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Social Media Marketing Grow Leads & Sales for Businesses

SAG IPL is the one of the leading social media marketing companies in India providing affordable social network management and marketing services to SME businesses across the globe. We offer help to businesses in creating and managing their social network campaigns according to their specific business goals.

With our team of 20+ experts of SMO and their unmatched experience of a variety of social activities and platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Whether you are looking for someone to get answers to your doubts and queries related to social marketing or want to hire a well-versed social media marketer, feel free to contact us now.

SMM is one of the finest ways of bringing internet users to a website through social networking platforms and channels. Social media platforms allow users to interact with other users with social activities such as chatting, sharing and reading online. We are focused on using the best social media platforms to effectively market your products and services. So users can find the way to enter your world.

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Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Services

SAG IPL is the top social media marketing services provider company in India which have an experienced team of social network marketers that always works for your business leads and connect your business with your online customers. We do everything social and beyond.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

As per reports of the 3rd quarter of 2019, there were a total of 2.45 billion monthly active Facebook users. With such a huge user-base Facebook is on the top of the list of Social Media sites. It is the largest social media platform in the world thus it is also the first choice of digital marketers.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the most trusted advertisement platforms these days, it is because people prefer visual content more over the written content. Additionally, there are a number of Influencers on this platform who can give your business a quick boost.

After Google, Its own YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and you can’t easily ignore its power. If you are looking for high ROI and want to showcase your project and services to the entire world then you should have a complete YouTube marketing strategy from us.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin is a Social Media Site for professionals, it is a powerful social media platform that allows you to easily connect with professionals. If you have a product or service that also caters to professional organizations, LinkedIn marketing will be the most profitable platform. It should be a part of your social media marketing strategy because recently the platform added new features. And it is nice to inform you that Our packages also include Linkedin Marketing services.

SAG IPL’s Linkedin Marketing team will create a strategy and also prepare graphics for LinkedIn ads for your business to reach the target audience so that you can get the best results from your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Twitter with its 145+ million active users is still one of the most profitable digital advertisement platforms. It is totally free platform but to promote your stuff or content using Twitter ads is something only a professional should do.

After Linkedin Twitter has the most number of professionals and big brands also choose Twitter to keep their audience up-to-date. We have twitter experts in our team and they know how to make things viral. They will create a strategy and then use their skill to promote your content, website, product, or services. Our team will help you in handling your Twitter handler. With our services, we will keep your user connected with your brand but also provide meaningful information and update to them.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a completely different social media platform but it is also one of the highly profitable marketing platforms for online businesses and information provider websites and blogs. It is also a Graphic based social media platform but it is actually a versatile social media marketing tool.

With a picture-perfect strategy, Pinterest can help you to generate a great amount of traffic, sales, and leads. Pinterest ads allow marketers to promote graphical content to the targeted audience and potential buyers. It also allows adding links in posts thus people can visit the page directly from the Pinterest post. Thus having Pinterest Marketing in the SMM package is necessary. Our package includes Pinterest Marketing and we have really talented Pinterest experts in our team. So, don’t worry and contact us.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram is a great advertisement platform for you if you are an online store selling products or a company that provides services. Instagram is a different and unique Social media platform and on this platform engaging graphic content is the key to success.

Additionally, the platform has a high engagement rate thus it will be more fruitful for your business. When you hire us for social media marketing services, we create a complete Instagram marketing strategy. We are good at following the guidelines to provide better ROI and fruitful results for your business.

Our social media marketing team is well trained and skillful in Instagram marketing for all types of businesses. Additionally, being a full-service IT company is a big advantage, because we will have an in-house graphic designer/ editor in our team.

Why is social media management necessary for your business?

Most of the customers are on Social Media

Most of the customers are on Social Media

Around 40% of the world's population is on Social Media, thus regardless of which industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. So seize the opportunity and keep your customer engaged and connected with your brand and also keep looking for new customers.

People are searching for companies like yours

People are searching for companies like yours

If your company is providing a meaningful product or service, then showcase it on social media platforms because there are people who are searching for it. So, a social media management company will help you to gain people’s attention and encourage them to connect with you.

