So What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC, or Pay-per-click, is a kind of paid internet marketing in which the advertiser pays a fee to a third-party ad provider, such as Google, to bring a tremendous amount of traffic to the advertiser’s website. Google Adwords or Now Google Ads is one such platform. Advertisers, who want to promote their business/products, can easily choose to publish ads with Google ads marketing services and has to pay a fee for each visit they get through their Google ads. With the help of PPC, any ecommerce or services website can sell their product or deliver their services in an easy way. This technique is one of the most efficient ways to get direct traffic to your site in a short time with no problems. In the search engine space, advertisers choose search terms (also called keywords) that are relevant to their business and enter into an auction each time people use those keywords.

Beyond the Click: Our Full Spectrum of PPC Services

You might see some sponsored links (ads) in Google search results. It is a popular form of Pay Per Click (PPC). SAG IPL is a certified Google ads marketing agency which offers high-quality PPC marketing services in India through some options, including Search Engine Ad, Display Advertising, Search Network, YouTube pre-roll, Remarketing, Mobile Advertising, Shopping Ads, and more. We have the PPC campaign management strategies to provide the best result at the lowest cost.

Pay Per Click
Main Reasons Why Google Pay Per Click Ads Marketing Services Required

Maximizing Results with Pay Per Click Services: A Swift Alternative to Organic Marketing

For most businesses who use the PPC Ads marketing strategy, Pay Per Click advertising strategies work as an alternative to organic marketing and practices like the Professional SEO services. With the help of our PPC services, you can achieve the results speedy and probably easy to measure. It is also known to increase the overall ROI of digital marketing campaigns. Also, PPC advertising can offer the following advantages, depending on your business goals and requirements.

  • High-level brand exposure
  • Increase in leads and sales
  • Easy goal setting and tracking
  • Superfast results, unlike SEO which often takes a lot of time to get results
  • Targeting highly relevant and select traffic
  • Easy to find new customers and prospects
  • Mostly automated, with little to no physical intervention
  • PPC works seamlessly with other online marketing channels
  • Access to a lot of valuable marketing data

Look How We Manage Our PPC Ads Campaigns Effectively!

Our PPC experts can manage any type of campaign or any category projects. By selecting the leading pay per click marketing services, you ensure that your project will be in the right hands. We also offer search engine marketing (SEM) services which are related to the primary objective of the PPC. With the help of SEM and PPC both, you can skyrocket your business growth which is primarily associated with more sales, more leads, more business in a short time by paying some money. There are uncountable benefits by selecting PPC services instead of SEO because you’ll get maximum leads in the short amount of time.

Pay Per Click Auditing

Get a custom ppc audit, which is free of your existing Pay Per Click and digital marketing campaign (if any), to find out its efficiency and to figure out the things you can do to improve your ROI. Our PPC agency will watch everything in your PPC account campaign that needs to fix.

Pay Per Click Auditing
Search Advertising

Search Advertising

If you're in search of paid search advertising or search engine marketing, we provide comprehensive services through platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, and other paid marketing channels.

Display Advertising

With the help of display advertising, you can target the relevant and real traffic that need services in your niche. In the display advertising, we will manage to publish your ad in the categorized website where real audience come.

Display Advertising


Remarketing is a part of PPC which is primarily aimed at setting up ads targeting a specific and genuine audience that had previously shown interest in your product/services in the past, with the aim to improve ROI. We also offer Inbox or mail ads services to regain the clients with the help of remarketing technique. Additionally, our services include ad creation for various platforms and split testing to ensure the best performance of your campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the best ways to skyrocket your product sales and services fastly than other techniques. Our paid social media marketing can help you reach the targeted audience and maintain effective ad campaigns through some social media sites, including Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

Social Media Advertising
Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

According to the latest facts and trends, mobile trend is increased fastly comparing than the desktop. Mobile search has become a crucial part of search engine marketing, and so we now offer PPC Ads marketing services for all leading mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

Google Shopping Ads

We help you run and maintain effective ad campaigns through a number of social media sites, including Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

>Google Shopping Ads

Best Value PPC Advertising Packages & Pricing

While our PPC marketing company is very prominent, our hard work costs are entirely down to earth. We promise that you will not regret choosing us. The additional Services that are mentioned above are included in all our packages. Our ‘Platinum’ package is the most popular one because it offers all things and additional things that you needed. Take a look at our PPC packages below.

Details Basic Advanced Premium
Our Monthly Cost $300 or 20% of Monthly Spending whichever is high $400 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high $500 or 12% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
Advertisement Duration 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Number of Targeted Keywords Less Than 50 50 To 100 100 To 200
Your Ads Cost Upto $1000
$3500 & above
Initial Estimate Report yes yes yes
Landing Page Recommendation yes yes yes
Unlimited Keywords no yes yes
Text Ads yes yes yes
Conversion Tracking yes yes yes
A/B Testing no no yes
Google Analytics Set-up no yes yes
Campaign Management yes yes yes
Mobile Ads no yes yes
Gmail Ads (GSP) no yes yes
Landing Page Optimization yes yes yes
ROI Tracking yes yes yes
Reporting Bi-Weekly Weekly Daily
Google Analytics Report (Monthly) PPC Package PPC Package PPC Package
Email and Chat yes yes yes
Telephone no no yes

Benefits of Running PPC Ads Campaign That You Need to Know

Wondering why hire this Pay Per Click Advertising Agency? Some of the benefits you get by choosing us are explained below.

