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Brand Reputation is all about how customers, shareholders and partners perceive a particular brand. The online reputation of a brand may depend on a number of things, including the service/product quality, business reviews online, word of mouth, social media presence and engagement, market status, etc.

If you care about your business, you should care about building a positive online reputation for your brand. We can help.

SAG IPL is a full-service digital marketing and reputation management agency with a team of seasoned experts who help businesses become brands through highly effective and result-driven online promotion services, strategies and solutions.

We at SAG IPL can help fix and improve your overall online business reputation through timely handling of both positive & negative reviews and improving your social media presence. We will track and identify any bad reviews and/or content that may be hampering the online image of your business and deal with it in a timely and efficient manner, as well as we will help build a positive reputation for your online business through good quality content, social media interaction, blog posts, PR & media, forum marketing, review optimization, and more.

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Why Online Reputation Management (ORM) Matters?

Wondering why you should care about the online reputation of your business? It’s because more than 70% of consumers read online reviews before buying from a business. So, if your company has bad reviews, not many new customers will be inclined to buy from you.

Online Reputation Management has numerous benefits for a business. It helps build a better brand image of your business in front of your customers, investors, etc. Moreover, it helps improve your online presence, helping you reach a wider audience, receive positive feedback from customers, bridge the communication gap between the brand and the customers, and more importantly, spread the right message/idea of your company.

Why Online Reputation Management

ORM Services by SAG IPL - Boost Your Brand Recognition

When working on your project, we will focus on improving not just your personal reputation but also the overall online reputation of your business, including products, services, quality control, and more.

Manage Negative Content
Manage Negative Content

First, we will research and identify all the content, comments, articles, etc. that may be damaging your business reputation and then deal with it in a respective manner.

Response to Reviews
Response to Reviews

We will analyze the online customer reviews and feedback for your business and provide proper response to negative reviews and optimize by improving the customer experience.

Invite Positive Feedbacks
Invite Positive Feedbacks

We will identify and ask your brand’s loyal customers to share their honest feedback about the company as well as suggestions for improvement in the long term.

PR & Branding
PR & Branding

We will build & implement a powerful branding strategy to re-establish your brand reputation online through Press Releases, Media talks, article submission, etc. on high authority sites.

Social Media Branding
Social Media Branding

We will track & deal with negative content on social media as well as build a strong social presence through regular posting, interacting with customers, answering questions, etc.

Online Content Monitoring
Online Content Monitoring

This includes tracking any future mentions of your brand/business name online that may damage your reputation and dealing with them in an effective and timely manner.

We Provide Online Reputation Management Services to



ORM services for celebrities to help save the overall reputation or fame of celebrities from negative media, comments, press articles, fake news on social media, etc.

Business Owners

Business Owners

The negative reputation of senior managers and partners can badly impact your business, affecting the sales. We help improve it through effective ORM services for businesses.

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Government officers and politicians can hire our ORM services to monitor and deal with bad content, media and increase their overall reputation on social media and the internet.



Lawyers may often get bad reviews, media, etc. as a way for competitors to defame them. Our ORM services can help lawyers build and manage a good reputation in the market.

Our Unique Approach to Online Reputation Management

While good reputation online can do wonders to grow your business, a few bad reviews or feedback can greatly hamper your brand image. We can help develop the right strategy to meticulously improve your overall business reputation in the online space. Here’s how it works:

  • Business content analysis for negative points and optimization the same
  • Identifying and optimizing negative reviews through proper response
  • Social media content/comment/review optimization
  • Monitoring social mentions of the brand and handling them in real-time
  • Building links from high-quality sites in your niche
  • Monitoring ORM strategy results and making changes (if needed)

Why SAG IPL is the best Agency for Online Reputation Management Services

We are a >SEO digital marketing agency committed to helping businesses improve their online presence and reputation through efficient and honest services. Choose us because -

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FAQs About Online Reputation Management Services

Almost all brands and businesses may get a bad reputation in the form of negative reviews, PR and media online. Most of the companies & individuals aren’t even aware of these negative content about them and how they are affecting their overall reputation. A professional ORM service provider like SAG IPL can help you effectively monitor and deal with a bad reputation online in real-time before it can do any serious damage to your business.

For most businesses, especially actors, lawyers and doctors, reputation is everything. So, money should be the least of your concerns when dealing with something as delicate as your business reputation. Still, we offer our ORM service at a very competitive price to ensure it doesn’t create a big hole in your marketing budget. To know more, contact our team today!

It mainly depends on how badly your reputation has been compromised. We will first analyse everything, including bad content, links, etc. that are causing the problem and then prepare the strategy for optimization. It may take anything from a few weeks to months to gain back the lost reputation.

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