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SAGIPL is top leading responsive web design company across the global. With a responsive design a website adjusts its layout and Fluid like best display its content in the different size of the devices. Our designers make a mobile friendly design that highlights a level of your professionalism with stylish graphics, easy navigation, and an integrated layout on all the devices.

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Why You Need A Responsive Website Design More than 50% of Online Visitors are from Mobile & Tablets

Did you know more people today prefer to browse the internet, use social media and make a Google search using their smartphones and other portable devices than computers? So, the only way for your business to continue providing a seamless experience to your users is having a responsive website that works best across all platforms & devices. We can help in your mobile responsive website requirnments.

Responsive Web Design Services offered by Top Leading Responsive Website Design Company India

We at SAG IPL, a responsive web design agency offer high-quality web development and responsive website design services to help businesses provide the best level of user experience to all their visitors across all major devices & platforms. Our website designs, themes and layouts are made to be mobile responsive, which means they will appear the same on all devices and screen sizes. You can hire our responsive website design services India & talented team of dedicated web development professionals for custom, responsive website development according to your specific needs & business goals.

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PHP, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript - PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap

PHP, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript - PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap

PHP, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript - PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Why SAGIPL is top leading responsive web design company in India

Fast Loading website

We know how much Google and users love fast loading sites, so we will make sure your web design is fast, responsive and user-friendly to be able to create a long-lasting impression on visitors and attract more sales.

Professional & Appealing

Our responsive web design india specialize in building professional-looking websites with appealing layouts, images and designs that are able to engage the users and make them convert to help your business get more leads & sales.


We will make sure that your online business website is user-friendly to be able to make a good impression on the visitors and let them find the information/product or make a purchase in the easiest manner.

Cross Browser compatibility

It’s important to have a responsive website that works seamlessly across multiple browsers, devices and screen sizes. Our expert web designers will give you high-quality, cross-browser compatible designs at a competitive cost.

Easily Navigable

To make sure that your website is easy to navigate through and makes it easy for the users to find information, we use advanced yet user-friendly layouts and themes that are built to make life easier for your customers.

W3C Validated

Being a leading and highly experienced web design agency, we are able to create web designs that are W3C compliant, which means your website design is properly formatted and includes only the best components.

HTML and CSS3 based

We use high-end web design technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, as well as advanced tools such as Photoshop 21, Dreamweaver, etc. to achieve excellence in our web designs and make sure it works like a charm!

Web 2.0 based

With the advanced age of internet development, we have also upgraded our web design standards to include only advanced, dynamic and creative design technologies that help create timeless website designs for you.

Search Engine Optimized

Having a good understanding of search engine algorithms and strategy, our skilled web designers are able to build SEO-optimized web designs that will help you rank faster and easier than any online marketing technique.

We Use The Best Frameworks In Responsive Web Design Making

A web design framework is used for the development of web applications. At SAGIPL, we make use of the best responsive website development company frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation to build the most exceptional website designs. Find out more about these web design frameworks below.


Our developers and web designers are using one of the most popular front-end design frameworks to develop any kind of responsive website.


his is a special responsive framework which is used to design the web and mobile applications and interactive email templates.


This framework is used for the design of websites that are small in size and require fast development.Other popular responsive design

Research Shows Responsive Web Design Engage More Customer for Your Business

Although hiring a developer or team of developers is usually a convenient and affordable option for most projects, some special situations demand full-time dedicated developers who can completely focus on building your apps or websites. Mobile friendly design is the need of present and the future. Gone are the days when your website was only viewed on a PC or laptop computer.

Here are some reasons why you may need to hire dedicated developers:

  • More than 70% of the total search queries are now originating from mobile devices. Let’s find out some other interesting statistics and benefits of mobile responsive designs.
  • 60% of the total internet users are now on mobile.
  • 90% of users prefer to visit their favorite websites using mobile devices.
  • 40% of users immediately close a website/page if it’s not mobile-friendly.
  • Responsive sites automatically adjust to any device of any size.
  • Having a single site for mobile and desktop devices leads to better SEO results.
  • Mobile compatible sites are preferred by Google and other Search Engines.
  • Specific mobile features to personalize mobile user experience.
Responsive vs Mobile-Friendly Websites

Responsive vs Mobile-Friendly Websites: What's the Difference?

A responsive website and a mobile-friendly website are basically the same, with a few minor differences. While a responsive website is designed such that it can adapt itself to the needs of the device and the users, mobile web design services look the same on mobile devices as it appears on the web.

A responsive website contains dynamic content that automatically changes with the device size, images are optimized for mobile and a few tweaks are made to make the website compliant with the mobile OS. Responsive website design company India offers mobile-friendly site, however, contains static content that doesn’t change and images are smaller here.

Why SAGIPL is a leading responsive web design company India

Responsive Web Design Services Offered By Top Responsive Website Design Agency Sag Ipl In India

Our responsive website design services include the creation of a high-quality, user-friendly, mobile compatible website design that will work smoothly on all the major screens, devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.), and browsers. Being a full-service responsive web design in india, we expertise in building highly intuitive & user-friendly responsive web designs to support your online business visitors and help you convert most of the traffic coming to your website.

For developing an amazing responsive website design, our web developers make use of advanced web technologies & tools, including HTML5 (for front-end designing), CSS3 (for responsive design), and JavaScript (for backend development). Besides HTML5 & CSS3, we also use many other best-in-class and trending web development/design technologies such as PHP7 to achieve high compatibility, performance and robustness. We have a wonderful team of experienced web designers, developers and UI/UX designers who love to create great, high-quality, mobile-first web designs for our clients in a variety of industries. We can help you develop an outstanding responsive website from scratch or redesign your existing business website to make it responsive and work seamlessly on all devices.

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A responsive web design automatically adapts itself to any screen size, device and browser by resizing its content, images, and graphics. Responsive websites are needed for mobile web users.

No. A responsive design will work on both platforms.

We will use the best responsive design framework to develop the most user-friendly website as per your requirements. The timeframe of designing usually depends on the size of the website with minimum one month for a few page website.

To keep your website useful for visitors and Search Engines, it is important to regularly update your website content and looks. This is called website maintenance. We also provide web maintenance services.

Yes, for a limited time period.

The process of redesigning a website with new look, images, graphics, content, etc. We can redesign your website to make it mobile compatible.

You will be assigned a project manager who will handle all your queries, updates, etc. He/she will keep you updated about the progress of your project.

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