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SAG IPL is a Jaipur, India based Digital Marketing company that provides professional internet marketing services like SEO, social media and more to all major industries and clients around the world. Take a look at our internet marketing portfolio to get an idea of the kind of projects we work on and the results we have achieved for many industry-leading businesses. Following are some of our SEO portfolio examples. If you have a question regarding any of our SEO portfolio samples, do reach us through our contact page.

SAG IPL is a Jaipur, India based IT software development and service oriented company. The online website of the company is presently ranking on the first page in Google for some of the most-searched targeted keywords, thanks to the constant efforts of our SEO team. We followed a specific marketing strategy with focus on key services to overcome the competition and rank better.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
Hire Erc20 Token Developer 2 www.google.com
ICO Marketing 1 www.google.com
app store optimization indiz 1 www.google.com

GSTHelplineIndia.com is a GST information portal, backed by a dedicated mobile app, designed with the purpose to inform citizens and businesses in India about the various aspects of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and provide related news and help. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our SEO team, the GSTHelplineIndia website, which was launched only a year ago, is now ranking at the top of Google for all its target keywords.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
GST Helpline app 1 www.google.co.in
GST app for iOS 9 www.google.co.in
gst app download 5 www.google.co.in

This is the official blog of SAG IPL, through which the company provides useful updates, news and information about the technology world as well as helpful tips related to the development and marketing industry. We have a dedicated SEO team engaged in optimizing and marketing the content of the blog, thanks to which we have managed to achieve awesome results in terms of Google rankings for the target keywords.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
app ideas 1 www.google.com
website ideas 4 www.google.com
most used app 1 www.google.com

LuckyToGoCanada.com is a Canada based cab-hailing and ridesharing service that provides services in the British Columbia region. We started with the creation of a strong SEO strategy based on their specific business goals, following which we optimized the website from the user & search engine point of view. Right now, we are focused on building high-quality backlinks and a strong online reputation for the business. At present, the website ranks well for almost all the top keywords.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
cabsharing canada 2 www.luckytogocanada.com/
carpool sharing app british columbia 4 www.luckytogocanada.com/
cab sharing app british columbia 1 www.luckytogocanada.com/

CA Portal is a subsidiary business of SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd that offers Readily available website design and development services to Chartered accountants, CS and other professionals. From website development to online marketing, we take care of the entire online operations for the company. As you can see, the hard work of our online marketing experts has paid off in the form of top rankings for CA Portal.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
CA Website Template 1 www.google.in
responsive website templates for CA 1 www.google.in
Website Firm for CA 1 www.google.in
company secretary website templates 1 www.google.in

CleanGroup is one of Australia’s leading commercial cleaning service provider agencies. We started with website renovation and optimization, including content, design and other things and moved on to marketing the business in the online space through social media promotion, link building, local SEO, among other things. Today, the website as well as the official blog ranks on the first page of Google for almost all targeted .keywords.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
office cleaning 3 www.google.au
gym cleaning 1 www.google.au
commercial cleaners 2 www.google.au
commercial cleaning sydney 1 www.google.au

Based in U.S., Real Legal Marketing is a marketing firm which provides result-oriented marketing, web design and other related services to legal businesses and lawyers around the world. We have been working in partnership with the company to promote their legal marketing services online and bring convertible leads to their website, which we have successfully done by achieving great ranks in Search Results.

Keyword Rank legal marketing
real marketing 76 www.google.com
real legal marketing 3 www.google.com
legal marketing company 52 www.google.com

SAG is a Jaipur based IT company that mainly trades in accounting and IT software development. They have recently launched a new GST software called GEN GST to tackle the needs of taxable businesses in India. We were given the task of promoting the most competitive GST keywords for this website and we have successfully achieved high Google rankings for many of them.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
income tax software 4 Google.co.in
tds software 3 Google.co.in
gst software 4 Google.co.in
ca software 5 Google.co.in

