What Is On-Page SEO?

In basic terms, on-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing a web page or website for better search engine ranking. The motive is to make the target web pages as ‘good’ as possible for both the users and search engines. ‘Good’ here means optimized, relevant, attractive, mobile-responsive, easy to navigate, and rich in content. On-page SEO involves the optimization of the website content, design, images India and HTML source code, all of which are used by Google (and other search engines) to determine the rankings of a page.

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional on-page SEO agency for the job, make sure to follow the right SEO strategies to achieve higher rankings and improved search presence. Need a hand? Consult a SAGIPL SEO expert now!

Did You Know The Average First Page Result on Google Contains 1,890 Words

On-Page SEO
We Optimize Websites

We Optimize Websites
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On-page optimization is crucial to generating more traffic to your website by improving its organic rankings. It involves improving your website, design and content for elements like keywords, relevancy, user experience (UX), appearance, and ease of use. SAG IPL provides on-page services for all types of businesses in every industry. Whether it is a complete website or just a landing page you need to optimize, we can help.

What we exactly do is - research and find the best relevant keywords for a target web page, then we optimize the page content, title, meta, image tags, etc by inserting relevant keywords at all the appropriate places. We also optimize the page design to make it more attractive, user-friendly, responsive and easy to navigate. Besides that, we will also improve your site’s overall navigation, inter-linking, loading speed, URL, title & headers, content (fresh, unique, keyword density, quality), search engine indexing (robots.txt, sitemaps, Schema), images, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Hire professional on-page SEO services now!

This is How We Deliver Our On Page SEO Services

SAG IPL on-page SEO services include but are not limited to:

SERP Analysis Optimization

SERP Analysis Optimization

We research your site’s SERP standings and competitors to find out aspects where your site is lacking and can be improved for better search rankings. Besides that, we optimize your website for Robots.txt, Schema Structured Data

Keyword Research and Insertion

Keyword Research and Insertion

Keywords are an important parameter for Google to determine the relevance of your site/page. At this stage, we research and find the best keywords & phrases for the target page and insert them at all the appropriate places on the site.

URL Optimization

URL Optimization

URLs that are shorter, cleaner and self-explanatory are liked by both search engines and users. We will optimize your website URLs according to the best of Google’s recommendations.

Meta Description

Meta Description

This is a 2-3 line text which is used by Google as a snippet of your website in search results. We improve your page’s description by including relevant keywords and making it easier to read and understand.

Title Optimization

Title Optimization

This is crucial because titles are the first thing that both Google and your website users notice. We will optimize Title of each of your site pages with relevant keywords, character limit, and modifiers, like best, 2018, guide, to make it catchy.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

This is one of the most important parts of your site and contributes the most to your search rankings. We optimize your site content to make it unique, relevant, longer and informative with proper visual content (multimedia, videos, images, etc).

Image/Video Optimization

Image/Video Optimization

This involves improving the quality and dimensions of images/videos to make them more appealing and adding proper image alt tags to enable search engines to recognize and index all of the site images.

Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Minimizing your page load time is essential to make a good impression both on the site visitors and search engine crawlers. We optimize it by reducing the use of graphics, plugins & the size of images.

Navigation Optimization

Navigation Optimization (Internal Linking)

A good website will always be easy to browse & navigate through. We will optimize the navigation of your site to make it simple, and clean & include proper interlinking between various pages & the homepage.

Affordable SEO Packages & Pricing

Best SEO Pricing & Plans starting @ $300

Our SEO packages are very cost-friendly, we assure significant results that will stay with you for a very long term. Our affordable and best-value packages have been designed to suit the budget and needs of every kind of business. If you are a new startup in the market, then don't forget to visit the SEO packages for the small business page.

As a Google certified & partner company, we take pride in being a reliable source for high-quality SEO services in Jaipur, India. Most of the services mentioned in the table are included in all our packages. However, you can choose the SEO package that best suits the demands of your campaign. Our ‘Premium’ package is the most popular one, as it is affordable and has all the standard features a business might need. You can get extra benefits by purchasing the yearly plan.

Take a look at our SEO plans and packages along with pricing details.

Packages Basic 499
Advanced 900 USD/Month Premium 1499 USD/Month
Keywords Upto 10 Upto 20 Upto 30
Page Optimized Upto 5 Upto 10 Upto 20
Backlinks 100 200 300
Estimated Ranking 2-3 Months 2-3 Months 3-4 Months
Estimated Traffic 1k Months 2.5k Months 6k Months

These Are The Best On-Page SEO Trends That We Follow

We follow the various latest and ongoing SEO trends & techniques in line with Google’s recommendations.

Free analysis


Rankbrain is a search algorithm by Google that sorts search results and determines website rankings based on user interaction and experience (UX). Our SEO strategy is designed according to Rankbrain with a focus on UX optimization.


CTR Optimization

Besides user experience, our major focus is on optimizing the click-through rate (CTR) of your web pages in search engines. CTR is the number of times your website link is clicked out of its total appearances in search results.

