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Need a developer? Let SAG IPL make a hire for you! At SAGIPL you can find the best dedicated developer or a team of developers and designers for your specific project. A dedicated resource means someone who will work full-time on your project and be in constant touch with you during the working hours. Hiring a dedicated developer and/or designer is the best option when your project is too important and you need it done in specific time. At SAG IPL, you will not only find a team of highly qualified and experienced developers and designers but also you can choose your own dedicated personnel by conducting auditions with our staff.

We have a big pool of the best web developers, designers, mobile app developers and SEO professionals in the industry. You can request for resumes of our individual developers and designers to further assess their skills and eligibility for your project. We will be more than happy to let you conduct personal interviews with our professionals to find out the best dedicated person or team for your project.

At SAG IPL, you can hire dedicated resources and personnel in a wide range of service areas including web development, mobile application development, web designing and SEO (digital marketing).

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Need Professional Web Developers?

Find and hire the best web developer in the industry with full-time dedicated service. You will get the full access to your selected developer who will be assigned to work as per your preferred hours. You can even choose to hire an affordable team of developers from our web development professionals.

Need Dedicated Mobile Application Developer?

We have the best mobile app developers in the industry. We can help you find the right person for all your app development needs. Whether you need an Android app or an iPhone app or a hybrid mobile app, we can get you the perfect dedicated mobile app developer who will be committed to building your app.

Need Dedicated Web Designer?

SAGIPL web designers are proficient individuals who have enough expertise and knowledge to work in a team or as individual designers. You can audition and select the best web designer or designers for your project from our fully committed team of web designers and graphic designers.

Need Dedicated SEO Team?

SEO is important for the online marketing of your business and website. If you are looking for a dedicated SEO professional, we can help you find the right person for the job. We already have a team of 50+ dedicated SEO experts and social media professionals with up-to-date industry knowledge and online marketing proficiency.

When Do You Need to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Although hiring a developer or team of developers is usually a convenient and affordable option for most projects, some special situations demand full-time dedicated developers who can completely focus on building your apps or websites. Here are some reasons why you may need to hire dedicated developers.

  • When you do not have the budget and/or time to hire an in-house team of developers.
  • If you are a mobile/web development company looking to outsource the development tasks to a more expert team of developers.
  • Enterprises looking for specific skills like Swift iPhone developers.
  • If you are looking to build up your own team of developers/ designers/ SEO professionals.
  • Startups who want to hire a dedicated team of mobile app/ web developers.
  • If you are too busy to work on a client project and want to outsource the same to another developer.

Easy Steps for Hiring a Dedicated Designer or Developer

Follow the steps below to hire now the best-fit app developer/ web developer/ designer for your project.

Step 1.

Contact us now to request a quote for dedicated developers and designers. Make sure to tell us as much as possible about your project and requirements.

Step 3.

You can then conduct interviews and choose the best designer/developer or team suitable for your project.

Step 5.

You will be given complete access to your hired dedicated developers who will work only for your projects and as per your requirement.

Step 2.

Our business analyst team will evaluate your requirement and set up a meet between you and our best developers/designers.

Step 4.

Once we finalize the terms and the initial payment is made, our team will get started on your project.

Benefits of Dedicated Teams Model (DTM)

The trend of hiring dedicated professionals and teams is increasing in the present IT industry. The best benefit of hiring a dedicated designer/developer or team is that you get your own full-time development team without having to hire one in-house.

Other Benefits of Dedicated Teams Model (DTM) are as follows:

  • You have the complete control over your hired human and machine resources.
  • You can hire the best individuals and teams at the minimum monthly cost.
  • You can choose from a range of expert developers, designers and SEO professionals.
  • It only takes a few hours to hire a dedicated developer with us and get started on the project.
  • You can contact your hired developer/designer anytime during the working hours.
  • You get complete control over the team structure and responsibilities.
  • You are the manager of your project.
  • We have proper security measures in place to protect your investments and rights.

Why choose SAG IPL for Dedicated Developer and Designers

SAG IPL is one of the fastest evolving IT development companies in the industry. Our team of expert PHP developers is committed to providing the best quality dedicated development services for all your needs. During our 10 years of existence, we have worked on hundreds of web development, web designing, mobile app development and SEO projects for our local and international clients. Many of our developers and designers are available to work full-time on the project basis for remote clients. We keep ourselves updated with the latest development technologies to be able to provide the best output in every project.

Whether you need a dedicated developer or a complete team of developers and designers, you can find the right resources from within our highly experienced pool of IT professionals. Do contact us now to know more about our services or to request a quote.

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