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A business application is a mobile software program that allows business clients and customers to perform various business activities and functions. These apps are created as extensions to increase the productivity of the business, add new features or functions, for performance tracking and to effectively perform other activities in the business. At SAG IPL, we have an engaging and detailed business analysis and app development process for the development of web and mobile business apps.

According to Strategy Analytics, the market for mobile enterprise apps will likely increase from nearly $74 billion in 2016 to $128 billion by 2022.

Our expert developers can help you create business applications of all kinds including large scale business apps such as ERP, medium scale business software like HRM system, and/or small scale business programs like accounting and other office software applications. We even have dedicated designers and developers with proficiency in the development of high-quality business specific apps, such as a customized accounting software. You can contact us and hire skilled business app developers for building any kind of custom business web or mobile software app. We will not only help you build your business applications, but we will also help you understand and implement these apps perfectly into your existing system.

In addition to offering highly competitive next-gen applications, we also help you mold your business to keep pace with the fast emerging technology trends and achieve the business objectives of technical excellence and better business value for your own clients. Take a look at our comprehensive business app solutions and services below.

Business Web Application Design and Development

SAG IPL is a renowned business web application development company that offers high-performance business web apps and software for all industries and purposes. We have been developing business apps for past many years now and have worked with hundreds of clients of all kinds including some of the fortune 500 companies. Our business web apps are designed to fulfil the specific demands of your business, no matter the kind. We can also build the strategies for your particular needs.

Featured Business App Development Frameworks

A business application development framework is a software program designed to help developers ease and optimize the process of developing business web and mobile apps. These frameworks are capable of reducing the overall app development time and cost by customizing the process. They usually work on a single programming language. SAG IPL business app developers make use of some of the top web and mobile app development frameworks to optimize the process and reduce the cost.

  • Ruby on Rails: Based on the push-based MVC architecture, this is a free-to-use website framework used for developing a range of applications.
  • AngularJS: It is an open source development framework that supports extended HTML vocabulary for enhanced website app development.
  • CakePHP: This is another popular open-source PHP platform that is used to facilitate faster and simpler development of interactive web apps.
  • ASP.net: Built on Common Language Runtime (CLR), ASP makes use of HTTP commands and ensures the development of robust web and mobile apps.
  • Zend: It is a customized web application platform that integrates the object oriented functionality that makes it easily extensible and adaptable.
  • Phalcon: One of the fastest PHP frameworks, Phalcon is known to increase the speed and quality of development by reducing the resource usage.

Business mobile application design and development

Business mobile apps are different from web apps in that these apps are specifically designed for mobile users to enable them to work on mobile devices. We have dedicated mobile developers who are continuously working to build the most sophisticated mobile applications and software for our clients all over the globe. You can also get yourself added to a long list of happy clients who have been using our services and been satisfied with the quality and excellence. Mobile apps have now become a necessity of every type of business, and there is no better place than SAG IPL to get one for your own business. Do reach us now.

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So, what do you think about us and our business app development services? Did you like what you saw and read here? Do you have a doubt in mind? Put it on the table, and we will try our best to help you find answers to all your questions. We also promise to provide the best quality app development you may have witnessed so far. You’ll get direct access to our top-class developers and designers who will help you build any kind of custom business app for any purpose. So, just contact us now to get the things started at our business app development company.

Business Application Development Ideas

  • City parking finder app
  • Real-time car sharing app
  • App for tenants/landlords
  • OFood sharing app
  • Real-time voice translation
  • Compatible people finder app
  • Freelance team app, etc.

These app ideas are based on the apps developed by us and also the ones shared by many people on the internet. If you have anything specific in mind, do feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your ideas with our expert developers.

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