Status Fitness Magazine Case Study

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, people seldom finds time to take care of their health. The working hours have increased so much and so have an individual’s desires.We had come through a project requirement to come up with an online store that gives most of the solutions if not all under the same roof. The website should be able to provide health related blogs, exercising videos, certified supplements etc. The client being himself being a very big fitness buff wanted to share the knowledge that he had gathered after a lot of hard and intense work over the years.

The basic purpose of creating the website was to make it like an online school which has lessons for beginner and pro as well.


  • A website that has fitness solution for each and every individual out there.
  • A user should feel for working out once they go through the website.
  • The website should have correct learning stuff.

We wanted to give a one in all solution to the client and keeping it simple rather than fancy at the same time.


  • The first and most big challenge was to make our presence felt with lots of other fitness websites that were already present. The only way to do that was by providing them top notch quality content.

With that thought we started our R&D for the project. We asked our client to ask some basic set of questions from the Fitness enthusiasts like what are the problems that they face, what kind of solution they would like etc. The same we did from our end. And the most common feedback we got was that they needed fitness tutorials from experts that could tell them about the proper posture to carry out their workout. In addition they needed diet plans to support their workout.


  • The client’s knowledge and experience was a big boost to this project. We gave him the ideas which after discussion we converted into step, how actually the website would be.
  • Our research which led us into the right direction was mainly due to the fact that we kept ourselves in the shoes of a user. Along with that we followed a simple business rule, to get the right answer we have to ask the right questions. This gave us a lot of boost on our working principles.

What Client Says

I had been in the field on Fitness Training from as long asI can remember. I had trained a lot of guys. To me fitness training is amixture of science and art. We need to understand our body, its requirementsand then train ourselves to attain the desired results. At the same time wehave to learn to enjoy pain and be patient.

My clients requested me to broaden my reach as theirfriends, relatives were really happy with their results and wanted walk on thesame path. That time I started to look into building a website for the trainingstuff. I was looking for a team that was self sufficient to work with myminimum technical help and most importantly without burning a hole in mypocket.

With my search I had interviewed a lot of team beforefinalizing SAG IPL Team. As it was my first experience of website building, theway they approached towards the work was not less than awesome for me. Theynever told me a problem alone; they always had a solution for that in theirstore.

To start with I just told them I need a site that will berelated to fitness. I am non tech guy so I am looking for your inputs.  They were pretty happy to help me out at eachand every step of the project. They asked me to add video tutorials, FitnessBlogs, Healthy eating articles etc. The best advice they gave me was to offersupplements as user wanted trusted products at their doorsteps.

When the website was finally ready, I was not able tobelieve that this belongs to me for real. The website showcased my personalityin every bit. To say the least I am proud owner of and happy to have a Global presence.

End Result

We were able to deliver a website which actuallytook care of each and every need of a fitness enthusiast. The journey to createthis website was very good as we learned a lot about our body and fitness. Toknow more please go to

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