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We are creative maestro, and as the best Wordpress development company in India, we have converted many dreams into reality. With a team of 200+ members, we are working actively at every client's unique requirements, existing brand and personal taste.

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What is WordPress Development?

WordPress Development refers to the activity of developing websites, blogs, plugins, themes, online portals and other content based on WordPress, which is the internet’s most popular content management system.

As of 2019, over 25% of the overall websites are powered by WordPress, making it the top CMS in the world. Read 102 more Significant WordPress Statistics to gain a Better idea of WordPress.

We at SAG IPL develop great WordPress websites for our clients in a range of industries and for different purposes.

WordPress is an open-source content management system which was developed to enable people to create websites and blogs with the help of built-in tools. WordPress, which was originally created as a blogging platform, has gradually developed into a complete content platform with support to almost every kind of website and online portal, including web 2.0, blogs, e-commerce sites, portfolios, forums, and more.

SAG IPL, being a mature web development company with over 10 years of experience in WordPress development, has a dedicated team of 30+ proficient and highly trained WordPress developers who specialize in custom web development, WordPress theme development, plugin development, and other related services. So, if you’re looking to hire a professional WordPress development company for your project or want to outsource high-quality WordPress web/app development services from an experienced company, contact us today.





Excellent WordPress Development Services With Everything You Desire

We are a result-driven WordPress development agency committed to develop and deliver high-performance web/mobile solutions catered to the needs of clients in multiple industries.

WordPress Theme development

WordPress Theme development

To keep you ahead from your competitors, we have expert and creative developers ready to provide you the most modern Wordpress theme development services.

WordPress Template development/customization

WordPress Template development/customization

We will also develop highly customized/customizable templates for your WordPress website, making sure that your business stands out of the crowd and your competitors. Read here the benefits of the custom WordPress theme.

WordPress Plugin development

WordPress Plugin development

Not happy with available plugins or want something different? Our talented PHP coders can build the right plugin or extension to add more functions as per your website’s need.

WordPress Website/Blog development

WordPress Website/Blog development

Want a new start through starting a website or blog? We can provide an overall website or blog development service at the incomparable cost. Whether you need a blog, portal, eCommerce website or a business website we will do it happily.

WordPress E-commerce development

WordPress E-commerce development

We are also an expert in developing feature-rich e-commerce websites through woo-commerce website development methods., online shopping carts & portals on WordPress CMS, integrated with multiple payment gateways and more.

WordPress CMS Customization

WordPress CMS Customization

Want more functions in Wordpress? Our developers can provide you customized WordPress CMS specifically customized for your business needs.

WordPress Consulting

WordPress Consulting

Feel comfortable to consult with our experts and get all the information related to WordPress website/blog idea, development, marketing or promotion. And hire the best in the business.

WordPress Optimization

WordPress Optimization

Visitors hate slow websites! Tired of slow loading speed of your website? We can make your website blazing fast. We can optimize your WordPress website speed by keeping all the google norms checked.

WordPress Integration

WordPress Integration

We can also integrate your WordPress website with custom functionality and platforms. Just bring your requirements in front of us and our creative maestro will find a way to integrate your website with APIs and other platforms.

Easy and Effective WordPress Development Process

We follow Agile development process for faster and efficient WordPress solutions.

First, we gather all the data and requirements from the client and analyse them to come up with a strong development plan.

The second stage involves designing the wireframes, themes and layouts for the website which together build the web interface.

At this stage, our PHP developers create the functionality of your WordPress sites using a number of modern tools & technologies.

We test the product with both real users and software tools to detect bugs and issues (if any) and deal with them accordingly.

The final website is delivered to the client or deployed to a web server, as pre-agreed with the client.

We also provide lifetime maintenance and support for all the web/mobile solutions developed by us. If you’re in need, contact us right away.

Save Time, Save Money and Get Better

At SAG IPL, we value your time and trust in us and promise you the following things:

Honest Services

We are committed to providing you with completely transparent services with regular project updates, reports, along with a 100% return guarantee on your investment.

