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If you are looking for Android app development company to create your own mobo application, you are at the right place. is the best Android app development service provider company that serve in different industries using major Android app tools, language, architecture and process.

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Finding a true companion for the digitalization of your service platform is really a very crucial task these days. We can see a number of application development companies in the market, which claim to provide their best services to you, but the question arises before picking up any choice is, do that company provide the exact service that you want? In simple words, we can also say that the development service any company offers should match your requirements and need to understand your vision for the particular application.

SAG IPL has been successfully delivering Android App development services from past 7 years and has gained a strong database of completely satisfied customers. The thing which makes this company different from other development companies is its innovative and experienced team of developers and designers, who works as per the latest market trend and in a very impressive and friendly way to develop your vision into a fabulous and responsive application.

Android App Development Services Offered By

  • Android Game Development
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android App UX/UI Design
  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Android Virtual Reality Development
  • Android Social App Development
  • Android Ecommerce App Development
  • App Testing, Support, Publishing & Maintenance

Industries We Serve

During the previous era of working, SAG IPL has worked for a number of companies, which also shows its flexibility of working in different sectors. Industries we served:

industry wise android development

Tools and Technologies Use By SAG IPL

SAG IPL basically works on the native Android SDK, including native packages and support libraries offered by the Google Android development kit. We currently use the basic Android Studio (IDE) for developing the Android applications hosted by Google Android developer program. Apart from the native technology, we also use the framework developed by SAG IPL itself to help and support developers in implementing robust and concrete application, keeping the user's efficiency and comfort in mind.

Android App Tools Your Way To Success

  • Android Studio
  • IntelliJIDEA
  • DroidEdit
  • Android-IDE
  • Cordova

Major Android App Language Resources

  • Java/C/C++
  • Corona
  • Phonegap
  • Titanium
  • HTML 5

Major Android App Testing

  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Selendroid
  • UIAutomator
  • MonkeyTalk

Find A Quick Way To Android Libraries

  • Universal Image Loader
  • AndroidView Animations
  • Awesome Android Libraries
  • Android Arsenal Libraries
  • CoordinatorTabLayout

How Our Android App Developer Can Help?

SAG IPL is blessed with a skilled team of extremely talented Android Application Developers, who have a deep knowledge of latest mobile technology, which helps them in delivering cost-effective and highly compatible applications. Our developers will not only work according to your vision and desired plans, but will also assist you to make it more better according to the latest trends and technology.

Android App Development Process

Our Android App Development process includes the following steps:


It is the initial step of development, in which our team of developers will examine and analyze your plan or view and will also work on some important factors such as Technology Feasibility and Application Monetization.

UI/UX Design

In this step, our team of designers according to the selected plan will work upon the IA, Wireframes, Concept Design, UI Design and Micro-interactions of the application.


In this step, our team creates Frameworks and Reusable Components, and defines MVC Modules, Network Layer, Database Layer and UI Layer.


After getting the architecture defined, our team of developers starts development process and tasks such as UI and Functionality Development, Integration, Backend Development, Code Review, Retrospective Reviews and unit testing take place in this step.

Quality Assurance

Under this step, several testing processes such as the Unit testing, Functional testing, Integration testing, Usability testing and Performance testing of the developed application are done on actual devices.

Intermediate Release

This is the part, where a demo version is launched for beta testing of the application and tasks like Continue integration, Ad Hoc release, Testflight, Beta Testing and Feedback Incorporation take place.

Application Readiness

After getting the Beta Testing of application done, the application is finally ready to launch, so, in this step includes the pre launching tasks such as Application Submission Checklist, Information, App Visuals Review, Screenshots, Video, Icon, App Store Optimization.

Application Submission/Distribution

This is the step, where the final version of the application is released and it includes tasks such as App Submission, App Store Approval Assessment, App Transfer Assessment, Post Approval Testing, Enterprise Distribution, Custom B2B, MDM.

Post Launch

Unlike other companies, our working process doesn’t end with launching of the application, as we also offer post launching services such as Monitor Crashes solutions, Actionable analytics, Use Engagement Support, App Marketing Support, Optimization, Continuous Improvement.

Android Application Architecture

Developers at SAG are highly concerned about the code quality and maintainability of applications, as the believe in maintaining the code base after functional correctness. To get the work done in desired manner, we at SAG have some pre-defined working steps, which make sure that our team is getting ahead in the right way. Our process of developing applications is based on:

Working Principle

Object Oriented Principle, the working principle of our team is completely based upon "Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY)" and "One Class, One Responsibility" principles.

Architectural Patterns

We use various architectural patterns for organizing our developed codebase, which helps in finding out the correct function implementations for other programmers.

Code Formatting Guidelines

Our working procedure follows strict coding conventions and code formatting guidelines to make sure that the developed code is easy to use and easy to navigate.

Our Latest Work

You can check out our portfolio to know more about our past projects.

Why SAG IPL for Android App Development?

SAG IPL is a pioneer name in the application development companies across the countries, as the company is offering quality services in the following sector from past 17 years. Our dedicated team of 50+ developers have experience in working on every Android OS version, and our strong database of completely satisfied customers is the proof of their quality and efficient working.

Our success basically lies in developing responsive and hybrid applications for the Android phone, tablet and wearable devices, which offers brilliant user experience. Being one of the best Android app development companies, SAG IPL assures you to deliver satisfactory results as per your demand and requirements.

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