Leverage Social Media Marketing to Boost Leads and Sales

SAG IPL is known as the brand maker in the realm of social media marketing company in India, offering affordable social network management and marketing services to SME businesses worldwide. Our dedicated team of social media experts excels in diverse social activities and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an exceptional method to connect internet users with your brand and drive them to your website through engaging social media platforms and channels. These platforms provide users with opportunities to interact, chat, share, and explore, creating a gateway to your brand's world. At SAG IPL, we leverage the best social media platforms to effectively market your products and services, ensuring that users find their way to your virtual doorstep.

Join hands with SAG IPL to experience the incredible potential of taking your brand on social media platforms. Allow us to fuel your growth, boost brand visibility, and generate valuable leads for your business. Take advantage of the tremendous opportunities waiting to be unlocked. Contact us now and embark on your thrilling social media marketing journey.

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Social Media Marketing

Top-Quality Social Media Marketing Services From SAG IPL Agency

We are the maestro of the social media marketing world, leveraging our creativity and strategy to cast spells that entice the target audience. From crafting compelling posts to unleashing effective campaigns, our team will transform your online presence. Get ready to witness a whirlwind of likes, shares, and comments as we weave the magic of social media to elevate your brand to new heights. Partner with SAG IPL and let the magic work in your favor.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

As per the latest statistics, Facebook has over 3.049 billion monthly active users. It’s no wonder why digital marketers choose this platform for their advertising plans. At SAG IPL, we understand the power of Facebook and its potential to connect businesses with their target audience. We will craft an effective Facebook marketing strategy that ensures your brand shines brightly in the ocean of opportunities. Prepare yourself to make waves and leave a lasting impression with our unbeatable Facebook marketing services.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

In the world of online advertising, YouTube takes the spotlight being the widely used platform that hooks audiences for a long time. As the second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube stands as the first choice for social media marketers as it can give great results. We will showcase your projects and services to a global audience using our YouTube marketing tactics. At SAG IPL, we specialize in creating comprehensive YouTube marketing strategies that deliver high ROI and maximize exposure.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

If you want to promote your products or services to professionals, LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for you. It is a powerful platform that allows you to easily engage with like-minded professionals and organizations. If your product or service is designed to serve professionals or organizations, LinkedIn marketing should be an indispensable part of your social media strategy. Our expert team at SAG IPL will create a LinkedIn marketing plan, complete with compelling graphics for LinkedIn ads, helping your business reach its target audience and achieve optimal results.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

With its 500+ million active users, Twitter continues to be one of the best choices for social media marketers. It is best for the professionals and big brands looking to keep their audience informed and engaged. At SAG IPL, our team of Twitter experts knows the ins and outs of making your content go viral blending our creative idea with the current viral trends and popular hashtags. We'll create a tailored strategy and use our skills to promote your content, website, products, or services. With our Twitter marketing services, we'll keep your users connected to your brand while providing meaningful information and updates. Let us handle your Twitter presence and watch your brand soar to new heights.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is another popular social media platform mostly used for sharing infographics and content. It provides huge value and profits when we talk about the best marketing tools for online businesses. We will promote blogs and various kinds of other information on Pinterest. With its emphasis on visuals, Pinterest can generate huge traffic, sales, and leads. Our talented team of Pinterest experts at SAG IPL understands the power of this platform and will craft a winning Pinterest marketing strategy for your business. We use Pinterest ads and add links to your posts to help you reach and engage your target audience effectively. Don't miss out on the opportunities Pinterest brings—contact us and let us take your brand to new heights.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms mostly used by the Gen-Z generation. It offers vast opportunities for businesses, especially the e-commerce and service industries. Instagram’s stunning visual posting is the reason it thrives on engaging graphic content. At SAG IPL, we understand the importance of a solid Instagram marketing strategy to leverage its full potential. Our team of skilled social media marketers, backed by our in-house graphic designers and editors, will create an outstanding Instagram marketing plan that follows industry guidelines and generates huge ROI. Get ready to captivate your audience and achieve meaningful results with our unbeatable Instagram marketing services.

Is It Worth Using Social Media Marketing?

