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SAG IPL develops fast and scalable network applications
using Node.js framework

Node.js Development

SAG IPL NodeJS Development Services

Node.js is a perfect javascript framework for building up scalable network applications without much hassle. It uses an event-driven, non blocking I/O model, which makes it an efficient tool for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node.js is also blessed with a ‘Callback’ feature for all of its action that require I/O, like gathering of data from DB or internet. This ‘Callback’ feature helps in minimizing the waiting time of CPU so that any I/O action can be executed more efficiently along with some other requests. Nodejs development company, SAG IPL is providing Node.JS services since past 7 years and have a big database of completely satisfied customers.

Hire Nodejs Developers at 10 USD per Hour for your Web Service Needs


Node.JS API development

AJAX development

Plug-ins development

Node.Js Development consulting and Maintenance

It is plain sailing for sharing packages of library code

Web/Mobile Application UI/UX Developer uses Node.JS.


Our working process goes through the following stages:

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What we offer

  • Node.JS Node.JS API Development
  • AJAX AJAX Development
  • Plug-ins Plug-ins Development
  • Portal Portal Development
  • Marketplace Marketplace Development
  • Node.JS Node.JS API Development
What we offer
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Content Management tools
  • Single Page Applications
  • Node.Js for UI/UX development
  • Real time Statistics
  • Why Choose Nodejs

    - It is fast.
    - Node.js encourages sharing.
    - It is a good fit for real-time applications.
    - Data streaming in Node.js
    - Effective single codebase
    - It is a single codebase for real-time web applications
    - If you want better productivity, Choose nodejs.

About us

SAG IPL has been one of the most successful Node.js development services providers, who are in the business of delivering accomplished applications from past 7 years. Our company is blessed with a skilled team of designers and developers, who are capable of fulfilling the requirements of every small and large-sized business modules.