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With a responsive design a website adjusts its layout to best display its content in the different size of the devices. Our designers make a responsive web design for your website that highlights a level of your professionalism with stylish graphics, easy navigation, and an integrated layout.

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The design is the most important part of a website, even more than the development. It is the first thing that users see and notice on your website. A web design should be simple, attractive, smart, easy-to-navigate, mobile-responsive and user-friendly. The design of your website should be both professional and interactive. At SAGIPL, you can get the best responsive website designed for any purpose and every industry. We expertise in building highly responsive and user compatible web designs to cater the needs of both the users and Search Engines.

Why Go Responsive?

Here are 3 major reasons why you should move to responsive web design:

  • Globally Compatible: With a responsive web design, your website will work smoothly on all the devices and platforms even if the size of devices keep changing with the time.
  • Great User base: More than 70% of the total internet users are coming from mobile devices. This number is only going to increase in the coming future.
  • Easy to Manage and Optimize: Mobile optimized websites are comparatively easier to manage and run. You need not have separate websites for the web and the mobile. Responsive designs are also preferred from the SEO point of view.

A responsive website is compatible with all devices and platforms irrespective of their sizes. As you must already know, the online world is shifting fast from the web (PC & Laptop) to the mobile. With mobile devices becoming smarter every day, even more people are now using their smartphones to access the internet and open websites. In this scenario, if your website is not mobile-compatible, you might be losing a lot of mobile traffic. Thanks to SAGIPL’s robust web design services, you can now get a mobile responsive web design developed in no time for any type of website.

Responsive Website Design and Development Services

Responsive Web Design Services offered by SAGIPL include building mobile compatible website designs that work smoothly on any device, size, platform, and browser. A Responsive Web Design involves the application of HTML5 (for front-end designing), CSS3 (for responsiveness), and JavaScript for the backend. We expertise in the development of world class mobile-compatible sites that work perfectly on any platform, irrespective of the mobile device and web browser.

We use HTML5, CSS3, PHP7 and all the latest web design and development technologies for all our mobile web development to ensure high compatibility and robustness. We have a team of web designers, developers and graphic designers who work in collaboration to produce a high-quality mobile responsive design for every project. We can develop for you a new responsive website from scratch or remake your existing website into mobile-friendly, as per your requirement.

Benefits of Responsive Design with Statistics

Although hiring a developer or team of developers is usually a convenient and affordable option for most projects, some special situations demand full-time dedicated developers who can completely focus on building your apps or websites. Responsive design is the need of present and the future. Gone are the days when your website was only viewed on a PC or laptop computer.

Here are some reasons why you may need to hire dedicated developers:

  • More than 70% of the total search queries are now originating from mobile devices. Let’s find out some other interesting statistics and benefits of mobile responsive designs.
  • 60% of the total internet users are now on mobile.
  • 90% of users prefer to visit their favorite websites using mobile devices.
  • 40% of users immediately close a website/page if it’s not mobile-friendly.
  • Responsive sites automatically adjust to any device of any size.
  • Having a single site for mobile and desktop devices leads to better SEO results.
  • Mobile compatible sites are preferred by Google and other Search Engines.
  • Specific mobile features to personalize mobile user experience.

Responsive Web Design Frameworks

A web design framework is used for the development of web applications. At SAGIPL, we make use of the best responsive design frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation to build the most exceptional website designs. Find out more about these web design frameworks below.


Our developers and web designers are using one of the most popular front-end design frameworks to develop any kind of responsive website.


his is a special responsive framework which is used to design the web and mobile applications and interactive email templates.


This framework is used for the design of websites that are small in size and require fast development.Other popular responsive design frameworks used by our web designers include Pure, Montage, Gumby, Siimple, Cascade and Semantic UI.

Our Latest Work

During our 10 years of web designing career, we have developed some of the most interactive responsive web and mobile applications. Have a look at our recent works below.

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Why Choose SAG IPL for Responsive Web Design

SAGIPL has a number of expert web designers and developers with years of experience in the field of responsive web designing. We take pride in being one of the fastest growing web development companies in the industry. Hire us to witness the most amazing of responsive web applications.

Our Certifications and Achievements:

  • 7+ Years of reponsive design experience
  • 20+ Experts of designing technology
  • 800+ websites and mobile apps delivered to clients
  • CMMI Level 3 dev company
  • Certification with ISO 27001:2013
  • Member of FICCI
  • Member of NASSCOM and ASSOCHAM India
  • Member of Data Security Council of India (DSCI)
  • 400+ Clients worldwide

Why are we different from other IT companies?

  • We create powerful websites.
  • We only charge you when we do work for you.
  • We have experienced caring and reliable team.
  • We are Innovators, provide creative solutions.
  • We listen, we discuss, we advise.
  • We provide a quick response.
  • We Are On Time And On Budget.
  • We deliver what we say.
  • We collaborate with you every step of the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Responsive Design

Man Asking Questions About Responsive Website Designing


A responsive web design automatically adapts itself to any screen size, device and browser by resizing its content, images, and graphics. Responsive websites are needed for mobile web users.

Reponsive Design Development Related Faq

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