In today's world, social media marketing is of paramount importance. With billions of people actively using platforms daily like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it offers a huge opportunity to build your community increase your reach, and engage and convert your target audience. Hire a top-rated social media marketing company and stay relevant, competitive, and effectively connecting with customers in a meaningful way.

Most of the customers are on Social Media

Most People Use Social Media Platforms

Around 40% of the world's population is active on social media. It simply indicates that you should be using it for promoting your brand online because most of your customers will be on these platforms. You should not miss any chance to showcase your products or services on social media. SAG IPL, well-known as the best social media marketing company can help you seize this opportunity and take your words and intentions to users. Leveraging the power of social media, you can establish a strong online presence, build trust, and attract new customers.

People are searching for companies like yours

Users Like to Follow Brands on Social Media

Social media is not just a platform for users to connect, but a useful medium where people like to talk or give reviews about their experiences with companies. You can get great insights by listening and responding to customer feedback, and you can effectively manage your brand's reputation. Our team at SAG IPL works on building your online reputation management, showing the positive sides of your company, and building trust among your customers.

People Love to Talk with Companies on Social Media

Build Engagement With Customers

Social media platforms have become a hub for people to talk about their experiences with companies and the products they've purchased or used. Most importantly, nowadays people randomly comment on a post and make the post or reel viral. Being a well-known social media marketing service provider, we are updated with such trends and leverage some creative tactics to reap our benefits. Our dedicated team will create such posts that encourage users to talk about your brand a start conversing around the topic. This strategy leads to spreading your brand.

Companies need expert Social Media Management

Become a Leader in Your Industry

Companies and brands consistently require the expertise of social media management companies. Using social media marketing services, you can focus on your core operations without worrying about the intricacies of social media. Our team will handle all the social media tasks, ensuring optimal results and allowing you to focus on what you do best. By showing the best quality of your services you are encouraging others focusing on the same thing.

Social Media Marketing Services to Boost Your ROI

SAG IPL, the leading social media marketing provider in India, offers a team of skilled social media marketers dedicated to driving business leads and establishing connections with your online customers. We go above and beyond to cover all things regarding social media marketing.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Utilize engaging social media platforms to market your products, services, new releases, content, and updates.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Enhance the performance of your brand's social media pages by incorporating social icons, widgets, and sharing options.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Craft a tailored social networking strategy for your website, business, or product/service, catered specifically to your unique needs.

Digital Marketing

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

Our online marketing services go beyond social media, encompassing SEO Services and much more.

SAGIPL Social Media Marketing Company Packages & Pricing

We have an extraordinary team of social media experts who put their efforts above and beyond to deliver remarkable results for our clients. Our social media marketing services packages support every business to thrive, regardless of its size or budget. We understand that each business has its own objectives, which is why our packages are designed to cater to diverse needs. You can boost your online presence, drive targeted traffic, and generate high-quality leads—all within a budget that does not burden your pocket.

