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Lead Generation is a marketing methodology which is used to generate the interest of customers in order to enhance the services of business. SAG IPL provides services to boost your organization's lead and convert them into sales opportunities.

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Lead generation refers to the process of increasing the customer base for the products and services of the target company. No matter how good your product or service is, it is not going to sell until your potential customers know about it.

With the ever-increasing competition in the market, it is not usually easy for a new company (or existing companies) to generate substantial leads to turn them into customers. A lead generation company will help you get more customers by initiating consumer interest into your products and/or services through valid means.

SAG IPL is a renowned provider of b2b lead generation services in many countries. We have been providing lead generating marketing services for past seven years with the help of our highly efficient sales & marketing team.

At SAG IPL, we make use of the advanced technologies and digital channels to effectively promote your services in the most natural way to your target customers. With the right content, tools and techniques, we make sure that the user has the right information in hand to make an informative decision while buying a product/service online.

Take a look at our business lead generation services below.

SAG IPL B2B Lead Generation Services to Grow Your Business

If business/customer leads are what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you generate effective business leads through the following services.

  • Inbound (Online) lead generation: In this, we promote your services and products to your potential customers through SEO, PPC and other online marketing strategies with the aim to generate leads to your site.
  • Outbound lead generation services: The potential clients and prospects are contacted directly via email, phone or message to inform them or to solve their queries.
  • Referral Marketing: We make partners with your existing customers and other service providers in the industry to generate leads through them.
  • Event services: This involves us participating in various traditional and non-traditional events like business meetings, shows, trade fairs and business lunches/breakfast to meet and convince the prospects face-to-face.
  • Email lead generation services: Direct emails containing information about a particular product or service, offers or other contents are sent directly to a predefined list of potential consumers.
  • PR services: We also provide PR lead generation marketing services through press releases, news, public speaking, editorials, seminars, etc.
  • Third Party lead services: This will include hiring help from third-party lead generation agencies, content distribution networks, advertising agencies, lead brokers, list vendors, etc., for lead generation.
  • Branding & Advertising services: The traditional business lead generation methods like advertising in mainstream media, hiring a business analyst, etc., are performed here.

Working with SAG IPL, you’ll enjoy full transparency. We don’t like surprises and we’re sure you don’t either. Unlike other web agencies, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with SAG IPL. No up-selling. And we don’t nickel and dime you. We’ve learned many Marketing Managers, Directors and Chief Marketing Officers truly appreciate our business model and work ethic. We hope you will too!

Best lead generation strategies To Explore In Your B2B Company

Being a B2B company, there are two basic kinds of lead generation strategies from which you can benefit - Inbound lead generation and Outbound lead generation. Read on to know about the strategies we follow to generate leads to our clients.

B2B Lead Generation Inbound Strategies

lead generation sagipl

These involve techniques to bring customers to your business through proper marketing and content promotion.

  • Blogging: By creating quality and education blog content, we attract genuine leads to your services and products.
  • Social Media: We make use of the best social media platforms and tools to identify and engage with your potential customers to tell them good things about you.
  • Webinars: We create and use educational business webinars to inform your customers and solve their queries and issues with the business.
  • SEO Services: Search Engine Optimization is one of the best lead generation techniques used by us to improve the market value and reputation of your business.
  • PPC Services/ Paid traffic: When necessary, we make use of Pay Per Click marketing (Google Adwords and others) to place your website at the top of search engine results.
  • Lead Magnets: Offers, deals, and free content are what we provide to your potential customers in exchange for the leads and contact details.

Lead Generation Outbound Strategies

This usually involves outbound marketing strategies like direct emails and phone calls to reach the potential customers.

  • Cold Calling: Here, we make direct calls to the potential customers that we believe are genuinely interested in your products or services. The aim is to listen to their experience with your products/services, solve their queries and schedule meetings if required.
  • Direct Mail: This is a traditional yet effective direct marketing lead generation strategy in which we send specifically crafted promotional emails to your target audience to compel them to take an action.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Depending on the type of business, we may also participate in trade exhibitions and events to get your business in front of a large potential audience.

Why Hire A B2B Lead Generation Services Company to Grow Your Business?

A professional lead generation company can help your business generate substantial leads/prospects that actually convert. The businesses who are already using such services know the importance and value of lead generation companies. Those who don’t, can read further to know why it is crucial to hire a B2B/ B2C lead generation company to ensure a continuous business growth.

What is your business without leads or prospect clients? Even if you have adequate intelligence, resource, strategy and even products, what will you do with them if there is no demand for your products in the market or if there are no customers for your business? This is where a lead generation agency can help you. No matter the size or type of your business, we can help you generate effective leads in almost every industry out there.

SAG IPL has extensive knowledge and experience in the best lead generation strategies and tools that we use to drive the maximum leads to your network/business. Our strategies are backed by a strong team of market experts who will promote your products and services with the aim to offer the maximum return on your investments. Some other benefits of our B2B lead generation methods are as following:

  • More returns on your investments: With a competitive lead generation strategy in place, you continue to get a steady flow of leads, resulting in increased value for your money.
  • Shorter sales terms: We work hard to reduce the overall time taken to make a sale by targeting only leads that are actually interested in your services and products.
  • Benefit of targeted traffic
  • Increased business reputation
  • Improved website ranking in search engines like Google
  • Increased awareness of your products/services in the market
  • Better social and business relationships
  • Increased sales and profit

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