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SAG IPL Online marketing strategy company has been providing quality digital marketing and reputation management services to clients around the world for more than ten years now. With a team of 100+ trained digital marketers and SEO Serprofessionals, we serve all kinds of businesses, including startups and enterprises, in a range of industries. SAG IPL digital marketing strategy service is focused on producing a high return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

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Clear Away the Barriers of Revenue Through our Digital Marketing Strategy

A strategy is a plan that is built with the aim to achieve a particular goal. The primary objective of a digital marketing strategy is to help you increase leads to your offline/online business. Our digital marketing strategy services are designed to do just that. Even though the basic tactics and process of all our digital strategies are almost the same, each program is uniquely designed for the business in question. Our strategy and plan will help you bring more prospects to your website and convert those prospects into actual leads.

49% of organizations do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy - Smart Insights

At SAG IPL, we can help you build a stable, productive and unique marketing strategy that will not only help you get more leads but also improve the reputation of your business in the target market. We have been doing this for a long time, and we know exactly what works for a company and what doesn’t. We have helped many of the leading enterprises as well as small businesses across the world in creating digital marketing programs that work. Wondering how? Contact us and find out.

Creating a Marketing Strategy

As mentioned before, the process of creating a digital marketing strategy is the same. We gather your business details, such as goals and ideas, from you. Then, we conduct our research to find out about the target market, customers, competition, etc. A custom digital marketing strategy is prepared based on the available information. The plan is then executed according to a predetermined timeline.

Our online marketing strategies are constructed around the following three objectives:

Bring more traffic with Digital Marketing Strategy

Bring more traffic

The first target is to generate more traffic to the target website which we achieve through efficient content (blogging), SEO services, paid marketing, email marketing and social media.

Capture the Leads by Digital marketing strategy

Capture the Leads

Leads are the people who visit the website but are not yet ready to make a sale. Our marketing strategy aims to identify such leads and capture them through free offers, content, videos, etc.

Create Sales by Digital marketing strategy

Create Sales

We devise specific methods for your sales team to close these leads and convert as many of them into sales as possible.

Digital Marketing Tactics Employed by Us

Our digital marketing strategy is usually a combination of many tactics as mentioned below. When combined together, these techniques can do wonders for your online marketing campaign.

Off-Page Optimization

It involves promoting your business on the web through content marketing (blogs & articles), guest blogging, video marketing, PR, and more.

On-Page SEO

We will improve your website through things like web design testing, landing page optimization, call-to-action placement, content freshness, with the aim to retain more leads.

Email Marketing

Our business strategy covers email marketing as well. We collect through research a list of your potential customers and send them targeted emails about your products and services.

Social Media Marketing

This tactic involves marketing your products on various popular social media channels, forums and question-answer websites through relevant content.

Paid Marketing

It involves publishing display ads, search ads and text ads on various paid platforms, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and more, for generating paid traffic.


Our process of creating and implementing a digital marketing program is unique to every project. The basic steps involved are, however, the same.

Research and planning

Research and planning

Upon collecting ideas and details from the client, we conduct a thorough research of their target market and customers to collect crucial data.

Strategy formation

Strategy formation

A custom digital marketing strategy, involving all the tactics mentioned above, is created to help you reach your business and sale goals.

Plan execution

Plan execution

We implement your unique digital marketing strategy as effectively as possible across all the involved web platforms to get the maximum results



The campaign performance reports are created regularly based on the data collected from various sources. The reports are sent to the client.

Plan customization

Plan customization

We analyse the campaign performance reports, in terms of traffic and leads, and make necessary changes to improve the future performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered here the common questions you may have about our digital marketing strategy services. For more, feel free to contact us anytime.

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As mentioned above, regularly campaign reports are generated and sent to you so that you can stay updated with the project process and suggest updates whenever required.

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