People Love to Talk with Companies on Social Media

People Love to Talk with Companies on Social Media

People talk about companies and their experience with the products they bought or used. And you need to Listen, you need to respond. It is called reputation management and we are good at it. Our team will focus on highlighting the positive aspects of your company, and it will help you to gain more trust and more customers

Companies need expert Social Media Management

Companies need expert Social Media Management

Companies and brands always need social media management companies because they need to focus on their core operation. With an SMM Company at your side, you don’t have to worry about all the soc8ial media stuff they will take care of and also provide you far better results. Thus, expert Social Media Management is necessary

Enhance Your ROI With Our Social Media Marketing Services

SAG IPL is the top social media marketing services provider company in India which have an experienced team of social network marketers that always works for your business leads and connect your business with your online customers. We do everything social and beyond.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Engaging social media channels to promote your products, services, new launches, content, and updates.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Optimizing the social media pages of your brand, including social icons, widgets, and sharing options.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

A social networking strategy for your website, business, or product/service should be tailored to the specific requirements of the business/services.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our online marketing services extend beyond social media, such as SEO Services , and more.

SAG IPL's Social Media Marketing Packages & Pricing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a popular digital marketing technique that involves the use of social media sites to gain traffic or leads to a website or business. SAG IPL has a dedicated team of social media experts who constantly provide with the best leads for the websites and businesses of our clients. Our packages are designed to suit the needs and budget of every kind of business. SAG IPL social media marketing packages are the most affordable and come in all sizes with specific features.

Packages Basic
No. of Social Channels (Optimization) Any 4 Any 5 All 7
SMM Strategy
Identification of Business Goals yes yes yes
Creation of Social Marketing Calendar yes yes yes
Social Trends yes yes yes
Analysis of Target Audience yes yes yes
Creation of Content Strategy yes yes yes
Identification of Hashtags yes yes yes
Facebook Marketing
Creation of Creative Images yes yes yes
New Group Creation no 1 2
Page Likes yes yes yes
Optional Call to Action (CTA) Button yes yes yes
Creation of Polls no yes yes
Sponsored Ads(Paid by Clients) yes yes yes
Optimization of Facebook Profiles no yes yes
New Status Posting 30 45 60
Cover Image for Pages yes yes yes
New Group Join 10 20 30
Client Video Sharing yes yes yes
Posting Reviews on Facebook Page yes yes yes
Insight Monitoring & Reporting yes yes yes
Google Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Twitter Marketing
Optimization of Profiles yes yes yes
Twitter Followers yes yes yes
Background Image yes yes yes
New Lists yes yes yes
#Hashtag research 15 30 50
New Tweets(Daily) 1 2 5
Retweets no yes yes
Sponsored Tweets(Paid by clients) yes yes yes
Analytics Monitoring and Reporting yes yes yes
Reddit Marketing
Optimization of Reddit Profile yes yes yes
Find Relevant Subreddit 5 10 20
Subreddit Posting no yes yes
Client Video Sharing no yes yes
Polls no yes yes
Google Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Timeline Status Posting 30 45 60
Increase Karma yes yes yes
Instagram Marketing
Optimization of Profile yes yes yes
Increase Targeted Followers yes yes yes
Comment & Likes yes yes yes
Analytics Monitoring yes yes yes
Image Sharing 30 45 60
#Hashtag Research 10 30 50
Increase Reach by Image Tagging no yes yes
YouTube Marketing
Channel/Profile Optimization yes yes yes
Client Video Upload yes yes yes
Video Title & Meta Tags no yes yes
Increase Subscribers yes yes yes
Increase Video Views no yes yes
Video Promotion no yes yes
YouTube Discussion no no yes
Comment Management yes yes yes
LinkedIn Marketing
Optimization of Profile yes yes yes
Increase Connections yes yes yes
Company Page Creation no yes yes
Increase Company Page Followers no yes yes
Profile Engagement yes yes yes
Join New Groups no yes yes
Group Post Sharing no yes yes
Linkedin Publishing yes yes yes
Post Sharing yes yes yes
Creative Banner for Company Page no yes yes
Performance Review yes yes yes
Pinterest Marketing
Optimization of Profiles yes yes yes
New Pins(Per day) 2 3 5
Website Linking & Verification yes yes yes
New Board Creation no yes yes
Increase Followers yes yes yes
Business Account Creation & Management no yes yes

Marketing on social media is not new. It has just shifted from offline to online. Social media marketing simply means asking your social contacts for referral when looking for a product or service to buy. People have been doing that for a very long time, even before the evolution of the internet. However, social media outreach has now become easier than ever. With so many social sites out there, it has become easier to find the right product/service at the right time. But it doesn't mean that anyone can promote on social media.

