Organization Hierarchy

A company or organization’s success depends on its cores that include task allocation, coordination and supervision. If a company’s cores are not managed strategically then it is about a failure of projects. So for a company’s success it is all about management of cores.

At SAG IPL, we apply different strategies according to objectives of clients’ projects. It is determined that how projects will be operated and performed in different modes that include structures like Planning, Analyzation, Design and implementation. It is about allocation of responsibilities for various functions and process to different entities of a company or organization that include branches, workgroups, individuals and departments.

These various stages affect the success of a project and reasons for failures when somewhere something lacks. At SAG IPL, It is determined in which project which team is given participation and about decision making of project’s various processes and to what extent the actions are applied according to clients’ requirements.

At SAG IPL, our aim is to provide better services to our clients in a way that is handled systematically provided objectives of projects cannot be hindered in any way and our clients get what they want from us in way of different IT services we provide.

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