Timely Delivery

If we give you a timeline for project development & delivery, rest assured your product will be delivered on time. We follow an agile development strategy to ensure that.

Impeccable Quality

We understand that great customer satisfaction comes only with great quality and therefore, maintain the highest quality standard in our development processes.

Competitive Pricing

Worried about the high cost of WordPress development? Don’t. We develop and deliver the highest quality WordPress sites at the lowest price in the industry.

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Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

Here’s Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Next Website. These are only 6 points, well we have written 101 reasons why WordPress is perfect for your next website. If you would like to know other reasons then please go through the link.

WordPress is Universal

WordPress is Universal

Since WordPress is a global, open-source project, it is used by millions of websites. So, your website will never be alone, in terms of popularity, users and community.

Super Smooth

Super Smooth

WordPress is designed for the end user, and it is super friendly and easy to use. So, anyone can use it, even without any technical knowledge or background.

Easy to Build

Easy to Build

WordPress websites are easy to build, however, the same cannot be said for WordPress themes, plugins and extension, which require expert skills.

One for All

One for All

WordPress is probably the only CMS which can do wonders in every kind of project it is used, whether it is a business website, a blog, or an e-commerce site.

Highly Reliable

Highly Reliable

In addition to being the most powerful CMS, WordPress is very reliable, which will ensure that your website stays online, is free of bugs and always in its best format.

Unlimited Plugins

Unlimited Plugins

Whatever functionality or feature you don’t get built-in with WordPress, you can add by using one or more existing WordPress plugins from the library of extensions.

What Type of Hire You Are Making

At SAG IPL, we have multiple and flexible hiring models to ensure that you can find and hire the right developer in your budget.

Hire Wordpress Developer at Hourly Basis


Here, you pay per hour basis. This WordPress hiring package is ideal for projects which involve minor updations in a website or development of a small WordPress site/plugin. Also, this is a great hiring option if you’re not certain about the project scope or requirements yet.

Hire Wordpress Developer at Fixed Budget

Fixed Budget

Here you pay a fixed price for the project. This package is suitable for basic WordPress projects with a defined scope and time limit. Also, if you are looking to build a WordPress site in a fixed budget, this one is the best option. Our project manager will analyse your requirements first and then give you a fixed price quote.

Hire Dedicated Wordpress Developer

Dedicated Team/Developer

Here you hire dedicated team or developer with us. This is a perfect option for long-term projects, as you will get a dedicated team of developers who will work for you as per your guidelines and instructions. You’ll get complete access to the team and a better return on your investment.

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

We have worked for varied industries, which is a proof of our excellence and reliability. Only work tells our story, better than anyone and anything.

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Queries You Might Want To Ask


If you're looking to further your understanding of what SAGIPL have to offer, you can find all answers here! We want to make sure you are armed with all the details and information you need to choose the Wordpres website developer who is right for you!

Most of them can develop a working website for you, but in this modern era where Google itself is implanting 13 changes per day in its own algorithm, and where there is a glut of copied ideas and design. Maybe your website needs something unique, something compelling, something up-to-date. And that’s what we at SAGIPL are proudly providing for years. Join the 3000+ happy customers today!!

We will provide the best and most suitable result however it happens rarely that customer does not like the final product. It is also not compulsory that the customer loves the outcome for the first time, sometimes customers need time and also want some changes in the final output. In these cases, we will do the changes as per the customer’s need. But additional functions require some more resources and features then consult with us and confirm with our developer whether these changes will be free of cost or not.

In this era where fake publicity is on the boom, It has never been easy to find an authentic and ethical service provider. But there are some steps that will help you definitely. Before hiring a web developer or even before connecting with them, check their expertise, experience, and portfolio or previous projects. Check the working, their current status and functionality of those projects. Then do a quick comparison with their competitors. Your this step will end up very few options. Then communicate with them and observe their technical skills, budget, etc. That’s how you can do a self-check.