Packages Basic
No. of Social Channels (Optimization) Any 4 Any 5 All 7
SMM Strategy
Identification of Business Goals yes yes yes
Creation of Social Marketing Calendar yes yes yes
Social Trends yes yes yes
Analysis of Target Audience yes yes yes
Creation of Content Strategy yes yes yes
Identification of Hashtags yes yes yes
Facebook Marketing
Creation of Creative Images yes yes yes
New Group Creation no 1 2
Page Likes yes yes yes
Optional Call to Action (CTA) Button yes yes yes
Creation of Polls no yes yes
Sponsored Ads(Paid by Clients) yes yes yes
Optimization of Facebook Profiles no yes yes
New Status Posting 30 45 60
Cover Image for Pages yes yes yes
New Group Join 10 20 30
Client Video Sharing yes yes yes
Posting Reviews on Facebook Page yes yes yes
Insight Monitoring & Reporting yes yes yes
Google Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Twitter Marketing
Optimization of Profiles yes yes yes
Twitter Followers yes yes yes
Background Image yes yes yes
New Lists yes yes yes
#Hashtag research 15 30 50
New Tweets(Daily) 1 2 5
Retweets no yes yes
Sponsored Tweets(Paid by clients) yes yes yes
Analytics Monitoring and Reporting yes yes yes
Reddit Marketing
Optimization of Reddit Profile yes yes yes
Find Relevant Subreddit 5 10 20
Subreddit Posting no yes yes
Client Video Sharing no yes yes
Polls no yes yes
Google Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Timeline Status Posting 30 45 60
Increase Karma yes yes yes
Instagram Marketing
Optimization of Profile yes yes yes
Increase Targeted Followers yes yes yes
Comment & Likes yes yes yes
Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Image Sharing 30 45 60
#Hashtag Research 10 30 50
Increase Reach by Image Tagging no yes yes
YouTube Marketing
Channel/Profile Optimization yes yes yes
Client Video Upload yes yes yes
Video Title & Meta Tags no yes yes
Increase Subscribers yes yes yes
Increase Video Views no yes yes
Video Promotion no yes yes
YouTube Discussion no no yes
Comment Management yes yes yes
LinkedIn Marketing
Optimization of Profile yes yes yes
Increase Connections yes yes yes
Company Page Creation no yes yes
Increase Company Page Followers no yes yes
Profile Engagement yes yes yes
Join New Groups no yes yes
Group Post Sharing no yes yes
Linkedin Publishing yes yes yes
Post Sharing yes yes yes
Creative Banner for Company Page no yes yes
Performance Review yes yes yes
Pinterest Marketing
Optimization of Profiles yes yes yes
New Pins(Per day) 2 3 5
Website Linking & Verification yes yes yes
New Board Creation no yes yes
Increase Followers yes yes yes
Business Account Creation & Management no yes yes

Why Choose SAG IPL Company for Social Media Marketing Services?

Our clients have put their trust in us, and we are dedicated to upholding that at any cost. Our years of working experience are the base of our confidence in implementing the best social media marketing strategies. We have developed an understanding of various social media platforms and their algorithms. Our team comprises over 20 social marketing experts, each with years of experience. Their skills and training are shaped to execute social media strategies with precision and effectiveness. Having witnessed the remarkable growth of social media over the years, we have successfully guided numerous businesses in reaching their traffic milestones through impactful social media strategies.


SAGIPL is a reliable

Social Media Marketing Agency in India. Our clients trust us with their projects and we are committed to maintaining that trust at any cost.

We know social media

We know social media

like the back of our hand. We know how it works and what it takes to achieve a specific result, and we are eager to lend our expertise to promote your campaigns.

We are expert

We are expert

in the field of social media. Our team consists of 20+ social marketing experts with years of experience in the field.

growth of social media

growth of social media

over the years, and we have successfully helped hundreds of businesses to fulfil their traffic milestones through effective social media strategies.

Why You Should Consider Leveraging Social Media Management?

Social media management navigates your business through the vast digital landscape, connecting it with the right audience, spreading brand voice, and taking the idea to meet its vision and yield unexpected success. Social media is one of the best medium today to market your online/offline business. It is beneficial for the following reasons.

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Improved brand loyalty and authority
  • It helps you reach those potential customers who are active on social media
  • Helps you build a brand name for your business and increase awareness in the community.
  • More inbound traffic to your website and/or offline business.
  • Social media is just like another search engine for your services/products, only with more targeted reach.
  • Improve user experience
  • Earn backlinks for the app
  • Better interaction with customers leading to a higher satisfaction rate
  • It is more or less free to use social media to promote your business or anything else.
  • Helps you get better insights into your marketplace and your customers.
  • It gives your customers a wonderful platform to know about you, reach you, and participate in discussions.

Industries We Serve


Our developers specialise in building health mobile apps that are HIPAA-compliant and designed to drive results.

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Retail & Ecommerce

We build almost all kinds of e-commerce mobile solutions & apps, including shopping apps, e-commerce carts, and more.

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Banking & Finance

From investment solutions to asset management apps and digital/crypto wallet apps, we build high-quality enterprise apps.

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Travel & Tourism

Having great expertise in mobile app development for the travel industry, we are able to build on-demand travel apps of every kind.

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Media & Entertainment

We will help increase the reach of your media/entertainment business with custom apps like AI chatbots, video streaming, etc..

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Education & E-Learning

Take your education business to the next level with our smart mobile learning solutions & apps like ebooks, e-school, and more.