Fast Results

Fast Results

We promise fast and definite results for all ads campaigns. Ads with relevant keywords are displayed not only on search pages but also on popular search networks.



Most of our Google ad campaigns are optimized for desktop and especially for mobile devices alike so that you can get primary traffic from all possible mediums.

Regular Optimization

Regular Optimization

We always keep tracking the performance of your campaigns for various factors and optimize whatever and whenever needed immediately.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

We provide timely reports to the clients which include everything from campaigns set up, launch, performance, ROI, and conversion rates.

No Long-Term Contracts

No Long-Term Contracts

We'll guarantee you that you will choose to stay with us for as long as you feel happy and satisfied with our PPC ads marketing services.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Get the exclusive and relative leads by the PPC techniques of our SEO executives working on latest marketing algorithms to bring the genuine clients to your dashboard


Keyword research and selection

Keyword research and selection

PPC landing page creation and optimization

PPC landing page creation and optimization

Ad campaign set up

Ad campaign set up

Performance tracking & reporting

Performance tracking & reporting

Bid management

Bid management

Why You Should Choose Our PPC Services?

SAG IPL is a renowned provider of professional on page SEO services to businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. Here’s why you should choose us.

  • Over 10 years of experience managing PPC and Digital Marketing Campaigns for leading brands
  • Dedicated account manager for each PPC project/campaign
  • Full control over the ad cost, budget and maximum CPC
  • 100% transparency in cost and results
  • Maximum ROI guaranteed
  • Experienced and Professional PPC service provider
  • We offer complete digital marketing services along with PPC
  • Featured on leading news sites
  • One of the top international PPC companies
  • Expert and professional staff

Industries We Serve


Our developers specialise in building health mobile apps that are HIPAA-compliant and designed to drive results.

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Retail & Ecommerce

We build almost all kinds of e-commerce mobile solutions & apps, including shopping apps, e-commerce carts, and more.

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Banking & Finance

From investment solutions to asset management apps and digital/crypto wallet apps, we build high-quality enterprise apps.

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Travel & Tourism

Having great expertise in mobile app development for the travel industry, we are able to build on-demand travel apps of every kind.

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Media & Entertainment

We will help increase the reach of your media/entertainment business with custom apps like AI chatbots, video streaming, etc..

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Education & E-Learning

Take your education business to the next level with our smart mobile learning solutions & apps like ebooks, e-school, and more.

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Our Simple & Understandable Pay Per Click Ads Process

Our process is quite straightforward. It involves the following steps:

Setting Up Account
Setting Up Account

To create dedicated accounts on all your chosen ad platforms, we will manage and run your accounts to ensure better results at lower costs.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research and Selection

We use Google and some other resources to research out the best keywords for your target pages and use the same to create ad campaigns.

Campaign Build
Campaign Build and Launch

Campaigns are made on relevant keyword groups, and then, we prepare and test ads for each group, set campaign budgets and CPC and launch the campaign successfully.

Generating Relevant Leads
Generating Relevant Leads

The next step involves generating new and relevant leads to your business or target landing pages for maximum ROI. With the help of adwords lead generation services, it is possible to reach the goals and targeted audience more efficiently and effectively.

PPC Optimization
PPC Optimization & Adjustments

We also optimize PPC campaigns for landing pages, keywords, biding, adjustments and other things to make sure that you get maximum conversions from your advertising investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our PPC company or services? Find answers here.

It involves the use of existing online/offline resources to promote a specific product or service, usually for a fee. When you pay someone to advertise your campaigns, it is called paid advertising.

It is a popular advertising platform by Google, where advertisers bid on their target keywords in order for their ads to appear in Google’s search results for specific queries. Google Adwords can help you generate more direct traffic in less time.

It involves promoting a product/service by setting up an ad campaign on one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, Facebook. Your Facebook ads, once live, will appear to other target users.

Google Adwords is a generic search engine with a higher audience-base, cost-effective advertising options, and a wide range of ad formats. Facebook also has a vast audience but it isn't actually a search engine and not everyone on Facebook is looking to buy something. The major benefit of Facebook is its social aspect which prompts effective user interaction and communication with appealing visuals in ads. Other benefits include multiple targeting options and a high ROI. We recommend using both Facebook and Google ads for maximum results in building brand awareness.

Remarketing is beneficial in that the focus is put on bringing those potential customers back who already visited your website. Since they have shown interest in your website/product, their chances of converting are usually higher. And since we already know our target customers and where to find them, the cost and time spent are comparatively less.

Just contact us and one of our managers will guide you through the hiring process while giving you a brief detail of our services at the same time.

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