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What Is The Definition of SEO in 2020?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of increasing the visibility of a targeted website in the search engines so as to improve the traffic, leads and/or overall ROI of the associated business. While SEO involves improving the organic ranking or a website or web page in search engine results, it’s not just about that. The modern SEO practice includes everything from website optimized to link building to content optimization and much more.

Boost Organic Rankings With Growth-Centric SEO Services in Vancouver

At SAG IPL, an SEO Company in Vancouver, we have gained in-depth expertise in SEO through our years of experience helping clients increase organic traffic and leads to their websites. Our primary goal is not just getting ranks or bringing traffic to your site but also converting them into real customers. We will help you generate convertible leads by gradually establishing your business as a trustworthy brand in the online space. Being a decade old company and having worked with over a hundred SEO clients in Vancouver, we truly understand what SEO is all about and how to achieve great results for any kind of business. So, if you’re serious about getting leads to your website, give us a call right away!

Are you a lawyer, doctor, accountant or someone running a small business in Vancouver, Canada? Are you desperately looking for new clients or leads? Well, you need Vancouver SEO Company, for the following reasons.

World Class SEO Services Brought You By Vancouver SEO Company

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

We will first review & optimize your website for meta tags, content, design, user-experience, navigation, sitemaps, images, location, NAP, contact page, keywords, etc.

Business Listing

Business Listing

This involves listing your business on all the popular listing sites in your particular niche so as to increase the visibility of your business and make it reach to more potential customers.

Review Generation

Review Generation

We will encourage, even reward, your existing customers and users to write reviews about your business, products and/or services and share their feedback about the company.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Our content team will create and publish high-quality, relevant content about your business, products and services to help make your brand more popular among the audience.

Link Building

Link Building

When it comes to backlinks, we prefer quality over quantity. We will meticulously build relevant and high-quality backlinks to increase the organic search rankings of your site.

Paid Advertising (Optional)

Paid Advertising (Optional)

Although not compulsory, we often recommend local businesses in Vancouver, Canada to seek the help of paid advertisements, such as Facebook ads, etc. to better target specific audience.

You Need Us To Do Things Differently For Your Business Promotion

Are you a lawyer, doctor, accountant or someone running a small business in Vancouver? Are you desperately looking for new clients or leads? Well, you need SEO, for the following reasons.

Most of your site's traffic comes from Organic Search. SEO will improve your search visibility.

SEO is also important for making a better user experience on the site visitors.

SEO helps you understand and optimize the overall buying cycle for better results.

Good SEO will give you long-term results and will keep profiting your business with no recurring costs.

SEO will help build trust in your business by increasing the credibility of your brand.

Local SEO is the key to bring traffic, engagement & conversions to your local business.

SEO is usually cheaper than alternative marketing options such as paid advertising.

SEO is easy to measure.

We Can Spread Your Right Message Among The Right People At The Right Time

SAG IPL has been in business for a very LONG time. We have the expertise, team and resources to get you the results you desire.

Years of Experience

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with literally every kind of business in almost every industry. So, there is not much we don’t know when it comes to online marketing.

Expertise in SEO Strategy

Since SAG IPL was founded, SEO (& digital marketing) has been our core business. We do all types of digital marketing, including local SEO, and have become a true expert in the field.

Creative SEO Team

Our SEO team consists of 200+ professionals, including search marketers, social media experts, content marketers, and more, each one of whom has been trained well.

Local SEO Simplified

Not to brag, but there aren’t many SEO companies that understand local SEO like we do. We will improve the rankings, leads and sales of your business in the most organic way possible.

Affordable Costs

And for everyone’s benefit, we have kept our costs minimal so that we can continue to deliver the best quality SEO services to both small and big companies alike in Vancouver.

Points That Separate Us From Other Vancouver SEO Companies

SAGIPL's growth-centric SEO strategies are the key to increasing your website’s visibility and rankings in search engines and also for making it more famous.
Here’s how it can benefit your business:

Every business dreams of ranking high in Google. We will make your dream come true.

We will write about you, talk about you and spread the word so as to make your business reach every corner of the internet.

We do not just believe in good rankings but also in converting those rankings into traffic & leads.

With us, your business will get the leads that actually convert and end up increasing your business ROI.

As your business visibility and reach increase, so will the brand awareness and more people will start knowing you.

SEO Company Vancouver

SEO Plan, Pricing and Packages

Our Vancouver SEO service packages start as low as $199.

Packages Basic $199
Advanced $299 USD/Month Premium $399 USD/Month
Rank Brain Optimization
Meta Data CTR Optimization yes yes yes
Dwell Time Optimization yes yes yes
RankBrain-Friendly Keyword Research yes yes yes
User Intent Effective Keyword Research no yes yes
Feature Snippets Optimization yes yes yes
Informative & User Friendly Content Optimization yes yes yes

Local and Small Business Industries We Serve

We provide SEO services to all the industries that deal in local business. These include:

  • Vancouver SEO services Doctor


  • Local SEO services for Lawyers


  • Local SEO services for News Agencies

    News Agencies

  • Vancouver SEO services for Finance & Insurance

    Finance & Insurance

  • Local SEO services for News Agencies

    News Agencies

  • Vancouver SEO services for Logistics


  • Local SEO services for Restaurants and Hotels

    Restaurants/ Hotels

  • Vancouver SEO services for Business Consultant

    Business Consultant

  • Local SEO services for Furniture Store

    Furniture Store

  • Vancouver SEO services for Grocery Shop

    Grocery Shop

  • Local SEO services for Clothing Store

    Clothing Store

  • Vancouver SEO services for Packaging Companies

    Packaging Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

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SAG IPL (Canada) branch is based in Vancouver. Our head office is, however, located in Jaipur (India).

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