Impact Plus Case Study

After our successful foray into Website Development, it was the time to take it to the next level. Our client showed immense faith in us as we had to develop a big Event booking website. This was a challenge for us as we had not worked on a website which had a lot of features. The basic requirements of our client were he wanted a website which will show the upcoming events with their dates, option to register, online trainings, certifications, a calendar that would display training date vise etc.

The core idea behind the website was to create a one stop solution for aspirants who were looking to have some quality learning.

Our Ideology

  • The website should be appealing for people for all age andsex and they should feel connected to it. Once they come through, they shouldfeel that they are at the right place if they want to learn something.
  • It should look real and feel real. As a user it should notfeel like they are going through some thing fake.
  • The website must be really easy to use at all point oftime, so we wanted to create it from the perspective of a not-tech guy.
  • In the end, user should feel happy by each and everything.If that does not happen then we have failed a big time.

Working Challenges

  • First of all the most basic requirement of any project is the design and its flow. We came up with some unique designs and presented to our client. We had a lot of discussions over each and every design, their pros and cons. After a lot of R&D, we came up with a design which was all new and had the good features of all the initial designs.
  • As it was a first project of its kind that we were doing, we had to do a lot of R&D as we wanted to present the best solution to our client.


  • The frequency between our team and the client was electricfrom the starting. This is one of the important reasons that we came out with awonderful website, even better than we thought in the starting.
  • The learning was immense for us throughout the wholeprocess.

What Client says

It was wonderful working with the SAG IPL team. Their dedication, way of working with transparency, reliability is some of their qualities to name a few. There were times when I asked them to work and make some things happen at odd times of clock but they always did it without a hassle.

They were not dependent on me at all throughout the project but brought new ideas and fresh thoughts to the table to make the website better and better.

The best thing I liked about them is they think that nothing is Perfect, there is always room for improvement and that has been the main reason we have come so far.

For the website I have got a lot of appreciation and compliments for bringing totally a new platform for Business Learners, and a lot of credit goes to them if not all.

Our Result

After working really very hard as a team we came with thewebsite Impact Plus MEA.The end result made the client really very happy as he got a better product then he thought initially which in turn made us happy.

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