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SAG IPL is a Jaipur, India based native app development company that devises, builds and delivers customized native mobile applications for startups, small businesses and enterprises.

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What is Native App?

A native mobile application is an app that has been created to work on a particular mobile platform or operating system. Common examples are Android native apps and iOS native apps. The benefit of native mobile app development is that the app can be easily customized to interact with the particular OS and other apps installed on that device. It is also cost-effective and less time-consuming than hybrid app development.


Looking to hire native mobile app developers for your business? SAG IPL has a team of 50+ native app development experts who can help you build native applications for any operating system, platform or device. We have so far developed over 100 native mobile apps for brands and businesses in a range of industries such as gaming, e-commerce, marketing, banking & finance, health and education. Need to consult your mobile app development needs with an expert? Contact us now to get started.

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Native App vs. React Native vs Hybrid App: What’s The Difference?

If you are wondering which type of mobile application would be the most suitable for your next project, here’s a quick guide to the basic difference between the three common types of mobile apps - Native, React Native and Hybrid.

native-mobile native-mobile

Native Mobile App

As mentioned above, a native app is developed for a specific platform or mobile OS. It cannot work on any other platform.

native-mobile native-mobile

Hybrid App

A hybrid app is a web application that has been customized to work like a native mobile app on more than one mobile operating systems.

native-mobile native-mobile

React Native App

React native is a framework by Facebook that was created to make it easier to develop cross-platform native apps.

Native App Development Services

SAG IPL is a customer-centric native app development firm that develops result-oriented native mobile apps to help businesses grow. We excel in the development of the following types of native apps:

Native Android App Development

Android being the most popular and widely used mobile OS is the right choice for robust app development in any business industry. We can help you build a high-quality Android app to help your business grow and beat the competition. Our Android apps are user-friendly and optimized to rank higher in the Play Store. Hire a skilled Android native app developer with SAG IPL now! Read more

Native iOS App Development

iOS is a preferred choice of smartphone users who favour security, performance and reliability. Whether you need an app for iPhone devices or iPads, we can build it for you with awesome features and modern technologies. We have a team of talented iOS experts who can build feature-rich and highly functional native iOS apps of any size and for any purpose. Read more

Native Windows Mobile App Development

Windows mobile applications are made to operate exclusively on Windows mobile devices. These apps are known for their robustness, flexibility and engaging UI. As a Microsoft Certified App Partner, SAG IPL has years of experience in developing feature-rich and highly functional native mobile applications for all types of Windows mobile devices.

Native Blackberry OS App Development

Looking for a premium Blackberry mobile app for your business or project? Hire a native Blackberry expert or team now.

Native App Development Process

At SAG IPL, we have created over 200 web and mobile apps. We follow agile development methodology for creating highly-efficient, functional and dynamic native mobile applications.

Analysis & Planning


This involves discussion and analysis of the client’s app idea. Our team will also conduct research to check the feasibility of your idea and whether other similar apps exist in the market.

App Designing

UX Design

User-Experience is the soul of your app. Here, we design the wireframes, information architecture, workflows, click-through models, etc., using tools like Invision and Sketch.



After a smooth design-to-development handoff, the development process begins with front-end (app functionality and code) and ends with back-end (server & API) development.



Testing goes hand in hand with development. We test each app for multiple parameters such as functionality, usability, performance, regression, fit-and-finish, device compatibility, etc.



This is a two-stage process where we first deploy your web API into a scalable production environment and then launch your native app to the respective App Store.

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Advantages of Choosing a Native app

Wondering why choose a native app over a hybrid or web-based application. Here are a few benefits of native app development.

  • Native apps are comparatively faster
  • A native app is highly responsive to the platform for which it has been developed
  • They get a better response in app stores
  • Native apps are created using machine code, and so they perform far better than hybrid or other apps
  • These apps provide better user experience in terms of functionality and interface
  • Better control over development aspects such as app resolution and other features
  • Native apps are designed to work as default apps for smartphones
  • Most native apps will work even without an internet connection

Why Choose SAGIPL for Native App Development?

SAG IPL is a native mobile app development company in India. With its team of skilled and trained app development experts, SAG provides native app development services to small businesses and enterprises in a range of industries.

  • A leading provider of Native Android apps, iOS apps and Windows apps
  • 50+ years of collective app development experience
  • We serve a variety of industries
  • Client-centric development
  • Easy updates and constant support
  • High-quality solutions
  • Affordable rates
  • On-time delivery

Native App Development Frequently Asked Questions

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At SAG IPL, we specialise in the development of native apps, hybrid apps and web (mobile responsive) apps. Moreover, we develop mobile apps for a wide range of industries, including health, gaming, entertainment, media, travel, social, weather, and more.

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