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Our Social Media Optimization(SMO) Process

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is a process where you can directly interact with your customers and show them your products and services in a more attractive way also you can learn about the latest trends that your customer's want. Here is our social network marketing process:

Analysis and Research
Analysis and Research

We study thoroughly your website or campaign to get insights into the scope and assess its current social visibility in the market. This is the first and foremost step that sets the foundation for our strategy moving ahead.

Campaign creation and execution
Campaign Creation and Execution

We carry out effective social media campaigns on major platforms, such as Facebook pages, groups, Twitter handles, and more. Our talented team executes these campaigns to maximize impact and reach.

Developing the strategy and timeline
Strategy Development and Timeline

Keeping the research in mind, we create a well-thought-out strategy that outlines the roadmap for your project. We draw an optimal timeline for reaching to tangible and visible results, ensuring efficient progress every step of the way.

Analysis and Reporting
Analysis and Reporting

Our decisions are based on data we collect from the research and analysis. This is the main reason why we conduct weekly analyses of all our social media campaigns. This takes us through the latest analytics and performance, so we can measure the efficiency, and make informed modifications when needed. Transparency is of utmost importance and we keep you informed every step of the journey.


The final website is delivered to the client or deployed to a web server, as pre-agreed with the client.

What Does A Good Social Media Management Agency Do?

Social media management agency, they do a lot of stuff for you. They take care of all your social media needs, like creating and posting engaging content sometimes they may use memes, run ads on social media, and keep an eye on how things are going.

Research, Explore, Implant

Our skilled team does research and makes a plan. They check out your company and what social media strategies your competitors are following. Then they come up with a strategy to get your brand noticed and reach the targeted audience.

Content Calendar Publishing

We handle and keep tracking all the content and make a schedule of what to post and when so we can stay active and connected with followers. Our SMM experts make sure the posts are interesting and eye-catching.

Social Media Advertising

We are well-versed with all the social media tricks and tactics. Our team can boost your posts or create new ads that encourage people to click and share. We bring more traffic to your website and get people talking about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring

Our social media experts keep monitoring the performance of their efforts using various tools. They check your messages and comments and make sure people are actively visiting your profile and reacting to posts. They stay on top of things, so you don't have to worry.

FAQs on Social Media Marketing Services

In this fast-paced digital world, every brand has its social media page on almost every platform. You should make a decision today. See below if any doubt remains unaddressed.

The cost of social media marketing is not fixed, and depends on various measures such as industry, the competition in the industry, objectives, target audience, strategy of required content, number of positions required, and time movements. It makes social media marketing services a customized offering to suit individual needs.

In the realm of the internet, Social media marketing is one of the most adopted method to boost business and position it before new & existing audiences and in the end turn them into loyal customers. As social media platforms provide the fastest way to increase brand awareness and reach, it will provide a wide customer base to your business.

Yes, Of Course, there is a set of protocols and processes that need to be carried out. After which the transition and handover of accounts can be easily done.

SAG IPL is a well-known agency offering comprehensive IT solutions located in Jaipur, India. The company has around 10 years of experience in the field and employs a large team of professionals with different profiles. Our team of social media experts is ready to take on challenges and provide you with world-class social media marketing services.

Social media marketing is a continuous ongoing process and it helps to achieve goals faster. The answer to your question depends on the goals, industry, and effort. And these three things depend on individual to individual.

Yes, In the 10 years of our journey, we worked for various individuals and companies situated in completely different industries. Our roots are spread in diverse industries.

SAG IPL works on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more.

SAG IPL can handle accounts from any Social Media Platform, however, our plan includes handling accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.

Social media can work for any business, It allows users to represent their idea, connect with an infinite number of people, showcase their products and services and establish and maintain their reputation. It is the best way of advertising and it is not that expensive too. Thus, it will work for any business.

We understand that reporting is important for you to understand the progress, that’s why we can provide you with a monthly report however we can also provide a weekly report if you want.

Actually, It depends on the current status of your project and what your goals are. We have categorized our packages but we are also ready to offer a customized package. So, contact us now.

Yes, Of course, SMM works to create an impact, increase brand awareness and engagement. As per the report around 97% of marketers are using SMM to generate leads and increase their reach.

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