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SAG IPL is a top mobile UI UX design agency, creating beautiful and engaging UI designs to improve usability and viewing experience for your targeted audience to increase revenue of your business. With the years of experience, we have developed many successful projects in mobile application development for various mobile platforms.

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Mobile UI UX Design Agency

Mobile UI Design Services

A mobile user interface (mobile UI) is the graphical interface or display on a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device. It is how a user communicates or interacts with various apps and content of the device. The basic principle for mobile UI design is that it should be simple, attractive and user-friendly. At SAG IPL, our team of expert UI designers can help you get the best and most interactive UI designs for your mobile apps and devices. We develop for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, iPad, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and more.

We understand that mobile user interface design is much different from the traditional desktop UI designs. It involves designing icons and symbols for a smaller screen, optimizing touch controls, and customization while ensuring usability, consistency, and readability. We have so far designed hundreds of mobile interfaces from the simplest to the most complex design requirements. Do have a look at our portfolio to check out the mobile UI designs created by our highly proficient UI designers.

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Mobile App UI Design Tools

We make use of the latest technologies and the best design tools for all our UI designing work.
Following are two of the most common design tools used by our developers.

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Adobe Illustrator is a popular vector graphics app used to create attractive logos, drawings, graphics, cartoons, icons, fonts, typography, and complex design illustrations. The software makes it easy to design complex applications such as a mobile interface.

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It is a major photo editing tool by Adobe that can be used to draw and edit images, paintings, etc. Photoshop is used by our designers to design powerful UI elements such as interactive widgets, icons, visuals, etc. as a part of the interface design

Our Mobile UI Design Services

Mobile UI design services offered by SAG IPL include the following services.

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App icon design

The icon of a mobile app should be attractive and match perfectly with the idea behind your app. We can help you design the perfect icon for your mobile app that will clearly reflect your business/idea.

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Mobile App Prototyping

It is the process of developing prototypes (wireframes) that work as the base for developing new, better designs. We can develop the best mobile app prototypes based on your unique ideas.

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Mobile User Experience (UX) Design

The designing of mobile UI that is easy to use and guarantees customer satisfaction and positive user experience.

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Visual Design

Incorporating proper and attractive graphics along with the brand name, icons, etc. to make the UI design more appealing to users.

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Mobile User Interface Design Principles

UI design principles are the guidelines followed by our designers to build high-quality user interface designs for you.


At SAGIPL, we develop the best custom PHP websites for every purpose and every type of business. Get a custom website developed that is unique and specific to your company.


The design is structured such as to organize the interface in a meaningful and clear, consistent manner, keeping related things together and differentiating unrelated things.


Steps are followed to make sure that the design is simple and easy enough for the end user to understand and use.


We make sure that all the important things are given in the user-visible area or are easy to access. The user should be able to see all the necessary options without getting confused by unneeded information.


Our UI designs are flexible enough to be changed or updated with new information and/or functionality as and when needed without needing much time or cost. Feedbacks: Regular updates about user-actions, design errors, update requirements, etc. are important to keep the user informed.


All our app designs are tested by real users in a real-time environment to ensure the simplicity and robustness of the design.

Why SAG IPL for mobile UI design

The user interface is one of the most important components of a mobile app. Most users will leave your app at once if its UI is not simple, attractive and/or user-friendly enough. We understand that a mobile interface design is very much different from that of a web application. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of mobile UI designers who have worked on hundreds of apps so far and know the key to a great user experience.

Here are the reasons why you should choose us for your mobile UI design:

  • A team of efficient design professionals with years of experience
  • Developed over 500 mobile app UI designs in various niches
  • Unique and innovative design principles
  • User experience (UX) focused interface designs
  • Expert in mobile icons, graphics, and themes designing
  • Design compatibility with all popular platforms & devices
  • High-quality UI design at competitive rates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? Read the following FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to find your answer, or contact us now with a new question.

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UI designers are responsible for designing wireframes (prototypes) and the actual interfaces with the help of tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Once the design part is completed, the UI designer conducts testing to ensure the specifications of the end product.

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