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We build & design launch-ready, uber clone ride-hailing apps that make your taxi business grow, expand and scale with Taxi App Development Services.

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Our Scalable, Robust Taxi App Development Solution Serves

Startups, Taxi business & Private-hire

Startups, Taxi business & Private-hire

Leverage our cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to build your next amazing taxi startup business. Automate and accelerate your existing business of traditional taxis with our reliable taxi solution helping your get better commission, better profit, more rides every day.

Carpooling & Rental business

Carpooling & Rental business

Ridesharing, carpooling, and car rental are gaining immense popularity among customers today. Track and manage all aspects of your carpooling/rental business right from real-time ride tracking to offering superior ride experience to customers via our fast, reliable taxi app solution.

Government & Enterprises

Government & Enterprises

Our white label taxi app solution is also customizable to meet the specific needs of global enterprises and government, meeting their employee and citizen daily transport needs respectively.

Taxi Solution Overview

A complete taxi app development services meeting the diverse needs of every stakeholder part of the transport funnel

Taxi App Development Services

Reliable Taxi App For Smooth & Fast Booking Experience for Passengers

A superior taxi app solution enabling passengers to connect with nearby drivers instantly with zero hassle, minimum wait time. Some robust features of our smart, reliable taxi app solution:

  • Ride Now

    Book instant rides in simple steps to go anywhere in the city

    Ride Now
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Ride Later

    Schedule a ride to travel on a future date or time

    Ride Later
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Cancel Ride

    Cancel ride with applicable cancellation charges

    Cancel Ride
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Real Time ETA

    Get estimated arrival time details for a convenient journey

    Real Time
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Book ride for others

    Book a ride for others by sending booking details to them

    Book ride
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Multiple payment options

    Multiple secure in-app payment options for ease of payment

    Multiple payment
    Taxi Booking App Icon
taxi app development
  • Select vehicle type

    Select vehicle type

    Select a preferred vehicle as per the choice of customers

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Notification alerts

    Notification alerts

    Notification, SMS, email for Trip-related updates to customers

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Ratings & Review

    Ratings & Review

    Post-trip option for passenger to rate and review their trips

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Apply Promo codes

    Apply Promo codes

    Apply promo codes before they take a ride on the app

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Create a Business Profile

    Create a Business Profile

    Option to create a business profile for passengers

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Past Rides

    Past Rides

    Check past ride details on our uber clone app for customers

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Simple Registration

    Drivers can enter personal details to get registered on the app

    Simple Registration
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Accept Ride

    Drivers can accept rides in a limited time frame within the app

    Accept Ride
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Reject Ride

    Option for drivers to reject a ride when they’re not available

    Reject Ride
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Begin Trip

    Start or end rides conveniently from a single button on the app

    Begin Trip
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • End Trip

    One tap ride end option for drivers in our app like uber

    End Trip
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Get Pickup/ Drop location

    See the pickup/drop location of passengers for ride requests

    Drop location
    Taxi Booking App Icon
taxi app development
  • Trip Information

    Trip Information

    At the end of the trip, see a detailed summary of the trip

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Navigation

    See Navigation

    Use navigation to reach the customer pickup/drop location

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Driver Profile

    Driver Profile

    Drivers can see all their personal information & income details

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Connect with Passenger

    Connect with Passenger

    Connect with passengers via phone/message through the app

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Upcoming Rides

    Upcoming Rides

    See details of all your upcoming or scheduled rides

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Ride History

    Ride History

    Track details of all previous rides on our Uber clone app

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Intuitive Dashboard

    All information about your taxi operations in one place

    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Reliable Dispatch panel

    Send vehicles to ride request locations with one-touch

    Reliable Dispatch panel
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Easy User Control

    Assign permission or access level for various users

    User Control
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Auto Dispatch Function

    Approved operators can make this function work

    Auto Dispatch Function
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Manual Dispatch Option

    Fleet operators/dispatchers can assign individual rides

    Manual Dispatch
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Manage Passenger/Driver Data

    Admin can check the user data registered with the app

    Manage Driver
    Taxi Booking App Icon
taxi app development
  • taxi vehicle management icon

