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Who-Noo Case Study

Today, we live in the age of technological advancement, which is full of gadgets capable of making our life easier and faster. But, all these dependencies on the machine and gadgets has made ourselves dull and boring. We are becoming lesser a human and more a machine, that is fully dependent on search engines for even simple queries related to our history and science.

So in lieu to enlighten people, we came up with the idea of 'Who-Noo' game, which not only gives us a chance to distress ourselves but is also capable of educating us about some basic day-to-day inventors, who gave their blood and soul to make our life much comfortable. Though the idea was simple, the execution of the same needed much a broader planning to make it user interactive and entertaining. The objective of the proposed App was to develop a user-friendly, attractive and interesting Unity Game App, which will also give knowledge (Based on real time Invention) to its users. It's a simple arcade game, in which users can play the game by selecting a mode (Boy or Girl) and collect coins, win tasks and get Who-Noo badges awarded. In lieu to advance to the next stage, the player needs to answer simple questions related to some important inventions. Further, the colorful and vivid graphics and lightning fast swipe acrobatics were the main demand for the game.

Our Ideology

  • To make a simple, interactive, arcade game that also educates the gamers.
  • The game should be addictive that compels users to play it more and more.
  • Graphic must be eye soothing.
  • App needed to be self-explanatory.
  • Information about the inventors should be represented in an attractive way, with all the necessary info about them.
  • User must feel that the App is both entertaining and educating.

Working Challenges

  • The first and foremost hurdle was to put our team in the shoes of our client to understand the basic idea and concept of the game.
  • The concept of the game was quite unique, as it requires to be both entertaining and educating, and keeping it simple interactive was our sole motto.
  • Game required to be graphically very strong, as info about the inventors is one of the major parts of the game and we require to represent that in a very soothing way.
  • We require to develop the overall game in much easier and user engaging by keeping the feel and flow simple.

What Client says

One day I was talking with my nephew, who is a 6th-grade student, I asked him about the inventor of the Refrigerator. I was awestruck that he was unaware of the answer and instead of being bothered he started to 'Google' about the same. At that very moment, this game idea flashed into my mind, and I became determined to enlighten them in their own way. I am aware that most of the people of this age are the gadget freak, and almost all of them like to play games on their respective smartphones. So, it would be easy to educate them in 'Gamely' manner. Hence, I decided to create an arcade game that will be engaging and to advance further in the game some simple day to day inventions related questions needed to be answered. And every correct answer helps the gamers to win points and badges that help them earn extra life and other lucrative in the game.

Though the game idea was mine, but I knew my limitations, I can't build the Game App. In that situation, I came to know about the SAG IPL - a Jaipur based app developing company, and I am glad that they not only understood me and my vision but also made that a reality. Earlier, I was little anxious that they might not get my real idea and could develop and deliver a completely different product, but, I am feeling proud to say that they built exactly what I wanted to. I am not going to hesitate in saying that the SAG IPL has the team that works with you in the most transparent way and keep the things clear to you.

The moment when I finally received the product (Precisely on the time), I was on cloud nine to find the exact replica of my idea. Today, I must say, that in SAG IPL I have found a friend who is always there to assist me with all their might and capabilities. After the first successful venture, we are soon going to collaborate for the next.

End Result

The project was not as easy as it may sound, but with our teamwork and dedication, we completed the project on time. The response from the client was really overwhelming and morally boosting. The whole team deserves the credit for the success and we can't thank much to our client for their faith and unconditional support.

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