It requires special marketing skills with an intense knowledge of social media to be able to promote through this media. This is exactly what we possess. With over 10 years of experience in social marketing and a team of skilled social media experts, we confidently help hundreds of businesses worldwide to generate substantial leads from social networking and increase reach for their products and services at the most affordable rates.

As you can see above, there are three different social media packages for different requirements and budget of different businesses. You can select the one that best fits you. If not, you can contact us to discuss more or to get a customized quote. We are always here to help.

Why SAG IPL for Social Media Marketing?


SAGIPL is a reliable

Social Media Marketing Agency in India. Our clients trust us with their projects and we are committed to maintaining that trust at any cost.

We know social media

We know social media

like the back of our hand. We know how it works and what it takes to achieve a specific result, and we are eager to lend our expertise to promote your campaigns.

We are expert

We are expert

in the field of social media. Our team consists of 20+ social marketing experts with years of experience in the field.

growth of social media

growth of social media

over the years, and we have successfully helped hundreds of businesses to fulfil their traffic milestones through effective social media strategies.

Why Do You Need Social Media Management?

Social media is one of the best platforms today to market your online/offline business. It is beneficial for the following reasons.

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Improved brand loyalty and authority
  • It helps you reach those potential customers who are active on social media
  • Helps you build a brand name for your business and increase awareness in the community.
  • More inbound traffic to your website and/or offline business.
  • Social media is just like another search engine for your services/products, only with more targeted reach.
  • Improve user experience
  • Earn backlinks for the app
  • Better interaction with customers leading to higher satisfaction rate
  • It is more or less free to use social media to promote your business or anything else.
  • Helps you get better insights in your marketplace and your customers.
  • It gives your customers a wonderful platform to know about you, reach you, and participate in discussions.

Industries We Serve


Our developers specialise in building health mobile apps that are HIPAA-compliant and designed to drive results.

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Retail & Ecommerce

We build almost all kinds of e-commerce mobile solutions & apps, including shopping apps, e-commerce carts, and more.

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Banking & Finance

From investment solutions to asset management apps and digital/crypto wallet apps, we build high-quality enterprise apps.

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Travel & Tourism

Having great expertise in mobile app development for the travel industry, we are able to build on-demand travel apps of every kind.

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Media & Entertainment

We will help increase the reach of your media/entertainment business with custom apps like AI chatbots, video streaming, etc..

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Education & E-Learning

Take your education business to the next level with our smart mobile learning solutions & apps like ebooks, e-school, and more.

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Our Social Media Optimization(SMO) Process

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is a process where you can directly interact with your customers and show them your products and services in a more attractive way also you can learn about the latest trends that your customer's want. Here is our social network marketing process:

Analysis and Research
Analysis and Research

We study your website/campaign to understand the dimension of the project and the current social standing in the market.

Campaign creation and execution
Campaign creation and execution

Social media campaigns such as Facebook pages, groups, Twitter handles, etc. are created and plans are executed next.

Developing the strategy and timeline
Developing the strategy and timeline

Based on our initial research, we develop a strategy on how to work on your project and how much time it should take to achieve any visible result.

Analysis and Reporting
Analysis and Reporting

We conduct a weekly analysis of all our social media campaigns to analyze the performance and efficiency of our efforts.


The final website is delivered to the client or deployed to a web server, as pre-agreed with the client.

What does a social media management agency do?

We are ready to take responsibility for all your SMM needs including the creation and publication of your social media marketing content, social media advertising, and social media monitoring and management.

Research, Explore, Implant

Social Media Platforms are easy to use and understand and posting on them is also also very straightforward. But deciding what to post to get more engagement is the main thing where the SMM team can really help.

Before creating content for our customers we do our research, learn everything about the company, check current status, and check details of your competitors and your target market. Yes, even after 10 years of experience in this field we spend a good amount of time doing research to understand your specific business and goal.

We will ask a few questions too such as What are the unique selling points (USP) of your business? What sets you apart from your competitors? What are the major reasons people should choose you over others? Etc.

These types of questions will help us to create a marketing strategy while keeping your goal in mind. Your answer will also help us to target the right audience for your business.

We will also keep an eye on your competitor's social activity on social media platforms thus we can work with a better approach to take a lead on them. Additionally understanding the fact that what motivates your potential customers to purchase your product or services will also give us an idea of what will work the best.

