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Augmented Reality App

SAG IPL is an affordable augmented reality mobile application company wing of SAG infotech Pvt Ltd, a renowned name in providing various mobile app solutions in India for more than a decade. SAG IPL leverages the years of experience in a step ahead interactive user experience technology for varied business platforms. With the dedicated team of experts, we at SAG IPL have developed an Android and iOS based Augmented Reality application which offers a dual mixture of the virtual and real world.

Augmented Reality Development technology
Augmented Reality Development Examples

What is Augmented Reality Technology

First Know, What is Augmented Reality Technology - Augmented Reality enables the business organisation to visualise their products in 360 degree to the customers in the real-time and in the real world via smartphone or tablet. Using this innovative technology, the user can feel your products more alive and optimise them accordingly before buying any of them.

Augmented Reality for Interior Design -

With the Augmented Reality, you can visualise your products to your customers in the real-time and in the real world. The technology further helps in boosting your sales graph by elevating the user experience in virtually designed space.

Our application offers customise 3D experience of your products that enables the customers to personalise their home interior using virtual furniture and other decorating stuff.

augmented reality companies
augmented reality in automobiles

Augmented Reality for Automobile Industry -

In this application, users can take a tour around of the selected car from various manufacturers before they head to buy it.This app helps in offering a 360-degree view through inside-out of all your automobiles in 3D augmented reality, in real time as well as in the real environment.

Augmented Reality for Restaurant

Simply, it’s a 3D menu card of your restaurant that shows the users all of your food options in 360 degree using computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video or graphics.

This creative way is the latest trend in the market and is being highly admired by the food industries.

augmented reality food menu
Augmented Reality Development for Business Card

Augmented Reality - Business Card

Well, it’s time to make your business card smart enough to describe your organisation by itself. In the rapidly changing competitive business world, sometimes you have to be stand out from the crowd. Making your business card unique and creative via Augmented Reality could be a way to that. We at SAG Infotech bring you a smart Augmented Reality technology that won’t just let your business card be a piece of paper, instead, consists the complete info about your organisation or industry.

Augmented Reality - Education

Now is the time to revamp our education system with a digital platform and make the education more interesting and exciting for our kids. Our team at SAG Infotech developed a bridge of augmented reality to fill the gap between virtual and real world via a smartphone application. Based on the Augment Reality theory the app enables the students to have a 360-degree view of the objects printed in their book so that they can have the feel of the actual object without presenting it physically. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

augmented reality examples education
Augmented Reality Development Company

Working with SAG IPL -

“Client’s success is our success” this is what we believe in. We offer cost effective highly customised app development service according to the need of different businesses.

With the latest trend of Augmented Reality, we enable you to serve your customers in most interactive manner. Using this application they can find the perfect virtual match in context to the real world before head to buy any of your products.

Let us take the charge for you, our team of experts, from designers to developers, all are up to help you in taking your business on the augmented-virtual world.

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