SEO Services for Financial Companies, Banks & Advisors

SEO Services for Financial Companies, Banks & Advisors

Efficient and result-driven Online Marketing (SEO) Services to help your Financial Business become a brand and get visible on Search Engines.

The financial service industry is going digital, it’s time to take your financial business online for better visibility, reach and increased leads.

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SEO for Financial Businesses The Basics

There are still a number of financial service providers who believe their business is well off with the traditional, referral-based lead generation system. But those who are wise know that the competition is increasing, and going online is the right next step to ensure continued growth for their financial business.

If you are the second type of financial advisor/business and looking for the RIGHT way to take your finance company online in order to increase your business reach and get more leads, we can help.

SAG IPL is a professional SEO agency, providing high-quality search engine optimization, marketing and lead generation services to businesses of all sorts and sizes, with specialization in finance industry SEO. We understand how the financial industry works and have experience in crafting the best, results-driven strategies to help finance companies achieve their online business (ranking, leads, sales, etc.) goals.

SEO for financial companies, advisors or services is different than regular SEO. Google has confirmed that the websites that impact the financial or health aspects of the users will be ranked based on E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) criteria.

This is why you need an expert SEO agency to not just guide you through the online marketing process but also implement the right SEO strategy and bring the results that matter.

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What is SEO

Why does your Financial Business need SEO?

Adding a separate marketing campaign and team to your company can create a notable, however small, burden to your business budget, which is why it’s imperative that you understand the importance of SEO for your financial business before implementing it. Here’s how SEO can help your finance company:

  • Greater visibility in Search Results
  • Increased traffic online
  • More leads in person
  • Higher brand reputation
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved trust

Another thing you should know is that SEO takes time to show results, but the results once achieved are definite and long-term. So, if you are choosing SEO, make sure to follow it for at least a couple of years.

SAG IPL Process for Financial Business SEO

SEO for financial services is all about trust building. For traditional financial lead generation, trust goes a long way. The same is true for online financial businesses. You cannot expect users to visit your site or avail your financial services or Google to rank you well unless you are a trusted business. So, trust building is what our Financial SEO Strategy is based on.

On-Site SEO For Financial Website
Technical (On-site) SEO

Before going out to market your financial business to the customers, make sure that your site is perfect in terms of speed, security, privacy, URL, Scheme, Meta tags, internal linking, website content, image alt tags, category pages, etc. All these things must be optimized according to Google’s guidelines to ensure a seamless user experience for your site visitors.

Off Page SEO For Financial Companies
Off-page SEO

After technical SEO, your next focus should be on creating high-quality, relevant backlinks from authority websites in your niche. Link building will help your website rank higher in search engines for targeted keywords. Writing and publishing content on websites in your niches is a nice way of acquiring some valuable links from high-quality, credible authorities.

Building Trust for Your Finance Business
Building Trust

The best and fastest way to reach your customers’ hearts is by making your business trustworthy in the industry. To do that, you must be able to connect with your customers emotionally, understand their needs and provide or present your solutions accordingly. Think simple when developing solutions/services for your customers. Include awards, recognitions, etc. to your website.

Improve Reviews and Testimonials For Finance Services
Reviews & Testimonials

As important word of mouth is for traditional marketing, the same importance reviews have for the online marketing of your financial business. By allowing your customers to write reviews and feedback on the website and displaying them publicly, you effectively improve your company’s trust factor. To start with, ask your clients to share feedback after every service.

Content Marketing For Financial & Insurance companies
Content Marketing

A healthy content strategy can do wonders for the growth of your online financial business reputation and ranking. For one, make sure that all your financial advice comes from industry experts or renowned authors. Write content in line with audiences’ needs & expectations, helping them with the buying journey and keeping the content throughout interactive and useful.

Video Marketing For Financial Companies, Banks & Advisors
Video Marketing

Did you know people watch over one billion hours worth of content on YouTube every day? That’s because videos are one of the best ways to communicate with others. So, why not use videos to reach and connect with your target audience in the finance industry? For example, you can post videos of your experts explaining complex financial concepts and processes in easy terms.

Voice Search Optimization/>
<h5>Voice Search Optimization

The number of people using voice to make a search on Google is rising. To optimize your business and marketing campaigns for voice search, start by updating your keyword strategy to include longer, informal phrases that people commonly use when making a voice search. Try and find questions that your target customers are asking and start adjusting your content to answer them.

Local SEO for Financial Companies, Banks & Advisors
Local SEO for Financial Businesses

If your finance company has local/physical existence, make sure to have a solid local SEO strategy in place. This should cover company listing on Google My Business, Yelp and other popular directory sites, NAP optimization and Schema inclusion on the website, etc. If you have multiple business locations, make sure to update separate NAP for each branch to make it easier for customers to find you.

Professional SEO Services to Make Your Finance Company/Business Grow

When all is said and done, trust is all that matters in making a financial business grow and become reputable. Having worked with multiple companies in the finance industry, creating and implementing SEO strategies that bring results, we understand your space and know what it takes to make customers trust a business.

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