Over the year experience of this field gifted us all the resources, a person/ website or agency needs. SAGIPL is having vast experience in providing world-class WordPress/ web development services. We have a responsible and committed team that can fulfill all the website’s needs. So don’t worry about the resources, we are proudly covered by all.

Yes, SAGIPL follows customer friendly work ethics, thus we will provide you the best service in any and every stage of the WordPress development and maintenance. Just come up to us, bring the idea, work, and the requirement on our desk, consult with our experts and that’s it, You are ready to go. You can even contact us for other Website-related work and we guarantee that you will get what you have come for.

If you are satisfied with everything you are getting with default WordPress then you don’t need anything, but default WordPress and available themes/ plugins have some limitation and that’s where the web developers come into action. A web developer can boost the overall speed of the website, so your website will load faster and your visitor will experience a fast user interface. Additionally, they can fix all the issue which are very hard to notice for a normal person. Web developers can also provide you more functions that are not available in the default setup.

First of All, To run a website you don’t need any technical skills, But when you try to do something extra-ordinary or makeover, only then you will need an expert or technician person. To run a website and keep it up-to-date, you need frequent content and some ordinary tasks. By the way, SAGIPL can provide content writing, SEO, designing, developing and other website related services at a very reliable price, so what are you waiting for?

In most cases, NO! Of course Not. But we can’t completely deny the possibilities in all themes. There are a few themes that contain spam links and malicious codes, but they are really rare. A person or business house always needs to read reviews and opinions about these free themes before installing them on their websites. Malware and virus detection tools provided by hosting providers are very helpful in detecting bloatware and malicious codes.

For Wordpress Development, hiring a team from a reputed WordPress development company like SAGIPL is a better option. There are a few reasons for that, first, you will get a reliable service provider who will responsible for the project, they will have a team that can fix all the problems without any delay, and they will be trustworthy. Second, the agency and its team always try to maintain their reputation, and good brand value so they will be dedicated to providing the best result at a very reliable cost.

There are many ways and options, but to find the best one among them you have to spend a few hours, First of all, find local freelancers or agency that sounds good. Have a good reputation and their portfolio speak in their favor itself. If you don’t find a suitable one, then head up to Google and Linkedin. But don’t go for the first few search results blindly. Go to their website, check their portfolio, projects, services, customer support, and reviews and then choose the best one.

People and Business owners are looking for “all-rounders” actually. They are looking for someone who knows how to make websites 100% functional, but also has a grip on PHP/MySql and is also comfortable in creating WordPress plugins and even customizing the WordPress admin dashboard.

Well, it depends on various factors for the estimation of cost to build a Wordpress website. Well, here’s a guide that will help you figure out the estimated fee for a WordPress website development in 2021.

WordPress is an online content management system, basically used for creating and managing websites. It is free, open-source and has been written in powerful PHP language. With over 75 million websites relying on it, WordPress is arguably the most popular website builder out there.

One of the biggest advantages of using Wordpress is that you have to complete control over your digital platform. Unlike other remote-hosted scripts such as Livejournal and Blogger, you will get to host your Wordpress website on your own server. Moreover, the installation of it is very simple, no like other software programs, where you have to arrange hundreds of files, you just have to install and make your website the way you want in some simple steps.

Yeah, of course, you are completely allowed to move from WordPress.com to a self-hosted installation.

Most of the top blog platforms, websites and even some of the Fortune 500 companies use Wordpress. Some of the giant companies using Wordpress include TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, Best Buy, Xerox, Harvard Business Review and many more.

Wordpress gets updated around 4 to 8 times per year, which is more than most of the other software available. Every new update of the software comes with new security patches, which increases the security in every update.

You will only have to use PHP while integrating some of the plugins, but not for all of them. Some of the plugins still need manual edits to get integrated with your files, whereas most of the plugins are available with clear instructions in a text file.

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