Why Do You Need SEO for the Healthcare Industry?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best and most cost-effective way to increase organic rankings and traffic for your healthcare website or boost your local healthcare facility’s Google presence.

With a large number of patients using search engines to find the best healthcare services or information, SEO for health and wellness businesses can help increase your visibility in search results to ensure your website ranks higher or your local business appears more frequently for your relevant search queries to allow potential customers to easily find you.

SEO for healthcare industry is a brilliant way to improve your search engine ranking, which can help generate more traffic and leads for your website, which, in turn, can result in more customers and revenue for your hospital.

Patients searching for a credible healthcare service are more likely to trust a provider that ranks higher in search engine results and has an appealing and easy-to-use (optimised) website. Our strong Hospital SEO strategy can help build credibility for your brand in the market.

Another reason to use SEO for your medical website or practice is the low cost. SEO for clinics is a cost-effective way to digitally promote your business on the internet and across social media and rank well in search results. You can find & hire a healthcare SEO agency at very competitive rates. In addition, local SEO can improve your visibility and reach to local patients searching for healthcare services in your area.

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Healthcare SEO Services to Grow Your Hospital Business or Website

Our healthcare business SEO strategy & services can help you stand out in a highly competitive market and attract more patients by spreading positive news and building brand credibility for your healthcare website, hospital or clinic. Our growth SEO strategies are tailored to meet your specific marketing needs and goals.

Expand Your Local Reach & Visibility

A healthcare business having a brick-and-mortar presence in the form of a store, a hospital or a clinic must use local SEO to expand their local reach and visibility to get more local customers in a specific location. Here’s how.

Local SEO for clinics involves promoting your business online to allow local customers to find and reach you via Google search. We do this by first creating & optimizing your Google My Business profile to ensure your business appears in Google results and map results for searches specific to your location. Other than that, we build local citations, list your business on popular directories like Yelp, create location-based landing pages, get reviews from your customers, optimize for voice search, and target local keywords.

Get More Traffic than Your Competitors

One of your healthcare Clinic SEO goals must be to get more traffic and potential customers for your business. If you are a new business or startup, it can be particularly difficult to stand out from the crowd or outperform your established competitors. SEO can help.

SEO for healthcare services offers many ways to beat your competitors and rank higher in search results to get more traffic and leads to your website. For one, we target high-volume, low-competition keywords that are easier to rank and can generate qualified leads for your clinic. We optimize your website to make it more attractive and user-friendly to encourage more people to choose you over your competitors. SEO link building & content marketing can help you improve your Google ranking to get you more traffic.

Boost Your Brand Image & Credibility Online

As a healthcare business, you need to build trust in the market in order to get more patients for your hospital or clinic. SEO can help build and improve your brand image and credibility online in numerous ways, such as:

It can increase your search engine rankings and visibility to establish you as a credible authority in your niche, someone people can trust for good and honest medical services. Moreover, SEO involves optimizing your website to leave a good impression on visitors, which helps improve your brand image and makes it easy for people to trust you. We also create & use high-quality, optimized content that addresses the needs of your potential customers and helps establish your brand as an expert in your industry.

Fuel Your Business Growth Online With Our Customised Healthcare SEO Strategy


Reach more potential customers

SEO for the healthcare industry can help you reach more potential customers by improving your business visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). If you have a website, we can use SEO to improve your Google rankings to ensure your website appears higher in search results for your relevant keywords. In addition, we use local SEO to boost your clinic’s online visibility so that people can easily find and reach you.

Guaranteed results

Improve your search engine rankings

One of the main objectives of healthcare SEO is to help your business or website get more traffic & leads from Google by ranking you higher in search results. SEO involves a number of techniques, such as link building and content marketing to promote your website as an expert in your niche and make it more attractive to search engines like Google in order to increase the probability of it ranking well in search results.

Specialise in Timber SEO

Stand out from the competition

There are limited results on each search engine results page, and less than 30% of users go past the top three results. SEO can make sure that your website appears in the first three results on the first page of Google for your main keywords and queries, which will help you beat your competitors and stand out as a top source for healthcare services and information. The higher you rank, the more traffic you’ll get.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

More website conversions & appointments

A large number of healthcare service providers use their websites as a resource to generate new leads or appointments for their services. However, converting these leads is not so easy. SEO for healthcare services can also help boost your website conversion rate, i.e. ensure most of your website traffic converts into paying customers. We do this by optimizing your website for a positive user experience by offering real value to your visitors.

Measurable Results

Local hospital SEO to get more patients

Local SEO strategies for hospitals or clinics can help you get more local patients by expanding your reach to people who are searching for healthcare services or a hospital near your location. By using methods such as Google My Business, Google Maps, directory listing, reviews, and location keyword targeting, we can increase your brand’s local reach to make sure that potential customers can easily find and reach your facility (address).

Skilled & Committed

Boost your brand trustability

Want to make it easier for people to trust your brand? Our SEO content marketing can help boost your healthcare brand image and credibility by creating high-quality content to help your target audience. In addition, we improve your search engine rankings through SEO and content marketing and optimize your website for content and user experience to drive more traffic to your website, which will also help achieve your branding goals.

