: Like we said before, we focus a lot on the testing part of the product development process. This is why, we use Karma, which is one of the best testing tools with features like real browser and mobile testing.
  • Djangular: It is the tool used by our developers to ease the process of developing app content in angularjs.
  • This tool is helpful to create and use macros and mentions directly into the development process.
  • SublimeText:A popular code editor tool, SublimeText is used extensively by our angularjs developers to ensure strong and error-free code development.
  • Videogular:This is a tool specifically used to implement the video features and capabilities in an AngularJS application project.
  • WebStorm: It is a popular AngularJS code editor and IDE platform that comes integrated with JavaScript, HTML and CSS coding features to assist developers.
  • Mocha.js: This is another testing tool specifically designed for node.js and AngularJS project testing.
  • AngularUI:This is the tool used by developers to ensure an optimum speed for the development process.

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Why Hire SAG IPL For Angular Minds

SAG IPL is a perfect web development company in India to develop web applications or websites that highly interactive and developed using various platforms and technologies using AngularJS frameworks(angular 1 and angular 2). Along with this latest technology, our team is capable of extending HTML vocabulary and building well structured and rich applications. We have developed a number of applications with refined features suiting comprehensive business requirements. Hire Angular Minds at SAG IPL to get best result.

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Yes, you can hire our professional AngularJS developers to get any cross-platform or native apps developed for any types of devices and/or platforms.

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