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Multi-Phase Project Development Process based on a proven Methodology for developing user-friendly applications for web and mobile. SAG IPL specializes in user-centric designing & development with Search Engine optimized coding.

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Web Development Methodology

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Website Development Strategies and Methodologies

When a work is done, it is done in several processes like strategies and methodologies. It is done step by step. Every web solution company or organization follows its own Website Development Strategies and Methodologies for successful completion of projects whether they relate to management methodologies, services methodologies or about several quality processes through which a project is done or initiated.

At SAG IPL we implement quality oriented methodologies to successfully execute projects that are analyzed by our expert teams of professional executives. Our aim is to make our clients lead with future technology and provide better IT solutions. We implement methodologies that include MVC (Model View Controller), WCF (Windows Communication Foundations), Agile Development Method and SDLC (System Development life-cycle) for various projects as required.

Whatever methodologies are applied for the completion of a project, it goes through few stages that include Planning, Analyzation, Design, Implementation and Maintenance. It is a process about planning, creating, testing and deployment of information. Methodologies also include allocation of projects, coordination and supervision.

At SAG IPL, As a reputable web development company in India, we make sure that when a project is completed and delivered to its client, it is delivered perfectly. Process methodologies or strategies are an integral part of companies and organizations that define how a project is done and completed. These are the core structures that define a company’s success and we have them better than any other.

SAGIPL's Project Development Methodology and Process

Multi-Phase Project Development

Based on a proven Methodology for developing user-friendly applications for web and mobile

A customer-oriented end-to-end agile-based development process

Even though we at SAG IPL follow a unique development process based on the specific needs of a particular project, the underlying methodology is almost the same. The focus is always on building a customer-centric product. Whether it is the development of a website or a mobile app, the methodology remains the same, only the process is updated as per the project demand.

Collecting the Idea

At this stage, we listen to your needs and ideas for the project. Based on the ideas, a research is held to gain a better understanding of the market and existing similar apps.

  • Client contacts us
  • Shares the idea
  • Idea is researched
  • FInalization

Idea Analysis & Planning

After a thorough research of the target market and competitor apps, a plan is prepared where we address things like the concept, technical requirements and specifications, development structure, language and tools.

  • Idea analysis
  • Creating a plan
  • Team formation
  • Task assignment

UI Design

Based on the initial analysis, our design team creates a prototype user interface that is focused on providing the best user experience and making it easier to use the app.

  • Choosing a suitable design
  • Use of latest and best design features
  • Experiment with colors, fonts, etc.
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Design testing


Based on the earlier selection of the development tools and languages, our highly skilled web developers in India create and optimize the code to complement the design of your app.

  • Design analysis
  • Coding (front-end)
  • Database (backend) development


Post design and development, the project goes through multiple phases of testing. After that, a beta version of the app/website is launched for testing in a real environment by real users.

  • Machine tests
  • Manual test
  • Bug elimination
  • Beta app testing
  • Final editing

Delivery & Launch

The finished project is sent to the client for the final review. Post that, the project is deployed on respective servers and app stores.

  • Project finalisation
  • Deployment
  • Quality analysis
  • Maintenance & support

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