Value-for-money SEO Packages (Health & Wellness Business SEO)

SEO Pricing & Plans Starting @ $499

Search engine optimization services for the healthcare industry can vary greatly depending on the particular needs and goals of your business. Small facilities, for instance, might need limited SEO services compared to big brands and enterprises. We have SEO plans and packages to suit every digital marketing need of every type of health business, including clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, therapy centres, and more.

As you can see below, we offer three major healthcare SEO packages with pricing starting at just $499 per month. You can choose the SEO service that best fits your requirements and budget and pay as you go. We do not have yearly contracts, and you’re free to hire our SEO services for as long as you want. You can also switch packages at the end of a month if your requirements change.

In addition to these monthly SEO packages, we also offer some services at hourly rates, which include consulting, content writing, web design, and other digital services.

Packages Basic 499
Advanced 999 USD/Month Premium 1499 USD/Month
Keywords Upto 10 Upto 20 Upto 30
Page Optimized Upto 5 Upto 10 Upto 20
Backlinks 100 200 300
Estimated Ranking 2-3 Months 2-3 Months 3-4 Months
Estimated Traffic 1k Months 2.5k Months 6k Months

Dependable SEO for Healthcare Services & Strategies


Keyword Research

This involves finding the best keywords and phrases relevant to your healthcare business, which we’ll use in our healthcare SEO strategy. For example, “the best healthcare company,” “buy healthcare online,” “best hospital near me,” etc.

Website Design

On-page SEO

This search engine optimization service involves optimizing your healthcare website content, design, meta tags, images, titles, URLs, layout, navigation, code, and overall user experience to make your site more friendly to users and Google.

Pay Per Click

Local SEO

To help you get more local customers/patients, we optimize your local search presence by using a number of local SEO techniques, including optimizing your Google My Business profile, local citations, location pages, and directory listing.

Social Media

Content & Link Building

Content is our best tool to build high-quality backlinks to your site and spread positive information about your business. We create & share high-quality, optimized content through articles, blogs, guest articles, social media content, videos, etc.

Local Search Marketing

Technical SEO

This involves optimizing or improving the technical aspect of your hospital website, including the code, identifying & removing page errors, improving site speed, mobile responsiveness, redirects, scheme markup, robots.txt, sitemaps, and image optimization.

Growth Strategies

Pay Per Click

Other than organic digital marketing and SEO for healthcare, we also provide pay-per-click services, which involve promoting your healthcare business through targeted ads to get you quick traffic and leads from Google and social media sites.

Why Choose SAGIPL for Healthcare Business SEO?

As a seasoned medical SEO company, we offer comprehensive healthcare SEO services & solutions to meet your digital marketing goals.

Specialized in the cleaning industry

Healthcare Business SEO Specialists

Over the years, we have worked with multiple healthcare businesses & hospitals to provide SEO services to expand their customer base and organic growth. We have a proven track record of incredible success in creating high-quality healthcare SEO strategies that boost traffic and ROI for clients.

The policy of not helping competitors

Full Transparency

Unlike other healthcare SEO companies, we at SAG IPL believe in maintaining full transparency when it comes to showing our SEO process to our clients and keeping them in the loop by sending regular reporting on the progress of their campaigns. Our SEO pricing is also fully transparent.

Get measurable results

Effective Communication

You’ll find that our SEO team is very responsive and always ready to answer your questions about our approach and accept your feedback. We highly prioritise maintaining adequate two-way communication with our clients throughout a campaign to ensure our results meet your goals.

Guaranteed results

Measurable Results

When working with SAG IPL, you can be assured of receiving concrete results that reflect the true performance of our SEO campaign. We constantly track our results in terms of improvements in your rankings, traffic and ROI using various state-of-the-art analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Professionals

We have dedicated, full-time SEO professionals who you can hire as you need. We never outsource SEO services and always provide all our services through our in-house team of trained & experienced digital professionals based in India. Feel free to contact us to know more about our SEO team.

24/7 support

24x7 Support

Also, as our valuable client, you get premium support and assistance from our team, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with your queries and resolve your complaints. We believe that the success of SAG IPL healthcare SEO company lies in the success of our clients.

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Clients Testimonial for Healthcare SEO Company


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FAQ for Healthcare Industry SEO

Medical SEO or healthcare SEO refers to search engine optimization for the healthcare industry. Like any other industry, even healthcare businesses need to promote their services to get more leads and customers. SEO for healthcare can help healthcare businesses rank higher on search engines to get more traffic and leads to their websites or offline facilities, clinics, hospitals, etc.

SEO has many advantages for healthcare industry businesses. It can increase your online visibility by improving your website ranking in search results or your business visibility in local searches. Also, SEO can help boost the trust and credibility of a healthcare brand through positive reviews and a great, user-friendly website. SEO can give your business a competitive advantage and improve user experience.

A strong SEO strategy for healthcare will focus on targeting a specific group of potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your health services. SEO involves a number of things, including keyword research, website optimization, link building, content creation, social media marketing, etc. to boost the overall online presence of your website and get more visitors.

The SEO company must have good experience and preferably some expertise in SEO for healthcare businesses. They should have a strong team of in-house, experienced & trained SEO professionals who have an understanding of different SEO techniques & methods to achieve higher ranking and increase traffic & conversions for a business. Hire SAG IPL healthcare SEO company that you can trust to provide the best value for your money.

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