Dedicated Developers

Featured Snippet Optimization

Featured Snippets are getting a lot of popularity and buzz. They are Special results that appear in SERP for specific queries and questions. If eligible, we try our best to include your web pages in these Featured Snippets.

Dedicated Developers


Visual content, like images and videos, continues to rise in popularity owing to its wide appeal. So, we optimize your existing content by adding new, more engaging images, videos and other visual content.

Dedicated Developers

Mobile First Index

Google had a long time before declared that it considers the mobile version of a website the only version for indexing purposes. We, therefore, ensure that your website works seamlessly across all devices.

Dedicated Developers

Voice Search Optimization

With the increasing use of mobile phones, more people are now using the voice search option for Google Search. This is why it has become crucial that your website is optimized to appear in voice search results.

Are There Some Reasons You Need On Page SEO Company? Definitely Yes!

On-page optimization is the key to increasing your website’s visibility and rankings in search engines and also for making it more famous. Here’s how it can benefit your business.

When your website is good, users who visit it will be motivated to make a purchase or take a desired action. This will result in a higher ROI for your business.

An interactive, user-friendly and content-rich website will ensure the best user experience which in turn will improve your website ranking in search engines.

A search-engine friendly website which is optimized for relevant keywords and provides useful content/services will automatically get good ranks increasing its visibility.

If not for search engines, you can always optimize your site/page for simply improving its worth. On-page SEO is like renovating your website to add value to it.

With a mobile-optimized website, you’ll be able to target your mobile prospects in a much better way since your site would appear same on all the platforms.

You Might Be Wondering About Benefits Here Are The Benefits

SAG IPL is a renowned provider of professional on page SEO services to businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. Here’s why you should choose us.

  • Comprehensive On Page SEO service package which covers all the important aspects of website optimization.
  • Free website analysis for all the areas that need to be improved from SEO and user point of views.
  • Top quality SEO services at highly competitive prices.
  • Multi-level optimization process to ensure that all the major and minor things that can affect your site’s rankings are covered.
  • Dedicated design & development team for making required changes in real time.
  • Regular reporting with detailed performance analysis.
  • Dedicated SEO team of 50+ individuals trained and experienced in handling various aspects of on-page SEO.
  • Experienced content writers who will optimize your website content with the right keywords and add long-term value to it.

Industries We Serve


Our developers specialise in building health mobile apps that are HIPAA-compliant and designed to drive results.

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Retail & Ecommerce

We build almost all kinds of e-commerce mobile solutions & apps, including shopping apps, e-commerce carts, and more.

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Banking & Finance

From investment solutions to asset management apps and digital/crypto wallet apps, we build high-quality enterprise apps.

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Travel & Tourism

Having great expertise in mobile app development for the travel industry, we are able to build on-demand travel apps of every kind.

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Media & Entertainment

We will help increase the reach of your media/entertainment business with custom apps like AI chatbots, video streaming, etc..

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Education & E-Learning

Take your education business to the next level with our smart mobile learning solutions & apps like ebooks, e-school, and more.

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Queries You Might Want To Ask

Have questions about our On Page SEO company or services? Find answers here.

On-page SEO involves optimizing your website for both search engines and targeted users. The more search engine friendly your website is, the better Google crawlers will be able to index and rank it. Also, Google considers user experience and interaction an important factor for ranking. We optimize all of that in on-page SEO services.

More than 93% of internet users use search engines to search for a new business, find information or shop online. If your website is not ranking in Google, you’re missing a lot of business online.

Off page SEO is about promoting your website or online business by creating links on other relevant sites. It involves getting links as votes. On page SEO, on the other hand, involves optimization of the website itself to make it search-engine friendly and improve its value, visibility, ease of use and appearance.

Yes, website speed is an important factor used by Google’s Rankbrain to determine the site’s search rankings depending on how useful it is for the end user. A slow website is not appreciated by visitors.

Not necessarily. If your existing website theme is unique, relevant, appealing and user-friendly, you are not required to change it. But if your current theme is bad looking, has a poor layout and disoriented colors and fonts, ask your on-page SEO company to change it immediately.

We do not claim to be the best in the industry, but we are certainly good at what we do. At SAG IPL, we have been indulged in quality SEO for over 7 years now. Our team includes top SEO professionals with experiences in a variety of industries. Need more? Ask our clients.

Our on-page service cost ranges from $50 to $500 per hour depending on your specific requirements and the SEO expert/team you hire for the job.

Google’s mobile-first index make it mandatory that you have a mobile responsive website. But don’t worry, our on-page SEO services cover mobile-responsive feature as well.

Physical advertisements like magazine or newspaper ads have limited reach. They are fruitful only for promotion to existing customers. But online SEO and website can help you reach a much wider audience, beyond your city or region, and market an exact targeted audience in a better way.

In simple words, an SEO-friendly design is the one that search engines like and prefer. A website with a clear and responsive design, easy navigation, proper interlinking and unique and useful content is preferred by Google because it is easy to crawl and index by its crawlers.

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