Content Calendar Publishing

As we mentioned earlier, posting on Social Media is very straightforward but maintaining and following a pre-planned monthly calendar is really complicated work that requires time and a lot of effort.

Now when you are running a small business then your first priority should be the core operations not the social media thus giving proper attention to SMM works are not possible. That’s why you need an SMM Company.

By including an SMM Company you don’t have to worry about Social Media activities, we will take care of everything and we will also ensure that everything is happening according to the pre-planned calendar. It will keep your audience connected and updated with all the offers, activities, products, and services.

We prepare monthly content calendars for our customers in advance and then we try to follow it very strictly throughout the month. This monthly calendar is prepared as per the target, audience, content published, and various other factors.

This allows us to make sure that there are no errors in post publishing, it saves your (and our!) time, allowing us to focus on other aspects of your marketing, and it helps your social media followers allow you to expect regular posts.

Social Media Advertising

As business owners have their own interests and expertise they are not familiar with the world of social media advertising. We would like to tell you that behind every tweet and post there is an advertising platform that allows you to spend money on your content.

With it, you can either boost your already published social media posts or you can also run completely new social media ads. Either way, you are putting your content, brand, product, services, and website in front of a wider target audience, faster.

According to your business goals and social media goals, there are many different types of advertising campaigns that we can suggest. They differ in purpose.

Whether you need to get more traffic to your website, generate direct sales, generate lead conversions, or increase your social media followers and engagement, social media advertising can help you get it all.

We have a great team of social media ad specialists, they are well trained, experienced and they know the art to execute any campaign. As we already mentioned, before executing it, they will do good research and try to make your campaign successful.

It is our daily job thus there are very few chances of error, We can ensure that your advertising campaigns are strategically placed from concept to execution.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Marketing doesn’t work on a “set it and forget it” strategy, digital marketing cannot succeed with it. Social Media is a continuously changing field and to get more traffic and increase its reach you need to stay up-to-date and frequent.

It is important to understand that not just social media platforms, but the "Internet" is made up of real humans whose opinions and buying behavior are constantly changing and being influenced. That’s why In all SMM packages we are providing social media monitoring with our normal services.

Thus whether you are opt-in for our social media management services and/or social media advertising services, you can be confident and assured that we are monitoring your social media efforts daily for you.

We will take care of messages and comments our profiles and pages are receiving, how well your audience/ followers are engaged, and how beneficial all the efforts are for your business. We will take care of all.

Our Social Media Marketing team will take care of all and also keep you updated about all, we are a highly trusted company and we can assure you that your experience with our team will be top-notch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Social Media Marketing or services? Find answers here.

Actually, the cost of social media marketing is really a fluctuating thing. It depends on factors such as target industry, target to be achieved, target audience, strategy of required content, number of positions required, time movements. It makes social media marketing services a customized offering to suit individual needs.

In the online world, Social media marketing is one of the most beneficial ways to grow your business and represent it in front of new & existing audiences and potential customers. As social media platforms provide the fastest way to increase brand awareness and reach, it will provide a wide customer base to your business.

Yes, Of Course, there is a set of protocols and processes that need to be carried out; After which the transition and handover of accounts can be easily done.

SAG IPL is a reputed full service IT company located in Jaipur, India. The company has around 10 years of experience in the field and a team of experts. Our team of social media experts are ready to take on challenges and provide you with world-class digital marketing services.

Basically, social media marketing is a continuous ongoing process and it helps to achieve goals faster. The answer of your question depends on the goals, industry, and effort. And these three things depend on individual to individual.

Yes, In the 10 years of our journey we worked for various individuals and companies situated in completely different industries. Actually our roots are spread in diverse industries.

SAG IPL work on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more.

SAG IPL can handle accounts from any Social Media Platform, however our plan includes handling accounts of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.

Social media can work for any business, It allows users to represent their idea, connect with an infinite number of people, showcase their products and services and establish and maintain their reputation. It is the best way of advertising and it is not that expensive too. Thus, it will work for any business.

We understand that reporting is important for you to understand the progress, that’s why we can provide you with a monthly report however we can also provide a weekly report if you want.

Actually, It depends on the current status of your project and what your goals are. We have categorized our packages but we are also ready to offer a customized package. So, contact us now.

Yes, Of course, SMM works to create an impact, increase the brand awareness and engagement. As per report around 97% of marketers are using SMM to generate leads and increase their reach.

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