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Node.js Development Company

Node.js is a perfect javascript framework for building up scalable network applications without much hassle. It uses an event-driven, non blocking I/O model, which makes it an efficient tool for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node.js is also blessed with a ‘Callback’ feature for all of its action that require I/O, like gathering of data from DB or internet. This ‘Callback’ feature helps in minimizing the waiting time of CPU so that any I/O action can be executed more efficiently along with some other requests. Nodejs development company, SAG IPL is providing Node.JS services since past 10 years and have a big database of completely satisfied customers.

“Fast” + “Easy” + “Awesome” + “Powerful” + “Flexible” + Fun” = Node.js

Node.js is a JavaScript based platform used for developing real-time network applications like a chat software. Since it makes use of a simple, event-driven I/O model for added efficiency, it is ideal for building data-streaming and/or real-time apps for distributed devices. If you are looking forward to building an application that involves a lot of data exchange with the internet, Node.js is probably the best technology to build such applications. At SAG IPL, you can hire a node.js developer to help you understand the mechanism of it and to develop your app.

SAG IPL is a web development company located in Jaipur, India has a team of expert Node.js developers and programmers who build the most interactive, real-time, data-processing apps for the internet. Check out our portfolio to see the types of node.js web development services we provide. Node.js is known for its scalability and fast processing power, and we ensure that you get the best of it in your application. Do reach us with all your Node.js related queries or contact us now to get a price quote.

Hire Nodejs Developers at 6 USD per Hour for your Web Service Needs

Why Node.js?

Node.js is popular because of the ample number of features it has to offer.

Open Source

The open-source quality of Node.js ensures that the framework can be used and modified by anyone according to their own custom requirements.

Cloud Scalability

The framework is scalable enough to support application development on the cloud. It provides support to a range of cloud solutions.


One of the best features of Node.js is that the programming language is quite lightweight and easy to code, even for beginners, and doesn’t take much storage space.

Strong Community Support

The Node.js community comprises thousands, if not millions, of professional developers who are always willing to help new developers and users of the platform.

Super Fast

Since Node.js has been created on Google Chrome’s V8 JS Engine, its code execution and processing speed are much faster than other frameworks.

Code Reusability

Node.js code once written can be used again and again in different applications since it is an open-source platform and easy to customize.

Event Driver and Non-blocking

A Node.js server is non-blocking or asynchronous in nature. The response is received through an event-driven notification mechanism.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Node.js is one of the few platforms that are compatible with both server and browsers. That means, your Node.js application will support both platforms.

Node.js Development Services

We put client satisfaction at the top of our priority list and aim to provide the best quality with all our services,
Have a look at our Node.js development service options.

Node.JS API Development Company


Node.js Website Development Company

Node.js Website

 Node.js Plugin Development Company

Node.js Plugin

Programming & Scripting Development Company

Programming &

Professional Node.js Developer

Professional Node.js

App Integration

App Integration and

Node.js Development Process

Our Node.js web application development process is quite simple yet equally powerful. It involves the following steps

Discussion & Info Gathering

Discussion & Scheduling

We meet with our clients, discuss their project and schedule a project timeline accordingly.

Strategy & Planning

Analysis & Planning

In this phase, our development team analyses the scope of the project and builds up a suitable plan for its development.

Architecture Design

Architecture Design

The basic architecture or wireframe is designed for the project.

Node Js Development


The actual programs and codes in Node.js are written in this phase.

QA and Deployment

QA and Deployment

Our quality analysis team then tests the product for use in real-time and with live users. We find the bugs and resolve them. The final product is delivered to you over a secure medium.

After-support and Maintenance

After-support and Maintenance

Our after support services include free website updating, changes and maintenance for a limited time period.

What we offer

  • Node.JS API DevelopmentNode.JS API Development
  • AJAX DevelopmentAJAX Development
  • Plug-ins DevelopmentPlug-ins Development
  • Portal DevelopmentPortal Development
  • Marketplace DevelopmentMarketplace Development
  • Node.JS API DevelopmentNode.JS API Development
node.js development company
  • Web Application Development Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development
  • Content Management tools Content Management tools
  • Single Page Applications Single Page Applications
  • Node.Js for UI/UX development Node.Js for UI/UX development
  • Real time Statistics Real time Statistics
  • Why Choose Nodejs

    - It is fast.
    - Node.js encourages sharing.
    - It is a good fit for real-time applications.
    - Data streaming in Node.js
    - Effective single codebase
    - It is a single codebase for real-time web applications
    - If you want better productivity, Choose nodejs.

  • Why Choose Nodejs for Web Development

Why Hire SAG IPL For Node.JS Minds

SAG IPL has acquired its extensive knowledge and experience through the development of a variety of Node.js applications over the course of ten years. You can reach us with your requests of any kind of unique JavaScript website and/or app, and we won't disappoint you. Our development services are supported by our promise of high performance and on-time delivery. SAG IPL has been one of the most successful Node.js development services providers, who are in the business of delivering accomplished applications from past 7 years. Our company is blessed with a skilled team of designers and developers, who are capable of fulfilling the requirements of every small and large-sized business modules.

Node.JS is primarily used for the development of back-end programs, including apps for connectivity between software and other generic web pages, high-end browser games, etc. The increasing demand for small and real-time web applications has resulted in a hike in the demand of qualified Node.JS developers.Your search for the Best Node.js Development Company in India ends here. We, at SAG IPL, provide top quality Node.JS development services through our team of expert web developers. Hire certified and dedicated, full-time or part-time, Node.JS programmers to get applications that are easy to manage, less time-consuming and faster in speed. We guarantee fast development and timely delivery of your product at a cost that you can afford. You can even choose from our expert team of Node.JS developers and hire as per your own convenience and budget.

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We have a team of Node.js developers with experience ranging from 2 years to 10 years. The company has a collective experience of over 10 years in the field of development.

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