    Easy Fleet/Vehicle Management

    All fleet of vehicles can be managed easily with tasks

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • taxi code business icon

    Code Business Roles

    Set business rules for all dispatchers, drivers, and customers

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • taxi set tariff icon

    Set Tariff

    Tariff charges paid by customers to drivers can be set easily

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Set Geo-Boundaries

    Set Geo-Boundaries

    Set geo-fencing restrictions for your taxi booking service here

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • taxi app alerts icon

    Send App Alerts

    Send in-app alerts to drivers/passengers to keep them updated

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • taxi real time ride icon

    Real-time Ride Tracking

    Track all drivers whether on-trip, off trip or in idle mode

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Favorite Location

    Passengers can star or flag their favorite travel locations

    favorite location icon
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Refer & Invite

    Option to refer or invite others to join our taxi app

    /refer invite icon
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Help & Support

    Find help for trip, payment & driver related issues here

    Thelp support Icon
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • SOS Button

    When in danger, the emergency button to inform police

    SOS-button Icon
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Track Income

    At the end of day/month/year, track your income in-app easily

    multiple payment Icon
    Taxi Booking App Icon
  • Rate Customers

    Post-ride completion, drivers can rate their customers

    /ratings review Icon
    Taxi Booking App Icon
taxi booking app feature
  • available button icon

    Available Button

    Drivers can put themselves online or offline anytime

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • support


    Drivers facing ride/passenger/car issues can find help

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Heatmap


    See all bookings overheat map to identify demand

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Simple Payment Disbursal

    Simple Payment Disbursal

    Disburse payments on time to drivers and dispatchers

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • Analytics & Reporting

    Analytics & Reporting

    Get in-depth sights, facts, statistics about your taxi business

    Taxi Booking App icon
  • SMS Alert Settings

    SMS Alert Settings

    Enable/disable SMS alerts for drivers/passengers

    Taxi Booking App icon

Grow Your Taxi Business with our Smart Taxi App Solution

We Offer Best-in-Class, Uber Clone Script

We offer a highly customizable uber clone app/script to meet your business needs. Our uber clone taxi app is tailor-made for any platform, including iOS and Android and comes integrated with similar features of app like Ola, app like Uber, etc.

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Benefits of Our Reliable, Advanced Taxi App Development Services

Customizable & White Label
Customizable & White Label

Our taxi app is a completely whitelabel solution with minimum customization requirements and ready-to-use features so that it can reflect your brand identity right from the word go.

Smooth & Intuitive User Interface
Smooth & Intuitive User Interface

Users of our taxi app will get a smooth and intuitive UI with attractive themes and easy navigation options, delivering an amazing user experience for all.

>Multiple Payment Gateways
Multiple Payment Gateways

Our reliable taxi app solution offers support or easy integration for almost all popular payment gateways like Paypal with the option to add new ones as per your business needs or choice.

Robust & Scalable
Robust & Scalable

Our robust taxi app solution with cutting-edge tech is capable to support multiple rides (approx 30,000/day) with the option to increase the capacity as your business becomes more popular.

Easy Server Deployment
Easy Server Deployment

We offer assistance in easy server deployment for our whitelable, scalable taxi app solution in case you don't have access to a service provider. Our scalable solution can be installed on a shared, hosted or cloud server easily.

24X7 Help & Support
24X7 Help & Support

Our expert customer support team will be ready to resolve all queries or doubts of your drivers, passengers, and dispatchers 24X7 with minimum response times.

Hire Our Smartest App Developers To Get Your Tailored Taxi App Solution

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The Cutting-Edge Tech Behind our Taxi App Solution

Android Studio



Amazon Web Services









Google Maps




An All-in-one Taxi App Solution with Endless Use Cases

  • Carpooling & Car Rental App
  • Trucking and Logistics App
  • Bike Hire/Taxi App
Taxi App Solution
  • Crane Operators
  • Shuttle Service App
  • Corporate Carpool

Have a question about our Whatsapp Clone Development Services? Find the answers here.

Our taxi app is a whitelabel solution with minimum modification requirements and ready-to-use features for your existing taxi business. To get started with our reliable and scalable taxi app solution, just connect with us via call/email/website.

We offer a truly universal and all-in-one transport app that supports multiple business cases with slight changes in the app functionality. The major use cases of our whitelabel taxi app solution are given on the website. Please have a look and connect with us to know more.

Our expert team of app developers has put their maximum efforts to design this wonderful, scalable solution, tailor-made for taxi businesses with multiple other use cases. We have put the most competitive and genuine price tag for this solution, compared to the already existing ones. Please contact us to know more.

We offer both on-site and cloud deployment options for our reliable taxi app solution. It can be hosted on private, shared servers easily.

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