This is a private law firm based in the USA. The company provides legal compensation services to the workers in the area. We are managing the SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing campaigns for the company. Within first two months, we managed to increase the website traffic through various on-page and off page techniques. Check out their latest Search Engine ranking below.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
Workers Comp Attorney West Palm Beach 9 Google.com (USA)
Workers Comp Attorney BocaRaton 5 Google.com (USA)
Boca Raton Workers Comp Attorney 5 Google.com (USA)

They are ENT specialists based in Florida, USA. The services provided by them include the checkup and treatment of ear, nose and throat infections, allergy, sinus, snoring, etc. At the time when we received the project, the website was not ranking well in Search Engines. As you can see below, it now ranks on the first page of Google for its top keywords and key phrases.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
dr light ent 1 Google.com (USA)
ent boynton beach 1 Google.com (USA)
ent doctor boynton beach 1 Google.com (USA)

It is a Florida, USA based personal injury law firm website, where dedicated lawyers and advocates are available to assist personal injury victims in the region. We are promoting the services to the locals through various online marketing techniques such as SEO, Social media, internet marketing, content and more. Thanks to our efforts, the website now ranks on the first page of Google.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
Boca Raton Personal Injury Lawyer 1 Google.com (USA)
Car Accident Attorney Port st Lucie 1 Google.com (USA)
Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney 7 Google.com (USA)

A West Palm Beach, USA based personal injury law firm, Fetterman & Associates are one of our top clients, in terms of success and revenue. As listed below, the website currently ranks at good positions for all its main keywords. Our proficient digital marketing executives are continuously working to further improve the website traffic and ROI through white-hat SEO techniques.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
Boca Raton Auto Accident Attorney 4 Google.com (USA)
Auto Accident Attorney Port St Lucie 1 Google.com (USA)
Bike Accident Attorney Port St Lucie 8 Google.com (USA)

This is a special project for us because here we are trying to rank a website that provides timber exporting services around the world. CameroonTimberExport is one of the FSC certified online timber exporter company offers African timber, lumber, and logs around the world. We generated 75 leads for the client within 3 Months. He is still working with us.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
cameroon timber 1 Google.fr
timber exporter Cameroon 1 Google.fr
cameroon timber supplier 1 Google.fr

Raw Nutritional is a Canada based health website that manufacturers and delivers raw protein supplements, including protein powder, superfoods, etc. The website was in its nascent stage when we first received it. After making a few optimizations on-page, we started promoting it off-page through social media, forums, health blogs, guest blogging, and other proven techniques that helped achieve good ranking results.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
raw protein nutrition 1 Google.com (Canada)
vegan pro protein 1 Google.com (Canada)
raw magnesium supplement 1 Google.com (Canada)
raw nutrition canada 1 Google.com (Canada)

Currus motors have a reputation of the best electric scooter and unicycle provided across the globe. It houses some of the best electric brands out there in the market. SAG IPL has again brought the currus to the top rank by its continuous efforts. Check out the top ranking of currus here.

Keyword Rank Search Engine
buy electric unicycle 2 www.google.ca
euc unicycle 3 www.google.ca
electric unicycle 5 www.google.ca
gotway ex 1 www.google.ca
currus nf 1 www.google.ca

Freemotion is the fast upward moving electric unicycle and scooter, which mainly focus on US market and also ships the products to global regions. SAG IPL is continuous in its stride to bring the bets result for the company

Keyword Rank Search Engine
currus scooter 1 www.google.ca
currus 1 www.google.ca
currus electric scooter 1 www.google.ca
currus panthe 3 www.google.ca
currus nf 3 www.google.ca

SAG RTA is a SEBI authorized registrar and transfer agent in the Rajasthan state and has all the mutual fund with RTA based service for their clients across the region. The SAG IPL has done a lot to make a clear stand among other RTA agencies and achieved a better position than earlier for the SAG RTA. In current scenario, SAG RTA is in top top RTA agency as per google search

Keyword Rank Search Engine
Registrar and share transfer agent 7 www.google.co.in
Registrar & share transfer agent 7 www.google.co.in
rta services 1 www.google.co.in

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